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Dear dad,

   I thought you might like this bobblehead doll (RAPHAEL FURCALL). We got it Friday at the DODGERS game.

   I do not know when this happened but I really love baseball, especially the games!

   I know a lot of DODGERS now so it is easy for me to follow. I love the whole thing about being at the games. It is like a religious experience. I love watching the players, their graceful, strong bodies hitting the ball and connecting with the crowd.

   I love watching the crowd…..they get so excited when their favorite player makes a hit or catches a really hard shot. Oh, and the people. I love watching the families, the drunks, the peanut men who throw as well as baseball players. I love how so many people wear DODGERS clothes. I am so glad I found this new hobby of mine. I am enjoying it immensely!

   Also I want to say something about baseball. We went to the game where Bonds was one short of tying the homerun record. Every time he got up a million flash bulbs lit up the Stadium… was amazing….the fans kept chanting, “Not in my ballpark,” Your granddaughter was mad because they kept walking him. That’s so unfair! It really shouldn’t be allowed!

   I hope you like your bobblehead doll. I know it is not your team. By the way, there was a Yankee fan there in a Yankee jacket and hat who was flaunting it to the crowd. He almost got beat up…….don’t you just love it…………



Herb Rogoff: Editor and publisher of ONE MORE INNING



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