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Sports Writers Born Born-Died Died Age Start Retired Born Died Main cities worked in;  Description of career highlights;   Chronology of newspaper work; 
Henry Chadwick Oct.3 1824-1908 Apr.20 83 1856 1908 Exeter, St. Thomas,Eng. Brooklyn,NY NY sp.wr.,author;  Family moved Brooklyn, NY (Sept. 21, 1837);  NY Times cricket reports (1856),  Brooklyn Eagle cricket, BB ed . (1856-94), NY Herald, NY World sp wr (13yrs), NY Sun (6 yrs), Sp. News, Sp.   Life, Yankee Clipper (1858-?)  Ball Players' Chronicle (1867-69).
(Chadwick,continued), In 1896, NL voted him pension for life.  Editor-in-chief of NL  Spalding baseball guide until his death (1881-08), succeeded in that function by John B. Foster, who carried that job until his death ('41) in Wash. DC.    d.  pneumonia
(Chadwick,continued) He is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn,NY
Alfred L. Hector  Wright Mar.30 1842-1905 Apr.20 63 1800's Cedar Grove, NJ NYC Phil. Spwr.;  Phil. Sunday Mercury reporter.  Succeeded Henry Chadwick as New York Clipper writer.  Was 1st to compile NL ave. & 1st Philadelphia A's scorer.  Toured England in 1874 with Phil. Athletics.  Managed the Philadelphia team in 1876
Torris Zalmon Cowles Feb.8 1845-1919 Dec.3 74 Painted Post, NY; Benton,NY West Suburban, IL Chicago spwr.;   Minnesota regiment in Civil War.    St. Paul Pioneer Press managing ed.    Chicago Tribune sp. ed., musical, drama ed.  (1868-75) night ed. (1875-83);     American Economist ed. (1898-1918).    One of organizers of original Chicago BB team.    d.   of pneumonia in West Suburban Hospital
Lewis E. Meacham             Mar.4 1846-1878 Oct.2 32 1860's New Haven, VT Chicago, IL Chicago Tribune sp. ed.(1860's-70's)  Helped popularized BB in Chicago.  Used box scores.  Along with William Hulbert, he formulated the plan to organize the National League.  Was present at famous fire in 1871 on roof.  Chicago Tribune reporter in 1860's.   One of 1st to use box scores. 
(Meacham)  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Phillips Academy, Andover; A. C., 1867.  Tutor Christian College, Indiana,  1868; reporter and proof reader Times and Tribune, Chicago, Illinois,  1869-71; private secretary to Mayor Medill, 1871-72; editor at the Rutland Herald, 1874; reporter and associated editor at the Chicago Rutland Herald, 1874;
(Meacham)  reporter and associated editor at the Chicago Tribune, 1875-78. Private in the Vermont Regiment and 1st Lieutenant of the New York Highlanders, 1862-65.  Son of Rev. James and Mary F.   d.  Heart disease
William M. Rankin My.23 1849-1913 Mar.29 64 1870 Greencastle,PA Brooklyn,NY NY spwr.;  Started in 1870 with Rockland County  Journal, Nyack, NY; NY Times, NY Tribune, NY World, NY Mail, NY Express,  official scorer for the Mutual club; NY Clipper ed. (30 yrs.), succeeded Al Wright as editor,     d.  Apoplexy, heart disease at home
Oliver Perry (OP) Caylor Dec.17 1849-1897 Oct.19 47 1974 1997 Dayton,OH NYC Cincinnati & New York sports writer; Cincinnati Enquirer sp.ed.(1874-81), Helped found Amer. Ass. & secured a Cinc. franchise in it(Nov.,1881),Cincinnati Commercial Gazette('81-87), NY Daily(1887), served as Reds Secretary / buss. man. through 1886.
(Caylor,continued), Carthage,MO newspaper(1888), The Sporting News(NY,ed. -  1889-1890), NY Herald(Baseball ed. 1892-1897,death). Official scorer for NY Giants.  Also managed Cincinnati(AA,1885-86) & NYMetropolitans(AA,1887).
(Caylor,continued),Accepted administrative job with NY Metropolitans(1886).Accepted job as on-field manager of team(June,1886-end of season).Team was in 7th & he couldn't improve team's standing by season's end.Famed for caustic sarcastic, humor & wit.
(Caylor,continued), d.  developed tubercular tumors in his throat, resigned his post at the Herald,NY in Sept.,'97, went to Winona,MN to recuperate 6 weeks before his death, where they burst & killed him by asphyxia.
Timothy Hayes Murnane Jun. 4 1851-1917 Feb. 7 65 1872 F 17 Naugatuck,CT Boston,MA Boston sports writer; former ML 1B(1872-78,84), Founded Boston Referee(1885),  Boston Globe spwr. & sp.ed.(1888-1917,Feb.7, death).  President: New England L. : 24 yrs. Buried: Old Calvary Cemetery, Roslindale, MA
Frank Brunell (52)-1933 Nov.13 81 Yarmouth, England Magnolia Springs,AL Chicago spwr.; Chicago Tribune sp. ed., Chicago Inter-Ocean (1890's);  Conceived The Racing Form,   Players Brotherhood secretary
John Henry Gruber Sept.22 1853-1932 Dec.18 79 1880 1932 New Albany,IN West View,PA Pittsburgh sports writer,Pirates scorekeeper; Pitts. Times(1880-?),Pitts. Post(promoted to sp.ed 1890-1905, Pitts. Gazette('05-12), Moreland News Bureau('13-14),Pittsburgh Leader,Pittsburgh official scorer(1893-1932).  Began sp. dept. in early newspapers.
Samuel Newhall Crane Jan. 2 1854-1925 Jun.26 71 1875 1925 Springfield,MA NYC NY sp. wr.; Studied civil engineering at MIT for 2 yrs.,ML best 2nd baseman(1880-90), managed Buffalo in NL(1879-80) & Cincinnati(U,1884). Old Atlantic League Pres.(1895), New York Press sp.wr.(1890-98), NY Journal(1898-1925).
(Crane,continued), one of McGraw's closest friends, fought with him often.Made all road trips with Giants. Arguably most beloved sp.wr.of his day. d.  developed pneumonia during Giants western swing.Arrived home in Bronx, went right to bed,couldn't rally.
(Crane,continued), When Tim Murnane of Boston died Feb.7,1917, Crane became the new "Dean of Sports Writers". Knew many things due to his close proximity to McGraw, never was known to take advantage of it to "scoop" rival writers.
Francis Charles Richter Jan. 26 1854-1926 Feb.12 72 1868 1926 Phil.,PA Phil., PA Phil. sportswriter; Was editor-in-chief of Reach Official American League Base Ball Guide(1902-1926,Feb.12, death); Died the day after the manuscript of the 1925 Reach Guide was completed.
(Richter,continued), drew up National Agreement(1883), helped place Phil Club in AA(1882), Helped place Phil club in NL(1883),helped assimilate AA into NL(1891), drew up Millennium Plan which ended BB war.Richly deserves BB Hall of Fame.Whole existence-BB
(Richter,cont.),For a long lifetime of service to BB at its highest levels,I nominate him for the Taylor Spink Award. His every waking moment was happily devoted to BB.  In Apr. '46, he & 11 others were elected to H of F as sp. writers( Honor Rolls).
(Richter,continued) In 1880, he started the 1st sports dept. ever in a newspaper, The Public Ledger.  Mr. Richter was offered the Presidency of the National League in 1907.  He declined due to his obligations to the AL Reach Guide & his own Sporting Life. 
(Richter,continued)  For many years, he ws one of the official scorers for the World's Series games, sharing the honor with JG Taylor Spink, publisher of the Sporting News.
(Richter,continued)  He founded Sporting Life in 1883, a weekly baseball paper, which became a great force in BB until he disposed of it in 1917, during the War.  The motto of his publication, "Devoted to the Baseball Men and Measures, With Malice Toward None and Charity for All," sums up the character of Mr. Richter.
(Richter,continued)  He was a columnist for Sporting News from Dec.8, 1921 - Sept., 1925.  His column, Casual Comment was often addressed to administrative matters.  He was always at the top of the BB world, albeit behind the scenes, working for the betterment of the game he loved so much. His every waking hour was devoted to BB.
Alfred Henry Spink (Taylor's uncle) Aug.24 1854-1928 My.27 74 1886 1895 Quebec Provence,Can. Oak Park,IL St. Louis, Sp. N. Publisher;    His family were from Quebec, Canada.  After the Civil War, the family moved to Chicago, IL.  In 1875, Al moved to St. Louis, and became a great fan of the St. Louis Stockings.  Sp. ed. of 3 papers;  Globe-Democrat, Missouri Republican, Post-Dispatch.   Founded The Sporting News on March 17, 1886-95
(Spink, continued)  1st Pres. Of western League, started a number of ball clubs & leagues before launching Sporting News.  Authored several books.  Ed. Reach Guide '88.  Press agent of Chris Von der Ahe, interested him in BB.  Called brother Charles to St. Louis from S. Dakota to be bus. man. of Sp. N.
