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April 28, 2002 - The last MLB player who was was born in Japan but was not a Japanese citizen was Craig House, who spent 16 games with the Colorado Rockies in 2000 (1-1 7.24 ERA). He was a product of Okinawa.

According to Baseball Reference, there have been three MLB "senshu (players)" who first saw the light of day in the Land of the Rising Sun and were not Japanese citizens. In addition to House, there was Steve Chitren (Tokyo), who spent two seasons (1990-1991) with Oakland (2-4 3.58 ERA in 64 games) and Jeff McCurry (Tokyo), who was with four MLB clubs between 1995-1999 (3-12 5.89 ERA in 111 games). Unlike in the U.S, you do not receive automatic citizenship just because you were born there unless you are of Japanese parentage.

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