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Sports Announcers Born Born-Died Died Age Start Retire Born Died Main cities worked in;  Description of career highlights;   Chronology of newspaper work; 
Clem McCarthy Sept. 9 1882-1962 Jun.4 79 Rochester,NY NYC horse racing announcer
Thomas Graham McNamee Jul. 10 1888-1942 My. 9 53 1923 Wash.D.C. NYC
Harry Edwin Heilmann Aug.3 1894-1951 Jul.9 56 1933 1951 San Francisco,CA Southfield,MI Voice of Detroit Tigers('33-51); Detroit Tigers OF('14-29),Reds OF('30,32)Ty Cobb made him hitter;Just average 1st 7 seasons.Cobb tutored him,reworked his stance & Heilmann became terror.  He remained Cobb's friend.  d.  lung cancer.
Timothy J. (Ted) Canty Jun. 21 1895-1973 My. 5 77 1920's 1944 Ireland Rushin,FL 33570 Chicago sports announcer; 1st tried announcing at a track meet in Dallas in 20's, later he announced the All-Star football game in Chicago, the Golden Gloves national finals and most major boxing matches in Chicago.
Frank Fallon Mar.20 1896-1973 Nov.29 77 Boston,MA Boston sportscaster;   Red Sox Public address announcer, also for professional hockey and basketball games in the Boston Garden.
Arch Linn McDonald My. 23 1901-1960 Oct.16 59 1931 Hot Springs, AR Voice of Senators('34-56);Began Senators class A, Chattanooga Lookouts,Cal Griffith brought him to Washington('34),Called action on WJSV,WTOP, Redskins. Dubbed DiMaggio Yankee Clipper.Called for Yankees('39).Ford Frick Award(Hall of Fame -'99).
(McDonald, continued)  Won Sporting News Best Broadcaster of year 3 times ('32, '42, '45), 
Edward Britt (Ted) Husing Nov. 27 1901-1962 Aug. 10 60 1925 1946 Bronx,NY Pasadena,CA sportscaster
Robert (Bob) Elson Mar.22 1904-1981 Mar.10 76 1928 Voice of White Sox,Cubs;  White Sox('28-41, 46-70), Chicago Cubs('28-41),  Oakland Athletics('71). Ford Frick Award('79, Hall of Fame). did 1st on-field interview(Connie Mack,1931). Called 12 WS, 9 All-Star games. Voted twice by Sp. News Announcer of Yr.
Eli (Buck) Canal Mar.4 1906-1980 Apr.7 74 30's 1972 Buenos Aires,Argentina Croton-on-Hudson,NY 10520 Spanish Voice of Yankees (?-72); Began as writer with Staten Island Advance (NY), AP, 7 yrs.,Havas (French wire service), Agency France-Press (French News Service), NBC Gillette Cavalcade of Sports Spanish announcer ('37-70),  42 WS. Ford Frick Award (H of F, 1985).
William Stern Jul. 1 1907-1971 Nov. 19 64 30's 50's Rochester,NY NYC Sp. announcer
Walter (Red) Barber                     ? Feb. 17 1908-1992 Oct. 22 84 1934 1966 Columbus,MS Tallahassee,FL Voice of Reds('34-38),Dodgers('39-53),Yankees('54-66);  His gentle southern tones & down-home style endeared him to generations of American sports fans. Ford Frick Award(BB H of F,'78). d.  pneumonia & kidney ailments
James R. (Jimmy) Dudley Sept.27 1909-1999 Feb.12 89 Alexandria,VA Tucson,AZ 85715 Voice of Cleveland Indians('47-67),Seattle Pilots('69); U. of Virginia(chemistry),WWII(Army Air Corps pilot), Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Browns(50's), Baltimore Colts, Ohio St. FB games.      d. Alzheimer's disease,  last 2 yrs. in special care home, stroke
Russell Hodges Jun.18 1910-1971 Apr.19 60 1938 1970 KY Voice of Washington Senators, Yankees, Giants;  Washington Senators announcer('38-45), New York Yankees announcer('46-48), New York Giants('49-57, SF, '58-70).  Ford Frick Award('80, Hall of Fame). U. Kentucky law degree.