William Walter Naughton Jul.31 1854-1914 Mar.10 1886 1914 Auckland,NZ San Francisco,CA SF,Chi.;    San Francisco Chronicle spwr. (1886-?),  New Zealand Herald (1870-?), San Francisco Examiner (1888-1914),  Chicago Examiner (2 yrs.),    baseball & boxing authority.  Chicago American sp.ed.  Wrote "Kings of the Queensberry Realm."  A foremost boxing authority.  Covered major boxing bouts of his time. 
(Naughton, continued)  d.  at home from  heart disease aggravated by acute indigestion
Simon (Si) Goodfriend 1856-1939 Nov. 6 84 1876 NYC NYC NYC spwr.;  Grad. City College, 1876.    NY Sun (1885-?)  Regarded Ruth greatest player, McGraw, greatest manager, Mathewson, greatest pitcher.
Gerhard Otto (George) (Roger) H. Tidden Aug. 1856-1913 Jun.30 58 1913 Brooklyn,NY NYC NY sp. wr.; NY Morning World,  NY World  (1893-13).  d.  complications involving both lungs and heart, occasioned by a chill he contracted early in BB season.
William Blythe (Bill) Hanna Oct. (56)-1930 Nov.20 74 1884 My '30 Nebraska Newfoundland,NJ NY, Kansas City spwr.; Grad.Lafayette College, Easton,PA (1878); Kansas City Star, Arrived NYC (1888), NY Herald, NY Press (1893),NY Sun (1900-16), NY Herald ('16-24), Herald-Tribune ('24-May,'30,death); Acknowledged expert on baseball, football & billiards.
Alonzo Joseph Flanner (54)-1924 Dec.23 68 1892 1921 New Bern, NC Cincinnati,OH St. Louis spwr.;  St. Louis Post-Dispatch BB ed. (1892-95), Sporting News ed.(1895-1906),  Moved Cinc.('12), serving as secretary to August Herrmann, chairman of National Commission,1906-1921), until Landis became Commissioner. Retired on pension.  d.  Heart disease after long illness.
(Flanner, continued)  South Dakota homesteader.  Finished law apprenticeship, served as first state's attorney for Lawrence County. In 1892, after 16 yrs at the bar, left South Dakota, for St. Louis, Mo. Named sp. Ed. Of St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Joined Sporting news 3 yrs. later.
Charles F. Mathison (56)-1933 Jun.22 77 NYC Detroit, New York sp. ed.:   NY Press(1914),  Had been sports writer for NY newspapers, and then turned to boxing referee.  Had refereed the Jack Sharkey/Max Schmeling fight.  He voted for Schmeling and was much criticized for it.  He died a yr. later. 
(Mathison, continued)  d.  At home in Brooklyn, NY.  He had been in ill health since the death of his wife a year before.  Had been best known for his work with the Evening Mail.
Harry M. Weldon Dec. 1855-1902 Jan.27 45 Circleville, OH  Circleville, OH Cincinnati sp.ed.; Cinc. Enquirer sp. ed. (1880-1900),  trained many of the early 19th century sports writers while a sp. ed at Enquirer.  Heavily into boxing.  Devastating stroke Feb.25, 1900, at 290 lbs.  ended his work.   When Harry died, he was replaced by Ren Mulford.  Burial: Forest Cemetery, Circleville, OH 
(Weldon, continued)  Was Chris Von Ahe's secretary until Oct. 22, 1886, then became secretary of the Cincinnati baseball team under Mr. Stern.
Thomas (Tom) Clark (57)-1933 Dec.19 76 Bardstown,KY Louisville,KY sp.wr.;  Louisville Times sp. wr.
Charles Dryden Mar.10 1857-1931 Feb.11 74 1893 1921 Monmouth,IL Biloxi,MS Chicago sp.wr.;  US Navy;  Chicago Sunday Times reporter(1889-1890), San Francisco Examiner sp.wr.(1890), NY Evening Journal(1898-99), Phil. North American(1899-1905), Chicago Tribune('06-08), Chicago Examiner('08-17), Chicago Herald & Examiner('18-21).
(Dryden, continued), He was one of the 1st, most popular & most influential baseball writers who ever lived.  Humorist influenced a generation of following baseball writers.  Suffered devastating stoke('21) left him disabled. Awarded Spink award('65). 
Frank Leonardo Hough Jul.6 1858-1913 Sept.15 55 1913 PA Germantown,Phil,PA Philadelphia Inquirer Sp. ed.;  25% owner of Phil. Athletics from 1901 until fall 1912, sold his shares to Connie Mack.  Had good knowledge of many sports.  Phil. Press    Secretary of Athletics (1905)  d.  at home, was ill for some months, interred at West Laurel Hill Cemetery,
Ren J. Mulford, Jr.                              Nov.30 1859-1932 Dec.30 73 Cincinnati,OH Cincinnati,OH Cincinnati sports writer; Cincinnati Post editor, When Henry Weldon died in 1890's, Ren replaced him on the Cinc. Enquirer. Sporting Life's Cincinnati's correspondent, around 1911.    d.  acute intestinal obstruction, buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH
(Zuber, continued) After several years on the Cincinnati Enquirer, Ren quit to work for an advertising agency till his death.
Elmer Ellsworth Bates My.22 1860-1930 Feb.18 69 1880 1930 Madison,OH Madison,OH Cleveland sports writer; Started on Painesville Telegraph(1880-?),Sporting Life correspondent(1897), Cleveland Press sp. ed.(20 yrs).(also wrote column "Little Old Man", loved for it's intimate feel. Also Cleveland Leader('11),World, Herald, News. Founded
(Bates, continued), Madison News('18-27), Lake County Republican Herald associate editor('27- 30,death). He espoused writing brevity, accuracy and warmth.  He called many famous people friend. Graduated Madison Seminary, Madison Kiwanis sec.many yrs.
Jacob Charles (Jake) Morse Jun.7 1860-1937 Apr.12 76 Concord,NH Brookline,MA Boston sports writer; Grad. Roxbury Latin Sch.(1877), Harvard College(1881), Boston U. Law Sch.(1884);  Boston Herald(1884-1907, sp.ed.1884-1901), Secretary of New England Baseball League, became insurance man(1915),
(Morse, continued) Wrote a history of Baseball(Sphere & Ash,1888).Helped launch Baseball Magazine('08) & was one of its' Presidents & editors 'til 1912.   Boston Traveler( ?-37, death).Managed Boston Nationals(U,1884).  D.  Heart attack at home, cremated.
Walter Saunders Barnes, Jr. Nov.26 1860-1940 Feb.13 79 1889 Ja'40 Boston, MA Brookline,MA Boston sports writer; Boston Post reporter(1889-1891), Boston Journal sp.ed.(1891-06,Oct.), Boston Herald sp.ed.('06-11), Boston Globe('11-33)(sp.ed.'14-33)(Emeritus,'33-40).
Charles Bentley Power (61)-1913 Feb.5 52 Pittsburgh, PA Pitts. spwr. for many years, NL umpire,1902;   (Sporting News, Jan.1,1914, death roll of 1913;  d.  at home of nervous breakdown.
John Sanburn Phillips Jul.2 1861-1949 Feb.28 87 Council Bluffs, IA Goshen, NY NY spwr.;  editor of The American Magazine; at least as early as 1908;     ed. of McClure's.
James C. O'Leary  (Uncle Jim) Sept.14 1861-1948 Mar.17 86 1888 1938 Charleston,NH Boston, MA Boston spwr.;   Started as a telegrapher in Boston (1882), Pittsburgh, Buffalo.  Boston Globe telegrapher (1890-92), copy desk ('92-13), spwr. (1913-38).
(Hanna, continued) m. Eva A. Baker on Dec. 25,1884 in Maryville,Nodaway,MO;  d.  Stricken with stroke (apoplexy) May 24,1930, was taken to Army cadet hospital for 3 wks, and transferred to Idylease sanitarium,Newfoundland,NJ at his wishes to be near his
(Hanna, continued), brother, Thomas K. Hanna. His style was noted for his eschewing of slang such as "swat,pill,horsehide",etc. His choice of words were those less chosen,terse,precise,kind. His style was succinct, his knowledge encyclopedic.
Paul Webster Eaton Dec.27  1861-1943 Jun.25 81 1896 Maine Washington, DC Wash.DC free-lance sp. wr.;  Sporting Life;  around 1910-20, at least    Sporting News until 1931;  Towards the end of his life, he did government work as a correspondent for the State Dept..
George Leonard Moreland 1862-('34-37) England Pittsburgh sp.wr; Pittsburgh / Allegheny directory, reporter (1886) Pitts. Post (1896);  BB statistician, wrote baseball history (Balldom, 1914);  Managed Canton in Tri-State League (1890).  Original member BWAA (1908), representing Pittsburgh.  Involved with Louisville club (1890's) ; Organized Inter-State minor League (fall, 1894).
