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Biographical Sketches (spreadsheet) - to acknowledge many who, despite having achieved a high degree excellence in their work, have yet to achieve proportional recognition.
Baseball Prominant Families (spreadsheet)
Research Sources & References (spreadsheet)
Sports Writers Index (spreadhseet, 2007) / Sports Writerd Index (spreadsheet 2011, not formatted)

Research Registers:Umpires ScoutsAnnouncers Sports Writers Owners Managers & Coaches Negro Leagues Registers Spreadsheet

All-Time All-Star Teams of Prominent Baseball Figures

Early Player Profiles
Player Comparison Spreadsheet

William M. Burgess III's
Ty Cobb Memorial Collection

Ty CobbDid Ty Cobb Once Kill A Man?
How Racist Was Ty?
Did Leo Durocher Once Give Ty Cobb the Hip?
Did All of Ty Cobb's Team Mates Hate Him?
Did Ty Cobb Once Fix a Game?
Ty Cobb's Friends: 82 Liked Him, 36 Claimed Ty Played Clean
Dates Ty Cobb's Supporters Died
Ty Cobb's Power Case
Ty Cobb As A Manager
Cobb's World Series Performance and Comparisons
Cobb's Masterpiece Career
Ruth and Wagner Supporters (spreadsheet)

Assessing Ty Cobb as The Greatest All-Around Baseball Player Who Ever Lived
PART I - What They Actually Said:  The Historical Testimony of the Witnesses
PART II - Article Excerpts and Analysis
PART III - Facts and Figures, Player Comparisons Home Page Clubhouse!

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About the Author
Baseball was my 1st obsession. Knew all the legends when only 8 yrs. old. Played in CYO league in grade school. But sitting on the bench as a HS freshman turned me off, and became a HS track/cross-country runner. Best in our school. Won most of my races. Went to the NJ state meet as a junior in the mile.

Bill BurgessI was working in the NYC post office before I even graduated from HS. In the 70's, I worked for the NYC PO, while I trained to be a professional dancer. I worked as a night club rock dancer in 1972 with the amazing Carol Fasano of Brooklyn,in a west Greenwich Village(NYC)club named Trude Heller's & loved it. I had tried a year of college at Manhattan College, Bronx, NY('69-70). Got in one mile race. I also worked with a regional ballet company in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

Burned out on pro dancing around '77. Found my present religion, Eckankar, in 1975 and am still with it. In fact, they offered me a job in their headquarters in Menlo Park, CA in 1979 and I accepted their offer and worked there for a year & loved that too. In the meantime, I discovered the lower San Francisco bay area (Silicon Valley). During the 80's I drove a cab & started my own window washing business. I still service about a hundred customers, and since 1999 I'm also an adult care giver. I now do both and enjoy my life immensely. Although I have been involved in 3 serious relationships in my life, I'm now single and still hope to meet the right woman. I'd enjoy hearing from old friends. I still love dancing to oldies, baseball research, chess, movies, surfing the web, dating, reading, TV, and most normal things.

Much of my time is now spent online, working on my baseball databases. I enjoy the act of searching online for info. And enlist many librarians to assist me.

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