Melvin Allen (Israel)                               J Feb. 14 1913-1996 Jun. 16 83 1938 1966 Birmingham,AL Greenwich,CT 06831 Voice of Yanks('38-64);  Began broadcasting as undergraduate at U. of Alabama,  called many WS, Long time voice of This Week in Baseball, Highly articulate, extremely knowledgeable,  Ford Frick Award(BB H of F,'78).  El Cemetery, Stanford, CT
Robert F. (Bob) Ingham Jul.29 1913-1973 Nov.6 60 St. Louis,IL Voice of Cards('48); Attended Akron U.,  broadcast sports in Akron, Toledo, Salt Lake City.  In Toledo, did the Mud Hens', in St. Louis did St. Louis Cardinals.  Had been a basketball & FB official & fight referee.  In '52, refereed bouts at Helsinki Oly.
Harry Christopher Caray Mar. 1 1914-1998 Feb. 18 77 1944 St. Louis,MO Chicago,IL 60611 Voice of Cards('44-69),White Sox('70-81),Cubs('81-97)     Ford Frick Award(BB H of F,'89)   d.  heart attack
Byrum F. (By) Saam Sept.11 1914-2000 Jan.16 85 1937 1975 Fort Worth,TX Devon,PA Sportscaster; Grad.Texas Christian U.;Announced Phil. A's games('38-54)&Phillies games('39-49,55-75).Ford Frick Award('90),Broadcaster Pioneers of Phil.'s Hall of Fame('93).  Also called college & pro football,college & pro basketball, hockey.  d.  stroke
William W. Brundige Feb.2 1915-2004 Apr.23 89 La Habra, CA Baseball announcer;  Cubs (1949, teamed with Rogers Hornsby),   Phillies (1950-51, teamed with Gene Kelly), Senators,   Announced LA Lakers , LA Angels, LA Rams, Southern Cal  FB & basketball,  UCLA basketball, Detroit Lions, NFL Pro Bowls.
Irwin Elliot My. 7 1915-1998 Sept.17 83 Weston,CT 06883 Sportscaster
John Beasley (Jack) Brickhouse Jan. 24 1916-1998 Aug. 6 82 1934 1982 Peoria,IL Chicago,IL 60657 Chicago Sportscaster;Cubs('40-44,48,50-81),Bears,White Sox('45,48-67), NY Giants('46),NBC('50-54,59),MUT('52),Bulls; Ford Frick Award(BB Hall of Fame,'83)  d.  heart failure
Robert (Bob) Prince Jul.1 1916-1985 Jun.10 68 1948 76,'85 Voice of Pirates; Began with Rosy Rowswell on Pittsburgh radio in '48.
Van Patrick Aug. 15 1916-1974 Sept.29 58 TX South Bend,IN Detroit  broadcaster:   Detroit Lions &  Detroit Tigers
Francis Doyle (Chick) Hearn Nov.27 1916-2002 Aug.5 85 Mar.,'61 Jun.12,'02 Aurora,IL Encino,CA Voice of the Los Angeles Lakers(Dec.16,'61-Jun.,12,02;  set a record similar to Lou Gehrig & Cal Ripken in announcing 3,317 consecutive basketball games for the Los Angeles Lakers(Nov.21,'65 - Jun. 12, '02), d.  from head injuries from a fall at his home.
(Hearn, continued), Earned awards galore;  '91 Basketball Hall of Fame, lifetime achievement Victor Award, 3 Golden Mikes, 2 Nat. Sportscaster of the Year, 7 Cal. Sportscaster of the Year, 1st ever Cable Ace, '91 Cedars-Sinai Journalist of Year,
(Hearn, continued),Earned '65 Emmy for Excellence in Basketball coverage & Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 50th Anniversary Award;Also broadcast NCAA & NFL football, UNLV basketball, PGA golf,1st Ali-Frazier,Rose Bowl,Pro tennis, Attend. Bradley U.