John B. Foster Jul. 16 1863-1941 Sept.29 78 1888 1941 Norwalk,OH Wash.,D.C.  NY spwr.; Norwalk HS, OH;  st. ed.; Clev. Press gen. rep. & state ed., Clev. Leader sp.ed.(?-1888), Arrived NYC (1896), NY Evening Telegraph sp.ed. & city ed.(1896-11), NY Journal, NY Herald, NY Sun (1920-31), Consolidated Press Ass. (1918-20),
(Foster)  Credited with promoting Army Navy game at the Polo Grounds into national interest.  Years on BB 's rules committee. Considered an authority on BB law, rules, admin. Credited with answering 500,000 questions on BB rules,
(Foster) laws, and various phases of BB.  Wrote digest of rules for the French. Was named official authority for rules for Japan. Official scorer at Polo Grounds. Couldn't attend games after '32, due to right side paralyzed.  Followed BB via radio,papers.
(Foster)  Giants' Secretary & business manager(Jan. 6, '13-1919, Dec. 4);Father:Francis Boardman:Mother;Flora Ann Beebe.  Paralyzed on his right side his last 9 yrs., Buried: funeral services in NYC, cremated, ashes buried Rock Hill Cemetery, Foxboro, MA
(Foster,continued),  Editor-in-Chief of Spalding Official NL Base Ball Guide (1908-1941).Foster was a close second to his friend F. Richter in the baseball accomplishments he was able to achieve in a long BB lifetime.Like Richter, a must for Spink Award.
(Foster, continued)  When John was 18, for his 1st job, he was appointed the Postmaster of his village of Norwalk, OH.  After the next election, he was left without a job, and went to work for the Cleveland Press. 
John Hadley Doyle (63)-1946 Sept.12 83 Wash.D.C. Wash. sp. wr.;  Wash. Evening Star, Wash. Post,  Wash. Sunday Herald (1894-?)  Boston Herald.
Otto Clement Floto Jan.12 1863-1929 Aug.4 66 Cincinnati, OH Denver, CO Denver, CO sp.ed.; Raised in Chicago,IL,  Managed boxers & promoted prize fights, Chicago White Stockings GM (1886), Arrived Denver,CO in 1883, at age of 20 & stayed all his life. Became sports columnist for Denver Post within weeks of
(Floto, continued)  arriving in Denver.  As boxing manager, he guided Bob Fitzsimmons and Jack Dempsey.  As sports editor, he guided Gene Fowler and Damon Runyon.  Was regarded as a Dean of Sports Writers.  Colorful, knew famous sp. figures, Ruth, McGraw.
(Floto) since last Sept., when stricken with epilepsy.  Organized. Otto Floto dog and pony show, out of which grew Selis-Gloto circus.Huge fight fan, saw most heavy-weight cham. fights.  Schooled at Jesuit inst. in Dayton, OH.  Kansas City, MO sp.ed. 2 yrs.
Byron Bancroft Johnson Jan. 5 1864-1931 Mar.28 67 1886 1927 Norwalk,OH St. Louis,MO Chi. Riverside Cemetery,Spencer,Owen County,Indiana
Hugh Edmund (Hek) Keough Jan.24 1864-1912 Jun.9 48 1888 Hamilton,Ont.,Canada Chicago,IL Chicago sp.wr.; Hamilton Spectator (Ontario) reporter, 1881,  Sporting Journal (1888-1890), Chicago Times reporter, sp.ed. (1891-94), San Francisco Chronicle sp.ed. (1895), New Orleans Item (1896), Lake County Times man.ed. (1900-05),   d.  after 6 wk. illness
(Keough, continued)  Chicago Tribune sp. wr. & columnist (1905-12).  While at The Chicago Tribune, he started and made famous The Wake of the News from 1905-12.  It's thought to be the oldest, continuous sports column in the US.  Worked newspapers 31 yrs.
Caspar Whitney Sept.2 1864-1929 Jan.18 64 1888 Mr.'27 Boston,MA Irving-on-Hudson,NY? NY spwr.;  Covered amateur athletes, was credited with creating All-America FB team, appearing for the 1swt time in 1889; authored books on sports, contributed to many outdoor publications, as free lance writer.
Dr. Alfred R. Cratty 1862-1954 Apr.30 90 1885 Mar.20 Saxonburg, PA Overbrook, PA Pittsburgh spwr.; Raised Pittsburgh in his early youth. Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph sp. ed.,(1885-06)  Also covered boxing under pen name Jim Jab.  Began medical studies '06, U. of Pittsburgh, '10 medical degree.  Practiced medicine into his 80's.  Had worked in newspapers for 50 yrs
George Ade Feb.9 1866-1944 My.16 78 1890 1900 Kentland, IN IN Chicago spwr.;  Chicago Record (1890-1900) covered many sports. Grad. Purdue U. 1887, did newspaper work from 1887, moved Chicago June, 1890, moved quickly from cub to star reporter.  In '93, collaborated with illustrator partner John McCutcheon at Chicago Morning News on editorial page columns
(Ade, continued)  describing Columbian Exposition, then he began his regular column "Stories of the Streets and of the Town".  Paper became the Record.  Began "fables in slang" in 1897.  The Record published 8 collections of his columns.  Left journalism in 1900, did plays, musicals, screenplays.  Was acknowledged as great master humorist.  
Robert W. Curtis Aug.15 1866-1939 Feb.21 72 1889 1939 Oswego,NY Little Neck,Queens,NY NY sports writer; arrived NYC(1889), NY Sun(1889-95), NY Recorder(1895-1901), NY Herald ass. sp.ed.('01-20), NY Times day assistant to sp.ed.(March 5,'22-39).
Irving E. (Sy) Sanborn Nov. 28 1866-1934 Jul.18 67 1900 1930 Albany,VT Canandaigua, NY Chi.
Joseph Spencer  Vila Dec.16 1866-1934 Apr.27 67 Boston,MA Brooklyn,NY NYC SP WR 1893-1934
Frank S. Cooke (67)-1945 Apr.25 78 1885 Toledo,OH Detroit,MI Det.,Toledo, Cinc. sportswriter; Toledo, OH,  Cincinnati,  Detroit Free Press, city ed. & sp. ed.,   Detroit Journal, sp. ed,   Detroit News, sp. ed.,
Finley Peter Dunne Jul.10 1867-1936 Apr.24 69 1890's Chicago,IL NYC Chicago writer;  Political cartoonist created Mr. Dooley, saloon owner, wry observations on issues entertained readers for 30 yrs. His cartoons are collected in book forms. Chicago Daily News editorials & sports(1884-88), Chicago Times('1888-89)
Dunne, continued), as political reporter,ed.wr. ,city ed.,Chicago Tribune reporter,ed.Sunday ed., Chicago Herald reporter(1890), Chicago Evening Post ed. page(1892), Chicago Journal managing ed.(1897-00), NYC Harper's Weekly/collier's Weekly('00-02),
Dunne,continued),NY Morning Telegraph('02-04),American Magazine wrote dialect essays & monthly ed. In the Interpreter's House('06-13),Collier's Weekly political commentary('13-15,editor-in-chief '17-19).Payne Whitney died('24) & gave $500K to
Dunne), When Payne Whitney died in 1924, he bequeathed $500,000. to Dunne, far more than enough to enable Dunne to live the rest of his life in high lavish fashion without need of further work.  d.  throat cancer hemorrhaging after long battle.
Joseph Akin (Judge) Murphy 1866-1951 Mar.28 84 1936 Missouri Coral Gables,FL St. Louis, Chicago sp. ed.; St. Louis Globe-Democrat sp. ed.,  Chicago Tribune sp. ed.(?-36).  Called Judge due to his officiating at many race tracks in the US & Canada.
Edward Farguhar Balinger Nov.21 1868-1966 Mar.14 97 1900 1946 Damascus,OH Wilkinsburg,PA Pittsburgh sp. wr.; Pittsburgh Post('03-27), Pittsburgh Post-Gazette('27-46).  Never wrote an unkind word about a player,  extremely popular sp.wr. around league.
William Henry Locke Aug.27 1869-1913 Aug.14 43 1893 1913 Pittsburgh,PA Ventnor, NJ Pittsburgh Press sp. ed.(1893-1903),Pirates secretary('03-12,fall),Phil. Phillies owner & President('13).On Jan.15,'13,he headed a group that included his cousin,William F. Baker & Governor Tener of Penn. that bought the Phillies.Locke named Pres.,d. '13.
(Locke, continued)  He became ill in Feb. '13, and had to give up duties in May,
Edward W. Smith (69)-1936 Feb.23 67 Hollywood,CA Chicago sp. ed.;    Chicago Times sp. ed. in the early 1890's, Chicago Chronicle sp. ed.,  Chicago American sp. ed. (1907-1927), Los Angeles sp. ed.;   Moved to California around 1927 for his health.  Had been a well-known boxing/wrestling referee. 
(Smith, continued)   Refereed many memorable fights.  As a writer, he specialized in boxing/wrestling with occasional incursions into racing.   d.  In  Hollywood Hospital, CA, from a paralytic stroke.  Refereed Jack Johnson/Jim Flynn, Arthur Pelkey/LutherMCCarthy, both Totch/Hackenschmidt wr. matches, Benny Leonard/Charley White.
