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Pete Rose 1980 Record Breaker, Most Consecutive Seasons with 600+ AB On the Spot
Player:  Pete "Charlie Hustle" Rose
Born: April 14, 1941, Cincinnati, OH
Bats: Both    Throws: Right
Years of Service:  24; 1963-1986 
Teams:  CIN N, PHI N, MON N
Positions Played: OF, 1B, 2B, 3B
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Feats:  Ranked 1st All-Time in Most Games, At Bats & Hits; 2nd in Doubles; 4th in Runs; and 10th in Walks. Lifetime Batting Average of .303 and batted over .300 in 15 seasons. Played in 6 World Series.  Known for his hustle and hard play.

Frowns:  Caught gambling on baseball resulting in banishment from baseball and exclusion from the Hall of Fame.

Discussion:  Forget his gambling for a second!  Does he merit election to the Hall of Fame based on his statistics?   Evaluate evidence suggesting that he does NOT!

Bonus:  Should he be reinstated into baseball?  What would be the repercussions?  Why should we care?

Devil's Advocate:  Rose was not an outstanding fielder and he was NEVER the best hitter on his team!  I would rather have his teammate George Foster, who by the way, is not a Hall of Famer.  I don't believe that George Foster will make the Hall of Fame, and therefore, NEITHER should Pete Rose, gambling or no gambling!

Did You Know:  Pete Rose made the most outs in MLB history with 9,797. A distant runner up was Hank Aaron with 8,593. (Hank had a higher lifetime batting average and a few more homers :)

Q: What's a "Compiler?" A: Someone who hangs on to accumulate stats. Here's what some people miss: Rose had 67 more hits than Ty Cobb so he must be better right? Not! Rose also made 2,552 more outs. At Cobb's lifetime batting average pace, he needed only 183 more at bats to equal Rose's 4,256 hits. That means that Ty could have afforded to go 0 for 4 plus seasons! (Ty also had a few more stolen bases, but that's another story :)

How about compared to tris Speaker? Tris was 742 hits short, but had a .344 lifetime avg (Rose .302). So, he would have needed to bat .192 for seven seasons to break Rose's record. A done deal! And, he had more than twice as many stolen bases.

Now, let's take someone less threatening; Paul Molitor. Paul had a higher lifetime average (.306) but finished 937 hits short of Rose's record. It's not cut and dry, Molitor would have had to stick it out for another 3,218 AB (6 seasons) and maintain a .291 average to equal his feat. A tall order. Does this mean that Rose better than Molitor? They are legitimately comparable. Molitor had more than twice as many stolen bases and more power too.

What about Rose's 44 games hitting streak in 1978, which ld to a .302 avg? You've got a point there. Cobb's best was only 40 games in 1911, but it led to a .420 avg and Paul's best was only 39 games in 1987, but it led to a 353 avg. Rose's best avg was .348. Ready to waive the white flag of surrender yet?

Does Pete Rose belong in the HOF?  Should he be reinstated to baseball? Did he hurt baseball's image? Also:  Should George Foster be in the HOF?

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THE GURU'S SOAPBOX:   In addition to elite athletes, the Hall of Fame consists of a combination of umpires, managers and pioneering baseball executives who performed lifetime meritorious service. Anyone who does not exemplify the integrity of professional baseball and tarnishes both the image of America's national pastime and our memories as fans, should not be awarded it's highest honor. Pete - do something to change this perception. Volunteer your time, coach, inspire others!

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