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08/14/2005 Archived Entry: "Mexican Baseball News : Karim Garcia sets a HR Record in Japan"

By Carlos Fragoso

Karim Garcia´s amazing accomplishment in Japan

One of the Mexican players who holds as much as good tools to play baseball is undoubtedly,the Obregon native, OF Karim Garcia, signed by Dodgers since he was a teen ager, played and excelled in minor leagues, good enough to be considered by Baseball America, as minor player of the year twice in a row, also considered in the “best tools” list for years, highly regarded within the orgnization and for baseball writers as a “can´t miss player”, certainly played some games and had good moments as well as bigleager, but nothing compared with, he has done in Japan, playing fo the Kinetsu Buffaloes, last August 10th and 11th when he smashed 3 homer runs in each and every game, against Rakuten and becoming the Only player in japanese history to accomplish that.

It sounds s it is, just wonderful , not only because we´re talking about a mexican fellow, but for anybody else, who realizes how dificult is to hit a homer, 3 , 6 is just amazing.
Japanese baseball, has been known as a difficult game to play, a totally diferent culture, the language barrier makes even more diffficult to deal with, I personally spent some time coaching a mexican little league team downthere, and you´re simply lost out on the streets, without not knowing anything in their language.

But getting back to business, Garcia´s record, I think is not only good for Japanese baseball, I guess is for all professional baseball, because to the best of my knowledge, no previous accomplishment has been obtained in any other leagues, as far as I know.
I´ve checked record books for MLB, LMB snd did not find anything like it.

Garcia, was graced by god with tremendous physical athletic abilities, unfortunately not to the point to which he really excells in major leagues, partly explained because his temper is sometimes greater than his skills, and got him out of focus, remember his participation in that brawl along with teammate Gene Nelson, hittina Fenway Park employee, during one of the Yankees-Red Sox play off games, and so on.

But anyway, we´re here giving recognition, to maybe one of thee most outstanding achievement in all baseball ever.


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Suitcase Bob Seeds hit 7 homers in a 2-game span in the International League in 1938. So Garcia's feat, while unique in NPB history, is not unique in pro ball history.

Posted by Mischa Gelman @ 08/14/2005 09:51 PM EST

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