John Joseph (Jack) Doyle Oct.25 1869-1958 Dec.31 89 1889 1958 Killorglin,Ireland Holyoke,MA
George Herbert Daley Dec.26 1869-1938 Feb.8 68 1897 1938 NYC NYC NY sp.ed;  NY Evening Post(1897-03), NY Tribune('04-16), NY World sp.ed.('16-31), NY World Telegram for 6 months, NY Herald Tribune('31-38).  Introduced all-star FB games to NY, started the Herald-Tribune FB school.   d.  complications pneumonia, pleurisy
Gustave W. Axelson Feb.7 1869-1927 Feb.2 57 Sweden Chicago,IL Chicago sports writer; Born Sweden, came to US @ 1883, worked way through Univ. of Chicago as newspaper correspondent, graduated in 1896. 20 yrs. sp. ed. Chicago Record-Herald, During war, did govern. work, Washington Herald('18-23).  d.  Pleurisy
( Axelson, cont.),wrote bio. of White Sox owner Charles Comiskey(Commy,1919),Chicago Daily Journal (1923-26). He was also a member of the Masons,University Club,White Paper Club,National Press Club,original member Baseball Writers Association('08).
John Brinsley (Sherry) Sheridan Jan.22 1870-1930 Apr.14 60 1888 1930 County Meath,Ireland St. Louis,MO St. Louis spwr. (1888-1929); Arrived US 1888; Sporting News column, "Back of Home Plate", (Dec. 5, 1918 - Apr. 18, 1929);  Started on St. Louis Globe-Democrat (1888-96), Post-Dispatch(1896-?), The Republic, Globe-Democrat. Missouri Committee on Public Utility Information manager,1921-.
(Sheridan) While on Committee, he blew the whistle on some corrupt practices, and then tendered his resignation.  Shortly thereafter he suffered nervous disorders, and received profess. care in sanitarium.  Buried: Catholic Calvary Cemetery., St. Louis, MO
(Sheridan, cont.) Sherry's column for Sporting News "Back of Home Plate", 1917-29, gained for him national respect as a baseball writer.  He also wrote with authority on boxing, golf, and most sports.  Personally, I suspect that his physical problems,
(Sheridan) which started soon after he exposed government corruption,was a result of sabotage. I also suspect his so-called "suicide" may have been unsuspected homicide.  He was found hanging in his room at Alexian Brothers Hospital, by a bathrobe cord. 
Julius Edgar (J. Ed) Grillo 1870-1920 My.27 49 1890's 1917 Germany Wash.D.C. Cinc.. Washington sp. wr.;     Cincinnati Commercial Gazette sp.ed. (1890's),  Pres. Amer. Ass. (Western League, Jan. 1,  1904 - Mar., 1905), Pres. Toledo BB club ('05-06),  Washington Post, Washington Star (1911-17).  d.  4 yrs. battle against softening of the brain.
James R. (Jim) Price 1870-1929 Jan.29 60 Boston,MA Baltimore,  New York, Boston sports writer; Baltimore sp. wr.(1890's), New York Press sp. ed.(@1911-1916),  Pres. of Newark BB club(International League), Newark BB team (Federal League) grounds manager (1916-24), AL eastern representative (NYC).
(Price,continued) Secretary of Boston Red Sox(Jan., 1924 - 1929,Jan.29,death).  Close friend of Ban Johnson.  d.  suicide, cut his throat with a razor  at Fenway Park, when no one was there due to illness, note in pocket to wife.
William W. Douglas (70)-1912 My.11 42 Kentucky Louisville, KY Louisville, KY sp.ed.;   Louisville Courier-Journal sp.ed. for 22 yrs.  Known as a turf writer.
W. H. (Harry) James (70)-1936 Jul.14 66 St. Louis Globe-Democrat sports columnist;            d. heat stroke
John Walter Leonard Mar.31 1870-1944 Jan.25 73 PA Los Angeles,CA Los Angeles sp.wr. & sp. ed.:  Los Angeles sp. ed.; Had retired several years earlier.
Herman Nickerson My.15 1870-1954 Jun.10 84 1907 1915 Boston,MA Lincolnville,MO Boston sports writer,editor; Boston News cub reporter (?-1894), Boston Journal reporter (1894-00), Boston Herald copy desk head (1902-07), Boston Journal  sp.ed. (1907-12), Boston Braves secretary (1912-15), Boston Globe news ed. (1925-45).
Peter Francis Kelley Jun.26 1870-1944 Jan.20 73 1890 1944 Boston,MA Milton,MA Boston sports writer; Boston Journal(1890-?), Boston Record, Boston Braves Secretary('09-11), Boston Post, Pittsburgh Pirates secretary('16-17), Boston American, Boston Globe
Abraham (Abe) Yager                           ? Jul.13 1870-1930 Aug.22 60 Lt. 80's 1930 Brooklyn, NY NYC Brooklyn spwr. & sp. ed. ;  Brooklyn Eagle (1885-1930),sp.ed. (1896-30).  Official scorer of Brooklyn home games for 30 yrs.  d.  Jewish Hosp. of cancer.  Had been ill several months and hoarse in throat.
William Kennedy (Judge) McKay Nov.16 1870-1944 Sept.23 73 1894 1944 New Orleans,LA Oak Park,IL Chi. sp wr.;Dubuque,IA reporter(1884-?),Chicago Mail(1894-1895),Chicago Times-Herald(1895-?),Chicago Journal((1899-'04),Detroit Tribune,Cleveland News('05-12),Louisville Herald, Chicago Evening Post,Chicago Tribune(March 3,1918-44,death).Man.ed.(1899-18).
Guy McI. Smith Dec.2 1870-1950 Jun.12 77 Indianapolis,IN Danville,IL Dannelle,IL
Joseph M. McCready Feb. 1870-1924 Aug.2 53 1924 Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia,PA Phil. spwr;  Press Bureau of Philadelphia from at least 1911-14.     His own News Bureau 1917-24.   Served as secretary of Baseball Writers Ass. from Dec. 7, 1917 to his death.  Helped found the Phil. Sp. Writers Ass.  Closely associated with Athletics.  d.  Pneumonia at his home in Philly.
(McCready, continued)  Had an office in the Keith Building.  Did specialty PR work.  Did inspection work for several insurance companies.  Did PR for number of organizations.  Prepared PR work for  Atlantic City pageant last yr. And also Pr for Salvation Army drive several yrs. ago.  Charter member Penn Athletic Club.  One of owners of "Sportlife", published in Philly.  
Frederick Courtenay Barber               ? (71)-1937 Jan.1 66 Augusta,Ga NYC NY sp. wr; Family moved NYC(1882); New York Sun reporter,Subsequently worked as reporter, feature writer, columnist, city ed.(NY Morning Telegraph, New York World, NY Press, New York Times copy reader('08-13). Novelist, short stories, serials, song-writer
Bart B. Howard My.13 1871-1941 Feb.12 69 1910 1941 North Brookfield,MA St. Louis,MO St. Louis sp.wr.; Schenectady,NY(1890's), Joplin,MO 2 papers ed. (News-Herald & Globe), Columbus(OH) Sun man. ed.('08-09), St. Louis Post-Dispatch(1910), St. Louis Republic( '10-16), Daily Oklahoma('16-19,My.), St. Louis Post-Dispatch(My.6,1919-41,death)
David Leroy Reeves My.27 1871-1949 Aug.12 77 1902 1921 Cape May,NJ Cape May,NJ Phil. Times(?-02), Phil. Phillies secretary & Treasurer (Dec. 1, 1904 - Jan. 25, 1909), NL secretary to President John H. Tener (Dec. 12, 1913 -16), Phil. Public Ledger sp.ed. ('11-16, at least0), Lafayette College graduate manager of athletics ('21-46, retired).
Joseph Samuel Jackson Jul.25 1871-1936 My.19 64 1901 1921 Providence,RI San Francisco,CA Detroit sp. wr; Detroit Free Press sports editor(1901-10),Washington Post sports editor('10-13),Detroit News-Tribune sp. ed.(1913-21) moved  California('21),worked for various newspapers there. 1st President of Baseball Writers Ass. of America(1908-1919).
Fred W. Mosebach Aug. 20 1871-1951 Feb.8 79 San Antonio,TX San Antonio,TX San Antonio,TX spwr.;  St. Mary College, Rpt, San Antonio Express, 1892: rpt and news ed, San Antonio Light, 1894-06:  Gazette, 1906-08; ed, Laredo Record, 1915; San Antonio correspondents bureau, Austin (Tex) Amer, 1916;  ed, Eagle Pass Guide, 1918-21. W S:
(Mosebach, continued)  recruiting service:  Finance Dept. Q M D, USA. MEM:  Tex Edl Assn.    San Antonio Express sp. ed. And later a feature writer.  San Antonio, Tex.  Sp. Ed., San Antonio (Tex) Express, Feb, 1924-41).
Frederick Bushnell (Jack) Ryder Nov.16 1871-1936 Jun.5 65 JL'09 Je'36 Oberlin, OH Avondale,OH Cincinnati sports writer; In 1905, Jack replaced Charles Webb Murphy on the Cincinnati Enquirer as sports writer and served there for more than 30 yrs.
Henry Pierrepoint Edwards Dec. 11 1871-1948 Aug. 1 76 1898 1942 Dunkirk,NY Wilmette,IL Cleveland sports writer, AL service bureau; Cleveland recorder sp.ed.(1898-1901,Apr.), Cleveland Plain Dealer sp.ed.(July 29,'01-'28,Feb.1), Amer. League service bureau, Chicago(Feb.1,'28-42,Feb.1).
