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What’s yours is mine and vice versa

   Spring training brings days filled with sunshine that drone with the efforts of rookies arduously competing against settled veterans, old-timers  trying to recapture earlier days, and a lazy ennui settling over fans and media alike.

   Palm trees stand etched against a background of girder embraced stadiums, while Seagulls and Flamingo’s swoop down and around the various parks. It’s a quiet sort of atmosphere, almost a humdrum, languid existence. On March 5, 1975 that changed dramatically.

   Waiting for their turns at the batting cage, several Yankees including Doc Medich, Fred Beene, Dave Pagan, Horace Clark, and Bobby Mercer noticed a crowd of reporters gathered near the dugout.

   In the middle of the press were good friends Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. What they were telling the reporters would transfer that day into a Soap Opera drama worthy of the supermarket tabloids. Baseball, which has had it’s share of great trades,  was about to hear of the best of them all! That afternoon the news broke.

   Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich had decided to switch homes. They lived near each other so the switch was easy. To add another dimension to it they also decided to switch wives, children, and dogs. Marilyn Peterson and her group moved in with Kekich, and vice versa.

   At the end of the season, the Peterson, Kekich friendship was over! Kekich was traded during that year and Peterson lasted with NY a bit longer.

   Peterson and Susan (Kekich) are still married. Kekich and Marilyn split up a few weeks after the arrangement. When Peterson’s baseball career was over I got to see him doing color commentary for the NY Raiders in the World Hockey League. Mike Kekich can now be seen at various autograph shows where he draws very large crowds.

Imaginary Conversation:

Fritz: Say Mike, Susan is kind of cute. Wanna Trade?

Mike: Well, I dunno

Fritz: I’ll tell you what, I’ll throw in the kids and the dog.

Mike: Let me think about it.

Fritz: We just got a new TV.

Mike: It’s a deal.

Fritz: DONE!



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