Martin Irving (Marty) Glickman Aug.14 1917-2001 Jan.4 83 1937 1992,Dec Bronx,NY NYC good college FB player, made '36 US Olympic team, d.  complications from heart surgery at Lennox Hill Hosp.,NYC
Philip Francis (Scooter) Rizzuto Sept.25 1917- 1957 1996 Brooklyn, NY Voice of the Yankees;  1957-96
Ernie Harwell Jan.25 1918-SA03 1947 2002 Sportscaster;  ML BB announcer from 1947, Worked for NY Giants, Baltimore Orioles,  Voice of Detroit Tigers('60-02).  Ford Frick Award(BB H of F,'81).
Howard William Cosell                        J Mar.25 1918-1995 Apr. 23 77 1956 80's Winston-Salem,NC NYC Jewish American sports broadcaster   d.  heart embolism
Lindsey Nelson My. 25 1919-1995 Jun. 15 76 1951 85 Campbellsville,TN Knoxville,TX Voice of Mets('61-78); NY Giants announcer('79-81), Grad. U. of Tennesse(journalism), Columbia,TN reporter, WWII(9th infantry div.), Notre Dame FB(13 yrs.), 25 Cotton Bowls, NFL(20 yrs.),Ford Frick Award(BB H of F,'88),Nat. Sp.Wr & Sp. Ann. H. of F.,'79).
(Nelson, continued), He also broadcast Tennessee and SEC FB games for many yrs. He died from Parkinson's disease and pneumonia. There's always been confusion over exactly where he was born & died. 
Ray Scott Jun. 17 1919-1998 Mar. 23 78 Minneapolis,MN 55436 Brdcstr,Voice of Gr.By. Packers 1956-67
Curtis (Curt) Gowdy Jul. 31 1919-SA02 1943 1975 Green River,WY Voice of Red Sox; Began in '44 Cheyenne,Wyoming doing minor league baseball(Koma, OK).Big break came '49 w/ Mel Allen / Yankees.Red Sox announcer('50-66). NBC Game of the week('66-76). 13 WS, 16 all-star games, 1976 Montreal Olympics, Super Bowls.
John F. MacLean Mar. 9 1921-1973 Sept.12 52 Baltimore,MD Boston, Wash, Balt, sportscaster; d.  several weeks after open heart surgery.  Broadcast many sports, incl. BB, FB & Basketball.  Member of Red Sox Broadcasting team until spring of '72.  Had been play-by-play man for Senators, Colts & Balt. Bullets.
Harry Jones Jun. 6 1921-1983 Aug. 10 62 1961 1976 Sedona,AZ 86336 Cleveland, Ind. radio & TV brdcster 1961-76
Gordon Barton McLendon Jun. 8 1921-1986 Sept.14 65 1949 1952 Paris,TX Lake Dallas,TX 75240
Chuck Thompson Jun.10 1921-2005 Mar.6 83 1947 1999 Palmer,PA Baltimore,MD Voice of Orioles;  Family moved to east section of Reading('27), Began Reading,PA('39), Phillies,Athletics announcer('47-48), Baltimore Orioles Intern' league announcer('49), Baltimore Orioles' announcer('54-56, 62-87,91-occasional), Senators('57-61);
(Thompson, continued), Ford Frick Award(Hall of Fame, '93). Voice of Baltimore Colts.  d.  massive stroke
James Kenneth McManus(Jim McKay) Sept.24 1921-SA02 1948 84 Phil.,PA
Ralph McPherran Kiner Oct.27 1961 2003 Santa Rita, NM Voice of White Sox, Mets;  1961-03
Robert (Bob) Wolff Feb.14 1923-SA03 NYC 11762 Voice of Senators);Grad. Duke; radio('39), moved TV('46), Washington Senators('47-60),MUT('50), Minnesota Twins('61), NBC('62-64,G.of Week), ABC('65), MUT('56), NBC('58,61-62). Has done most sports,D.Larsen's Perf.g('56);Ford Frick Award('95,H of F).
(Wolff, continued), had nightly TV, radio sports show, syndicated his baseball interview shows to other big-league cities, wrote a syndicated baseball column, led the Knothole Gang. WS('56, 58,61).Moved NYC('66),Madison Square Garden('54-89).