Eugene Joseph O'Connor, Jr. Nov.14 1872-1952 Nov.8 80 1904 Jamaica Plain,MA Boston  spwr.;  Boston Brotherhood (Pl. L)  catcher, Boston Nationals, St. Louis Browns;  Sp.-Amer. War 9th Reg., WWI,  Boston American BB writer, sp.ed.('04), Boston Journal.   d.  fell fr. 3rd floor window at his lodging house, crippled w/ arthritis.
William G. (Billy) Weart 1872-1917 Dec.7 45 1891 1917 Independence,IA Phil.,PA Phil. spwr;  Arriv. Philly in 1879, grad. Central H;. Phil. Times rep.(1891-1909), Phil. Press, Munsey's Evening Times('09-13), Phil. Evening Telegraph BB ed. ('13-17).  Sporting News correspond.('09-17).  d.  typhoid-pneumonia, ill only a week.
Frank York Grayson Aug.10 1872-1955 Feb.9 82 Ag'25 1953 New Haven,OH Terrace Park,OH Cinc. spwr;  Started on Cincinnati Enquirer(1897-08), as police reporter, then assessment clerk on city pay roll. Cincinnati Times-Star feature writer('12-25), succeeded Bill Phelon as BB writer in Aug.,'25 until retirement('53,Sept.)  Retired from BB writing 2 yrs. before that.  d.  Heart attack
William Arlie (Bill) Phelon Sept. 7 1872-1925 Aug.19 53 1888 1925 Chicago,IL Cincinnatti,OH Chi. NY,Cincinnati sports writer/editor; Chi. Daily News (1888-1905, Oct.), Chi. Daily Journal (Oct.'05-08), Chi. Tribune (1908-10), NY Morning Telegraph (1910), Cincinnati Times-Star sp.ed. (spring,'10-25) .Easily most colorful eccentric sportswriter ever lived.  Rube Waddell of BWAA.
A great book should be written about him.  As a writer, Bill was one of the best, and one of the most prolific.  He was an associate editor of Baseball Magazine (March, 1913 - November, 1924).  He had replaced Jake Morse (Boston sp.wr.), who himself had encyclopedic BB knowledge
of all things baseball.   Also was Cincinnati correspondent for theSporting News.  From 1889-1915, had scored over 3,500 ballgames.  Made all road trips with Reds. Total home team rooter.  Died after 3 days of Bright's disease.   As a complete authority of
baseball, he lived the game.   Had been famous amateur ballplayer & boxer, was an actor, wrote for the stage, studied Indian lore, wrote baseball poetry, was twice married with a son; Contributed to Weekly BB Guide,Chicago BB News, Herald Examiner, NY World,
Charles Henry Zuber                           ? Nov.15 1872-1938 Oct.15 65 Mr1895 Mr'10 Newport,KY Newport,KY Cinc. spwr;  After Charles was dismissed by Cinc. owner Taft in March, 1910, he worked as press agent for the Cinc. Chamber of Commerce, Cinc. BB club, theaters and other institutions, off & on until his death.  Never wrote BB again. 
Ernest John Lanigan Jan. 4 1873-1962 Feb. 8 89 1887 1916 Chicago,IL Phil.,PA Phil.,NY,Cle sports writer; Phil record(1887-91), Sporting News(1888-91), bank clerk(1891-1899),Aderondacks, organizer Phil.Symphony Orchestra('03-05),NY Press BB ed.('07-11), Eastern League,secretary('11-?),Wash. & Lee University Pres. rep.
(Lanigan,continued), farmed on the Hudson River, Cleveland Leader BB ed. ('16-?), Syracuse Stars Press rep('20-?), International League information director,NYC('35-42), Baseball's Hall of Fame historian at Cooperstown('46-59).
  (Lanigan,continued), Boston American('15-19), NY Daily News('19-22), Hearst Service night ed. & make-up ed., Syracuse American in charge of copy desk, NY American assistant night ed.(? least).
Joseph S. Smith Apr.27 1973-1932 Jun.21 60 1903 1916 Forrest Hills, Queens,NY Detroit spwr.;   Detroit Journal (1903-12);  Milwaukee Sentinel (1913-16),  Detroit auto trade papers.  Original founding member of BWAA.     d.  heart disease in a private hosp. after a month's illness. 
Sherman Reilly Duffy My. 1873-1946 Mar.9 74 Lisbon,Illinois Ottawa,IL Chicago sp.wr.;  Graduated University of Illinois (1895), began with Chicago Tribune, Chicago Journal, Chicago Evening American.
George M. Young (73)-1948 Apr.20 75 1900 1919 PA Phil.,PA Phil. sportswriter; Phil evening Item(police reporter(1895-1900),Phil. Times sp.ed.(('00-02),Phil. Public Ledger sp.wr.('02-19),BR Keith's Theater('14-20,at least), Phil. Booking Agency,PR office('33-43),Phil. corn Exchange National Bank&Trust co.('43-?)
Herbert E. (Bert) Walker (73)-1947 Jun.19 74 1920 Indiana,PA Detroit spwr.;  cub reporter Ypsilanti (MI), Detroit Journal theatrical editor(12 yrs.), Cleveland Press state ed., NY Herald financial ed., Detroit Free Press city ed., Detroit Times
William Wrothe Aulick (73)-1913 Dec.25 41 M 1913 Richmond,VA Flushing, Queens, NY 113 NYC  spwr.; Minneapolis Tribune, NY Evening Telegram, NY Herald, NY Evening Mail, NY Morning Telegraph, NY Globe('12) & others.  Stricken with paralysis in May, & confined to home ever since. Liebler & Co. press reporter.        d.  stroke
Herbert C. (Bert) Crowhurst 1873-1962 Apr.10 89 1889 1914 England Phil.,PA Philadelphia sp. wr.;  managed  some boxers,  Philadelphia Bulletin sp. ed.(1889-1914),  worked at some hotels   d.  at Phil. nursing home
Henry R. Isley (73)-1948 Nov.14 75 Boston,MA Yonkers,NY Bost. NY spwr.;    Boston Transcript sp.ed., NY Evening Post sp. ed.,  NY Times spwr. ('28-48)
Hugh Stuart Fullerton, Sr. Sept.10 1873-1945 Dec.27 72 1893 30's Hillsboro,OH New Port Richey,FL Chi. & NY spwr; Cincinnati Enquirer spwr(1889-93), Chicago Record(1896-97), Chicago Tribune spwr(1897-1907), Chicago Herald spwr(1907-12), Chicago Herald and Examiner(1913-19), New York Mail spwr(1919-21), Liberty Weekly ass. ed.(Magazine)(1923-28),
(Fullerton, continued), Philadelphia Inquirer, Columbus Dispatch(OH) columnist, Jack Wheeler's Bell Syndicate.  Instrumental in uncovering the "Black Sox Scandal".  Help found the Baseball Writer's Ass. in 1908-09.
(Fullerton, continued)  Hugh conducted The Wake of the News from June 9, 1912 - June, 1913. After death of Hugh Keough, its originator Hugh wrote it until Ring Lardner took it over.  It's believed to be the oldest, continuous sports column in the US.
Bernard William St. Denis Thompson      Nov.27 1873-1937 Feb.26 63 1916 1937 Point Fortune,Que.,Can. NYC NY
Edward Bayard Moss Apr.1 1874-1948 Sept.23 74 1900 Brooklyn,NY Saunders Point,Niantic,CT New York sports writer; Syracuse Standard(1892-?),New York Sun('00-13), New York Associated Press('13-23), US LawnTennis Ass. Exec. Sec.('23-42), World Almanac, Spalding Baseball Guide('14-17),
Edgar Forrest Wolfe (Jim Nasium) 1874-1958 Aug.19 84 Phil.,PA Phil., St. Louis sp. cartoonist, spwr; Stud. Pitts. Art Sch., Penn. Acad. Fine Arts, Art Students League in NY. NY American art dept. (1898-?), Phil. North Amer. art dept.,  Managed arts dept. of Pittsburgh Press & Pittsburgh Dispatch,
(Wolfe, continued) Phil. Inquirer sp. cartoonist/feature wr.(1907-22).  Began as sports cartoonist, evolved into a cartoonist/ sports writer.  His sports cartoons appeared on the covers of The Sp. News many years.  Retired  newspaper work '29. Free-lanced
(Wolfe, continued)  Mr. Wolfe free-lanced after 1929, his work appearing in Nation's business, Liberty, sporting News, Saturday Evening Post, among many others.  For a time, he wrote column for Phil. Daily News.  He always used his pen name, Jim Nasium.
John Edward  (J. Ed) Wray 1874-1961 Nov.27 88 1900 Aug-55 Illinois St. Louis,MO St. Louis sp. wr. & sp. ed.; St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1900-02).  St. Louis Globe-Democrat (1902-06), St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1906-46), He retired as sp. ed. in '46, but continued his column, "Wray's Column", which he had started in '08, until August, '55
Richard J. (Dick) Collins (74)-1953 Feb.12 79 1894 1940 MO St. Louis,MO St. Louis sp. ed.; St. Louis Republic's sp. ed. (1894- 19), Texas oil companies' PR ('19-24), St. Louis Globe-Democrat sp.wr.('24-40, retirement), specialized horse racing / baseball.  d.  heart disease.  Buried: Catholic Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Leonard Frederick Wooster Feb.26 1875-1958 My.25 83 1909 1938 Brooklyn,NY Merrick,NY Brooklyn spwr. & sp. ed.;   Started as errand boy on the Brooklyn Times in 1889.  He evolved through copy boy in ed. dept. to religious ed., general reporter, baseball writer (1909),  and finally sp. ed. Brooklyn Times-Union (1898-38).
Harvey Trunkey  Woodruff Apr.9 1875-1937 Jun.2 62 1898 1937 Brazil,IN Evanston,IL Chicago spwr.;  Chicago U.(1895-97), Chicago Times-Herald(1895-98), Chicago Record sp.ed.(1898-1901), Chicago Herald reporter(1901), Chicago Tribune('01-03), Chicago Tribune sp.ed.(1909-20). Woodruff inherited the sports column, In the Wake of the    
(Woodruff)  News, at Chicago Tribune, fr. Ring Lardner Nov.25, 1919.This renowned sports column had hosted such writers as Hugh Fullerton, Hugh Keough, Lardner('13-19). When Woodruff died, the column passed to Arch Ward('37-55), who held it to his death.
John C. (JCD) Derks (75)-1944 Apr.8 69 1941 Salt Lake City,UT Salt Lake Tribune(UT) sp.ed.,VP of Pioneer League,which he helped organize. Helped bring Salt Lake City into the Pacific Coast League('15). When team moved Hollywood('25),he went as ass. sec.Returned to Tribune('27). Worked on papers in Butte,Helena,MT.
William George (Billy) Murphy     Jun.26 1875-1925 Jan.21 49 1905 1925 St. Louis,MO St. Louis,MO  St. Louis spwr./sp. ed.;  Grad. St.Louis U.; Ass. sp.ed.St. Louis Post-Dispatch ('05-07); St. Louis Star sp.ed. ('07 to 25).  Original founding member of BWAA. d. acute indigestion, after repeated attacks acute indigestion..  Bur: Calvary Cem., St. Louis, MO
Wood (Duke) Ballard Aug.15 1875-1946 Nov.7 72 1906 KY Brooklyn,NY Kentucky, NYC sp. wr.;  (KY) Journal,World ,Mirror;  NY Morning World sp. ed.  Moved NYC around 1906.  NY Tribune sp. ed. (1917).   d.  found dead in bed in his room in Brooklyn,NY.
William Arthur (Bill) Rafter Sept.1 1875-1926 Feb.13 47 1900 1926 Rhinecliff, NY Brooklyn,NY Brooklyn sp. ed.;   Brooklyn Standard-Union sp. ed. (1900-26),  official scorer of Brooklyn BB team, Lodge 22 of the Elks, member of Press club.    d.  At home, when cold turned into pneumonia within a week
Harold Webster (Hal) Lanigan Nov. 12 1875-1949 Dec.14 74 1895 Brooklyn,NY New Port Richey,FL St. Louis spwr; Phil. Public Ledger rep.,Sporting News(1895-96),St. Louis Globe-Democrat sp.ed. & sp. wr.(1897),St. Louis Star(1898), St. Louis Star Chronicle(?-07), St. Louis Times('07-11),Sp. & Stage('12),World Sporting('14). PR manager(Hot Springs,AR),
Melville Emerson Webb, Jr. Feb. 21 1876-1961 Oct.23 85 1897 JL4,1951 Boston,MA Brookline,MA Boston spwr.;  Graduated Boston English HS, joined Boston Globe sp. staff as spwr.,  also specialized in FB.  Founding member BWAA. - '08.   d.  Hahnemann Hosp.
Charles Emmet Van Loan Jn. 20 1876-1919 Mar. 2 42 1904 1910 San Jose,CA Los Angeles,CA SF,LA,NY sp. wr.;  Was one of best baseball storytellers of his age.   He was called the greatest baseball writer by several of his peers.   d.  chronic nephritis at Philadelphia Hosp., Was on East Coast on business
Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb Jun.23 1876-1944 Mar.10 67 1904 Paducah,KT NYC NY spwr.,  humorist;  Paducah Evening News reporter(1892), by age 19, he had been made managing ed; Louisville Evening Post(1898-), NY Evening Sun, NY & Evening & Sunday World(--), This job made Irvin the highest paid staff reporter in US.
(Cobb, continued) Paducah Democrat managing ed. (1901), NY Evening News reporter(1904), NY & Evening & Sunday World feature writer(1904), Saturday Evening Post(1911),  Wrote his autobiography, Exit Laughing, at end of his life. Sold well.
But Cobb's career lasted only a brief decade or two. After the crash of 1929 he became increasingly conservative in politics and philosophy. As he became more conservative, his humor became increasingly forced and to compensate he posed more and more as
(Cobb, continued)  the professional Southerner. Always doubtful of his own abilities as writer and thinker, he was mortally wounded by the criticism of such elite critics as H. L. Mencken who pushed him into a low-brow niche in American culture. Forcing 
(Cobb, continued) himself to write to his "low-brow audience" Cobb lost faith in himself and his value. By the end of the thirties, for whatever reason, America had moved beyond the contributions to society of Irvin Cobb.
(Cobb,continued)  Associate of celebrities of all kinds for two decades, he died in NYC virtually forgotten, having outlived the world he grew up in and which appreciated him. Ill and bitter he wrote in
(Cobb, continued)  his last days his autobiography, Exit Laughing, his best writing for years and a book which was well received by the critics and reading public.
Wilson M. (Bill) Tackaberry (76)-1934 My.5 48 Kentville, Ontario, Canada Toronto,Ont.Canada Ottawa spwr.;  Started on Ottawa Journal, Toronto Daily Star, Toronto Mail, Toronto Empire.   d.  suddenly at his home in Toronto.
Carl Sherman Brandebury     d. 9-15? (76)-1942 Sept.24 66 1907 1942 Keene,NH Forrest Hills,NY NY sp.ed.; reporter for Publishers' Press, Scripps-McRae League, United Press; NY Associated Press('07-30) news editor of eastern US.  He also covered most national events such as political conv.,World Series, boxing, horse races, etc. Retired('30).
(Brandebury,cont.), Rabid baseball fan, AL fan, Yankee fan. Joined NYC office of A.P. in 1907 and grad. from star reporter, city ed, day manager of the NY bureau & eventually news ed. of eastern US, 'till retirement in '30. Huge collector of stamps.
Joseph P. Norton                               33 (76)-1936 Jun.3 60 1899 1919 Newark,NJ suburb Newark, NJ spwr.;   Newark Star composing room (1893-?), Newark Evening Star sp.ed. ( 1901-05), Newark Ledger sp.ed. (1905-11), , Newark News sp.ed., (1911-19). Retired from newspaper work to take up advertising work.   
Paul Herbert Shannon Sept.1 1876-1939 Jan.19 62 1907 1939 Boston,MA Pass-A-Grille Bay,FL Bost.
Harry B. Smith Dec.10 1876-1951 Dec.14 75 Lake City, MN San Mateo, CA San Francisco spwr.;  San Jose Mercury News (CA)  editorial dept.;  reporter/ sp. ed. Portland Evening Telegram (OR),  San Francisco Morning Call;  San Francisco Chronicle sp. ed. (1906-25?),  His column was entitles, "Sports Mirror".
William James Granger Feb.9 1877-1945 Jan.17 67 1900 1945 Brooklyn,NY Brooklyn,NY Brooklyn sp. ed.;  The Brooklyn Eagle composing room(1892-97), Worked for father in commercial work, Morning Journal,  Brooklyn Citizen sp. ed. ('03-45),  He began to write baseball around 1900.
George Moore Graham                     (77)-1944 Nov.15 68 1916 Phil.,PA Miami Beach,FL Phil. spwr.; Phil. North American ('05?-16),  Buffalo, NY Pierce-Arrow Automobile Co. (Nov.26, 1918-Aug.17, 1919), Chandler car co. (Oct.16, 1921-Aug.26, 1927), Cleveland White Motor Truck co., (Aug.26, 1927-Sept.27, 1931), Studebaker Motor Co. Launched Rockne car, sales manager (Sept. 27, 1931-32, retired)
Howard Mann (77)-1936 Jun. 8 59 1900 Cleveland,OH Chicago,IL Cleveland, Chicago spwr.; Grad. Kenyon College(1900); Cleveland Plain Dealer feature syndicate writer ('00-06), Cleveland Press sp.ed.('06-11), Chicago Newspaper Enterprise Ass.('11-?), ,Chicago Evening Post sp.ed.('17-29),
Mann, continued)   Chicago Daily News sp.ed.('29-36).  Underwent abdominal surgery 3 weeks before his death, which led to pneumonia.  D.  Augustana Hosp.