Herb Carneal My.10 1923-SA02 Richmond,VA Voice of Minnesota Twins('62-2003);  Richmond,VA(WMBG), WSYR(Syracuse), Springfield(MA) Cubs,  Phillies & Athletics('54), Baltimore Orioles('57-61), Ford Frick Award(Hall of Fame - '96).  BASE-1994-95.
Lonnie Alexander Simmons Jul.19 1923- 1958 2002 Voice of the Giants, 1958-73, 76-78, 96-00;     Voice of the Oakland Athletics, 1981-95,   NBC 1962;  Received the Ford Frick Award in 2004, as lifetime achievement award for sportscasters.  BB Hall of Fame.
Edwin (Ned) Martin Aug.9 1923-2002 Jul.23 85 1956 1991 Clarksville,VA 23927 Voice of Red Sox;Duke U.;WW2(marines);Began calling minor league BB in W.Vir.('56), Boston Patriots('65), Began calling Red Sox games('61) with Curt Gowdy & stayed until his '92 retirement. Called '75 WS  d.  heart attack at Raleigh,NC airport       
John Francis (Jack) Buck Aug. 21 1924-2002 Jun.18 77 1953 80's Holyoke,MA Ford Frick Award(BB H of F,'87); Started calling Cardinals' games on radio in 1954, first teaming with Harry Carey till '70, and from 72-00 with former Cardinal's 3rd basemen, Mike Shannon. Called Super Bowls('70,78-84), World Series, pro bowling, etc.
Gerald Francis (Jerry) Coleman Sept.14 1924- 1972 2003 San Jose, CA Voice of the San Diego Padres, 1972-79, 81-03
Bob Murphy Sept.19 1924-2004 Aug.3 79 1954 2003 Oklahoma West Palm Beach, FL Voice of Mets('62-03, radio & TV,  1982- radio); Muskogee Reds(OK), Boston Red Sox announcer('54-59), Baltimore Orioles announcer('60-61),  Ford Frick Award('94, Hall of Fame),  Had distinctive mid-western baritone voice.  D.  Hospice in W. Palm Beach, FL,  lung cancer.
Joseph Henry (Joe) Garagiola Feb.12 1926-SA02 80's St. Louis,MO Voice of Cardinals;  St. Louis Cardinals announcer('55-64), Yankees announcer('65-67), California Angels announcer('90), presently announces for Arizona Diamondbacks. Ford Frick Award(BB H of F, '91), NBC(WS,all-star games,Game of Week,Today Show,'62-73).
Bill O'Donnell Jun.4 1926-1982 Oct.29 56 Towson,MD 21204 Voice of Baltimore Orioles('66-82);  32 yr. veteran of sports broadcasting.    d.  cancer at John Hopkins Hosp.
Rafael "Felo" Ramirez Arias, 74, Feb.20 1927-SA01 Cuba San Juan,Puerto Rico Radio Voice of Florida Marlins('93-present); Radio Salas,Havana,Cuba('45), Pro Voice of BB in Puerto Rico & Venezuela for over 30 yrs. Did over 40 Caribbean World Series since '49.    Ford Frick Award(Hall of Fame,2001). Left Cuba('62) because of Castro.
(Ramirez, cont.),For 3 decades,Rafael shared the mike with Buck Canal on Gillette Cavalcade of Sports('50-80's),broadcast over largest network of Hispanic radio stations ever assembled. Has done dozens of WS & all-star games to throughout Latin America.
Milo Hamilton Sept.2 1927- Fairfield,IA Voice of Astros, Braves;  Grad. U. of Iowa(radio speech), Well-traveled ML announcer.Had announced for: St. Louis Browns('53), Cardinals('54),  Cubs('56-57, 80-84), White Sox('62-65), Braves('66-75), Pirates('76-79), Astros('85-03).Smooth,knowlegable
Vincent Edward (Vin) Scully Nov. 29 1927-SA02 1950  80's Bronx,NYC Voice of Dodgers('50-03);  Grad. Fordham U.('49), Ford Frick Award(H of F,'82),  joined the Dodgers in '50 & worked with Red Barber as a team from '50-53, who served as a role model & mentor.