Frank F. (Buck) O'Neil 1877-1962 Mar.11 1911 1959 NYC NYC NY spwr.;  NY Tribune, enlisted WWII, NY World, NY Evening Sun (7 yrs.), NY Evening Journal (1925-?), NY American, NY Journal American, Also worked for papers in Wash,DC & Syracuse, NY, NY Daily News('50-59, June). Wrote BB, FB, Boxing, Rowing.
Marion Frank Parker (77)-1950 Jun.10 73 1896 1921 MO Valley Park,MO St. Louis sports writer; St. Louis Globe-Democrat sports writer(1896-1921)(sp.ed.-'08-21), NL scorer in St. Louis,             Buried:  Catholic Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Gordon J. Mackay Aug.27 1877-1941 Feb.20 63 1896 1939 Trenton,NJ sportswriter; Bost. ('96-09),Phil. Evening Times ('09-39), Cleveland Leader(1914), Cleveland Plains Dealer, Phil. Press sp.ed. ('12-?), Phil. Inquirer sp.ed. ('21-27), Phil. Record sp.ed.('28-31), Camden Courier Post (NJ) reporter & columnist(?-'39).  D.  New Jersey State Hospital for 18 months before death.  Health declined after death of wife in Dec., '38.
Bozeman Bulger Nov. 22 1877-1932 My.  27 55 1906 Fb 31 Dadeville,AL Lynbrook,L.I.,NY NY sp. ed.;  Birmingham Age-Herald city ed. & sp.ed.(1899--05), NY Evening World sp. wr. & sp. ed.('06-31), Saturday Evening Post staff wr.('31-32).  Also a playwright & soldier.
Richard J. (Dick) Guy Feb.14 1878-1963 Dec.22 84 1908 PA Pittsburgh spwr.:   Pittsburgh Gazette-Times, at least 1911-14.  Retired by 1956
Thomas Stevens Rice Feb.21 1878-1942 Feb.4 63 1899 1929 Baltimore,MD Brooklyn,NY Baltimore, Washington, Brooklyn spwr.:   Baltimore Sun (1899-03), Washington Times ('03-10,  Brooklyn Daily Eagle (May 29, 1911-29).  Left baseball  to devote himself to crime & general law. 
(Rice, continued) Grad. Baltimore City College (1897), U. of Maryland law sch. (1899), Admitted Maryland bar '99, Member of NY State Crime Commission (1926-31).
Albert Henry Tarvin 1878-1959 Mar.24 80 Covington,KY Cincinnati,OH Cinc.
William J. (Bill) (Red) Cochran (78)-1925 Aug.1 47 St. Louis, MO Washington, DC St.Louis,Wash. sp.ed.:  St. Louis public sch./private tutors.  St. Louis Post-Dispatch ass. sp.ed. (1896-00), St. Louis Star, Fort Smith Times, Joplin Times, St. Louis Republic political writer (1906-?),  Chicago Tribune (1912-14), 
 (Cochran, continued)  St. Louis Republic's Washington's bureau, (1914- 1919, Dec.5), was in charge of PR for Gov. Cox in 1920.  d.  Garfiedl Hosp. 2 weeks after operation.  Had been ill for yr.  Was Roman Catholic.
Stephen Orlando (Sog) Grauley Aug.5 1878-1958 Dec.6 80 N1897 1958 Phil.,PA Phil.PA Phil. spwr; Philadelphia Inquirer spwr(1898-1925) sp.ed.('25-58). In Phi. sports, he served as player, official, club owner & reporter. Close personal friend of Mack.
James Arnot Crusinberry Dec. 11 1878-1960 Jul. 1 81 1903 1948 Cascade,Iowa Phoenix,AZ Chi.,St. Louis spwr.; Chicago Chronicle('03-05), Chicago Examiner('06), Chicago American('07),St. Louis Post-Dispatch('08-10), Chicago Tribune & NY Daily News sp.ed('11-26)3 yrs. in NY, Chicago Journal('27), Chicago Daily News('28-32), Pres. BWAA('29-30).
(Crusinberry,continued), Later he was head of the Columbia Broadcasting System's news operations in Chicago. He specialized in baseball & golf.  d.  cerebral hemorrhage
William Peet Jul.27 1878-1946 Jul.29 70 1910 1925 Conn. Honolulu,HI Bost., Wash., Cle., Pitts., Phil., HI.;   Boston Post (1910-?), Washington Times-Herald, Washington Post, Cleveland Leader, Pittsburgh Dispatch (1917).  Then joined Honolulu Advertiser (1925-46)
Raymond M. Ziegler                            ? Jun.5 1879-1968 Apr. 19 89 1898 1922 Reading,PA Atlantic City,NJ 08401 Phil. spwr.:  Grad. Temple U. (1898);   Philadelphia Record(1911-13), Detroit Free Press (1901-02);  Phil. Record ('02-?); Phil. Inquirer (motor boat regattas), Phil. Public Ledger ('17-22), In '27, Phil. Record, handicapping horses, under "Joe Finn".
(Zeigler, continued)  In 1922, moved Atlantic City, NJ, opened Margate dog kennels, bred racing greyhounds; In '25, opened pet show; Radio Station WPG 1st sports caster ( 1928, Atlantic City, NJ),
Charles Andrus Taylor Mar.11 1879-1944 Jan.26 65 Roxbury,NY NYC NY sports writer; grad NYU('01); NY assistant sp. ed. NY Tribune, NY Sun, NY American, NY Journal-American.      d.  pneumonia
Jim Kelly 1879-1958 Jan.26 79 1912 England Bronx,NY NY spwr.;  NY Daily Mirror, editing & compiling the Sunday soccer columns. Also covered BB & hockey after arriving in US from his native England in 1912.
Frank E. Murney (79)-1934 Aug.13 55 1904 1934 NY, Brooklyn sp.ed.;   NY World copy desk,  NY Evening World nightly sp. ed.      Brooklyn Eagle night sp. ed.        d.  heart attack on way to work
William O'Connell McGeehan Nov.22 1879-1933 Nov.29 54 San Francisco, CA Brunswick,GA SF & NY spwr.:  Stanford U.;  Spanish-Amer. War (1898),  San Francisco Call (1900) boxing beat,  SF Chronicle, SF Examiner reporter, SF Bulletin city ed./man. ed.;  San Francisco Evening Post city ed., managing ed.:  Arrived NYC 1914;  NY Evening Journal boxing writer (1914),  Began covering ML BB in '15 for NY Trib.
(McGeehan, continued)  NY Tribune spwr. then sp. ed.;  WWI (1917), no overseas, trained infantrymen;  NY Tribune man. ed. (1921), NY Herald sp.ed. with daily column (1922).  In 1924, Herald merged with Tribune.  NY Herald Tribune sp.ed. (1924-33).
(McGeehan, continued)  McGeehan is credited with originating the "Aw, Nuts" style of sports journalism.  They didn't write to create heroes, blow athletes out of proportion into myths, legends, or cultural legends.  They wrote to be critical but fair analysts.  Fought to find the men under the hype. 
James J. (Jim) Long Nov.30 1879-1955 Apr.8 75 McKeeskport,PA Pittsburgh,PA Pittsburgh  sports writer;  Pittsburgh Leader sp.ed.(1898-?), Pittsburgh Dispatch sp.ed.,  Pittsburgh Post sp.ed,  Pittsburgh Sun sp.ed.('08-27), Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph columnist('27-37), Pittsburgh Pirates publicity agent(Jan.'37-55).
Walter S. Trumbull Dec.21 1879-1961 Oct.18 81 1903 Chicago,IL Newton,CT NY sports writer; grad Trinity College(Hartford,CT, '03), NY Evening Sun, NY Morning Sun, NY World, NY Herald Tribune, late 20's,sports columns North American Newspaper Alliance; World War I(115th Field Artillery),
Edward F. Bang Feb. 26 1880-1968 Apr. 27 88 1907 1960 Sandusky,OH Cleveland,OH 44121 Cleveland sp.ed.;  Moved from Youngston,OH to Cleveland in '07.  Cleveland News sp. ed. ('07-60). Liked to bet the horses, play golf. His son became known sports writer.
Robert. Joseph Connery Mar.28 1880-1967 Jan.28 86 St. Louis,MO Dallas,TX 75225 Worked w/ Louis McHenry Howe,confidante of Pres. Roosevelt,radio interviews, on government issues.  In 1934, he joined the staff of Will H. Hays as Washington representative. Hays was the President Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America.
Malcolm A. MacLean        Apr.1 1880-1927 Mar.4 46 Jan.,1904 Aurora, Indiana Pasadena, CA Chicago sp.wr.;  Edu:  Trinity College, Hartford, CT & U. of Minnesota;  Chicago Tribune (1904-?), Chicago Inter-Ocean, Chicago Chronicle,  Chicago Record-Herald at least Sept, 1908-12,14;  Chicago Herald-Examiner, Chicago Evening Post, column On the Sport Trail With Malcolm MacLean.
(MacLean, continued)  He traveled with the Cubs & Sox for yrs.  Represented Chicago for 5 yrs. In BWAA.  Ass. Sunday ed. of Chicago Tribune.  Ill health prompted him to leave his home in Western Springs, for Cal.  last spring.  At time of death, was with Los Angeles Evening Express staff.   D. at home, Pasadena, CA
Raymond C. Pearson                 45 1880-1958 Mar.12 54 1929 Cleveland,OH Cle.