Joseph Henry Nuxhall Jul.30 1928- 1967 2003 Hamilton, OH Voice of the Reds, 1967-03
Frank Gifford Aug. 16 1930-SA01 Sportscaster
George Allen (Pat) Summerall My. 10 1931-SA02 1964 Lake City,FL
Bill Enis Jan. 24 1934-1973 Dec. 14 39 1973 Houston,TX FB telecaster;  Grad. Louisiana State U., Worked for stations in Louisiana, San Francisco-Oakland. Returned Texas('60). Had done minor league BB games & Houston Oiler games. Sp. Dir. of KPRC-TV in Houston,did NFL games since '68. Worked on 2 Super Bowls.
Richard J. (Dick) Schaap Sept.27 1934-2001 Dec.21 67 NYC 10024 Sportscaster, journalist;           d.  surgical complications
Richard Alan (Dick) Enberg                 ? Jan. 9 1935-SA02 1965 80's Mt. Clemens,MI
Robert George (Bob) Uecker Jan.26 1935- 1971 2003 Milwaukee, WI Voice of the Milwaukee Brewers, 1971-03
Jaime A. Jarrin Dec.10 1935-SA02 Cayambe,Ecuador Spanish Voice of Dodgers('59-03);Attended U. of Quito,Ecuador(Engineering,Jouralism,letters,philosophy,broadcasting), Moved Cal.('55),Sports director(KWKW), Before the station sent him on road,he re-broadcast games to Latino audiences by re-creating games
(Jarrin, continued), being called live by Vin Scully.  Ford Frick Award(Hall of Fame,'98).Golden Mike Award("70). Was in terrible auto accident in '90, almost lost his life.
Harry N. Kalas Mar.26 1936- 1961 1997 Chicago,IL Voice of Phillies('71-97; Grad. U. of Iowa('59)(Bachelor Arts-Speech, Radio, TV), Army('59-61), sp. dir.(KGU-'61-64),Astro's announcer(65-70),Also called Big 5 basketball & Notre Dame football. Ford Frick Award(Hall of Fame, '02).
(Kalas, continued), also announced Notre Dame football, 3 Emmies for NFL films, covered 7 playoff series, 3 World Series, covered Phillies for 27 yrs. with his partner Richie Ashburn.
Joseph Donald (Don) Meredith Apr. 12 1938-SA02 1969 Mt. Vernon,NY
Thomas Cheek Jun.13 1939- Announcer for the Toronto Blue Jays, from 1977-present(04).
Thomas Michael (Mike) Shannon Jul.5 1939- 1972 2003 St. Louis, MO Voice of the Cardinals,  1972-03
Jacques Doucet Mar.8 1940- 1972 2003 Montreal, Canada Voice of the Montreal Expos, 1972-03
F. Marty Brennnaman Jul.28 1942- Voice of Cincinnati Reds('74-03); U. of N.Carolina('65), High Point,N.Carolina,  Salisbury,N.Carolina, Norfolk,VA,  Virginia Squires(Amer. Basketball Ass.-'70),  Tidewater Mets(AAA - '71), numerous WS on radio(NBC)
Dennis G. (Denny) Mathews Nov.14 1942- 1969 2003 Voice of the Kansas City Royals 1969-03
Jon Miller Oct.11 1951-SA05 Voice of Orioles,Giants; A's('74),Rangers('78-79),Red Sox('80-82),Orioles('81-96), Giants('97-pres.), ESPN's Sunday Night BB announc.('90-pres.). Authored:Confessions of a Baseball Purist(2000). Ultra-smooth imperturbable tone, but way too much a homer. 
(Miller, cont.),Jon might be most professional announcer ever to work a baseball mike.  Never loses control.  Never got lost in anecdotes & neglected  ball-strike count.  Silky-smooth, informed, detailed delivery. A must for Ford Frick Award. Why not now?
Tris Speaker Baseball announcer for Chicago from 1931-32, 1935, 1937, and Cleveland for 1949.

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