Henry Grantland (Granny) Rice Nov.1 1880-1954 Jul.13 73 1905 1954 Murfreesboro,TN NYC Atlanta, NY spwr.;  edu: Wallace Univ. Sch. Nashville,TN;  Vanderbilt U. ed. The American Golfer; Nashville Daily News; Atlanta Journal sp.ed (1902-05); Cleveland News (1905-07); Nashville Tennessean spwr.(1907-10); NY Evening Mail sp. columnist (1910-13)
NY Tribune spwr. & syndicated columnist (1913-24), NY Herald Tribune (1924-54).  Wrote many books, and contributed to numerous magazines.  The quintessential Southern Gentleman, Granny Rice was without a shadow of a doubt the most well-known & loved spwr.
of his & perhaps all times.  His autobiography was, "The Tumult & the Shouting:  My Life in Sport", 1954.   Buried:  Woodlawn Cemetery, NY
James Campbell (Jimmie) Isaminger Dec. 6 1880-1946 Jun.17 66 1905 S e17,'40 Hamilton,OH Mead,PA Philadelphia sports writer; Cincinnati Times-Star assistant to Charles Zuber(1895-1905),  Phil. North American sports writer 1905-25,  Phil. Inquirer baseball editor & sports editor until his stroke September 17, 1940.  Helped break the '19 scandal.
Harry W. Neily  (Senor)                                     Mar. 7 1881-1948 Aug.26 67 1908 1933 Spartansburg,PA Holgate,OH 43527 spwr; Worked for 17 newspapers in his career, starting in 1898.  Warren(PA) Democrat, Times, Mirror, 1899-1902; McKeesport Herald, 1902; Pittsburgh Post, News, 1902; Youngstown Vindicator, 1902-06; Clev Plain dealer, 1907-09; Penton Pub Co,1909;
(Neily) Detroit Times, 1910; St. Louis Times sp.ed, 1910-13; St. Louis Feds buss. man. (FL,'14), Denver Times, Rocky Mts News, 1914-15; Chicago Herald, 1916.Last paper was Chicago American('16-33), early member of BBWAA,
(Neily, continued), buried on Aug.29,1948 in Holgate,OH;  Father: Harry Neily  Mother: Jennie Kahler;  
Charles Ambrose Hughes My.18 1881-1953 Jan.29 71 1902 1953 Eaton Rapids,MI Detroit,MI Chi.,Det. sports writer; Detroit Tribune('02-?), Chicago Inter-Ocean, Chicago Record-Herald(Sept.,'08-?), Detroit News, Detroit Athletic Club,secretary('12-53,death).  Was active in founding the Boy Scouts of America. Ed./owner Det.Athletic Club News.
Willis Eldon Johnson My.21 1881-1958 Apr.23 77 1901 1936 St. Louis,MO St. Louis,MO St. Louis spwr;  St. Louis U., Worked in bank 4 yrs.  St. Louis Republic sp. ed.('01-08), St. Louis Globe-Democrat('08-14), St. Louis FL team traveling secretary(spr. '14-15, Dec)St. Louis Browns traveling secretary (Dec.'15 - 1936, Nov.14)
(Johnson, continued)  Peoria Baseball team, President(Feb.16,'37-43),   St. L. Globe-Democrat-horse racing., wrest.('43-51).    d.  heart attack
Franklin Pierce Adams Nov.24 1881-1960 Mar.23 78 Chicago,IL NYC NY sp. wr.; Arrived NYC('03), His column "The Conning Tower" appeared in many papers, his radio program "Information Please"('38-48) was on TV for 13 weeks in '52.  Chicago Journal('03-04), NY Evening Mail('04-14), NY Tribune('14-22),  NY World('22-31).
(Adams,continued), New York Herald-Tribune('31-37,March), NY Post('38-41). A quote of his service in World War I, "I didn't fight & I didn't shoot, but, General, how I did salute." He also wrote the "Tinkers to Evers to Chance" baseball ditty.
Kerr N. Petrie 1881-1961 My.25 80 1951 DeLand,FL NY spwr.;  NY Herald (1906-25),  NY Herald-Tribune (1925-51)
Glen L. Wallar Oct.4 1881-1955 Jan.27 73 1910 1948 Lancaster,IL St. Louis,MO St. Louis spwr.;  St. Louis Globe-Democrat 1911-14, at least
Charles Israel                                        J Nov.12 1881-1971 Dec.4 90 1906 1946 Philadelphia,PA Miami, FL33417 Philadelphia spwr.;     Phil. Inquirer spwr.,    Phil. Bulletin 1906-1946,  spwr. 1906-09,  ass. city ed. 1909-23,  city ed. 1923-38,  sports ed. 1938-46.  d.  Pneumonia in North Shore Hospital.
Ralph Stuart Davis Nov.1 1882-1939 Oct.18 57 1903 1932 Blairsville,PA Pittsburgh,PA Pittsburgh sports writer;  Davis replaced William Locke 1903 as sports ed. of Pittsburgh Press & also as Sporting News' Pitts. correspondent on his 21st birthday.  Was also 33rd degree Mason,taught Bible class,original member Baseball Writers Ass.('09).
Lawrence H. (Larry) Woltz                    ? (82)-1946 Dec.10 64 Jacksonville,FL Chi.,Jacksonville,FL
Edward P.Duffy (82)-1952 Jul.28 70 1904 Newark, NJ Nutley, NJ NJ / NY spwr.'    Newark Daily Advertiser (1904-?),  several more Newark newspapers until 1921, NY Sun sp. Wr. & copy ed. (1921-50),  Newark Star-Ledger copy ed. of sports depart. (1950-52).   He had a column in the Sunday sports section was "Down Memory Lane".   d.  at home after a long illness.
Oscar Bane (OB) (Pop) Keeler Jun.4 1882-1950 Oct.15 68 1909 S '50 Chicago,IL Atlanta,GA Atlanta sports writer; Atlanta Georgian(Jan.'09-10), Kansas City Star('10-13), Atlanta Georgian('13-20), Atlanta Journal('20-50). Specialized in golf coverage in general & Bobby Jones in particular. Also covered careers of Alexa Stirling & Perry Adair.
Harry E. Cross (82)-1946 Apr.3 64 1909 1946 New Britain,CT NYC NY sp.wr.;   Attended Harvard College ('05), Waterbury American (fall,'05-09, NY Times('09-20,24-25), NY Evening Post sp. ed.('20-24), NY Herald-Tribune sp. wr. ('26-41 non-baseball,42-45, NY Giants). Member of BB H of F committee(Jun.18,'45-Apr.3,'46,death)
(Cross, continued) Expert in BB, FB, boxing, curing, figure-skating, polo, rowing, and most all else, except golf & tennis.  Member FB writers ass.
Harry C. Bullion (84)-1934 Jul. 19 52 1911 1931 Mich. Riverside,Ont.,Can. Detroit sp. ed.  Detroit Free Press sp. ed.Started at least by 1911, perhaps earlier. Was with the Free Press, from at least, 1911-30; left newspaper work in '31, and joined an ad agency, last year worked for Detroit brokerage firm.
Frank Witte Rostock Sept.16 1882-1960 Jul.18 77 1912 1933 NYC Cincinnatti,OH Cle.,Cin,St. Louis spwr.: edu; Akron HS, OH; Buchtel Col, Akron, OH; Univ Sch. ,Cleveland, OH.; Akron Press('00-07), Cinc. Post sp.ed.('07-12), Cleveland Press ed.('12-15), Cinc. Post sp.ed.('15-21)
 (Rostock, continued) Cleveland Newspaper Enterprises Ass.('21-24), St. Louis Times gen. man. , Cinc. Post Buss. manager ('25-33, retired).
Edwin Gerald (Ned) Brown Oct.15 1882-1976 Apr.18 94 1897 Ohio Los Angeles,CA 90046 NY sp. wr.; NY World Boxing writer & biographer/ghost wr. for Jack Dempsey; Had a long-running column in NY World(Pardon My Glove). Was Director of Boxing Writers Ass. & it's Pres.('58). Dempsey's Press agent. Newspaper Enterprise Ass.
Jacquim Leonard (Jack) Lait Mar.13 1882-1954 Apr.1 72 NYC Beverly Hills,CA Chicago & NY spwr.:  edu; Lewis Inst, Chicago, IL Editor, writer, Hearst Syndicates,  Chicago American  rep., editor, 1903-13, dramatic critic, 1914-16;  Chicago Herald feature writer, Chicago Tribune, (1920-?), Newspaper Feature Service;
(Lait, continued)  NY American managing ed.;  NY Mirror feature ed. 1924-25,  Variety assoc ed. 1918-?)
Conducted the Wake of the News for Chicago Tribune fr. June, 1919, after Ring Lardner left for NYC until Harvey Woodruff took it over in Nov., 1919.  Oldest, continuous sports column in the US. Editor-in-Chief NY Daily Mirror, 1936-52.
James M. Gould Apr. 9 1883-1943 Feb.15 59 1909 1943 Albany,NY St. Louis,MO St. Louis spwr;  Newark Star(NJ) spwr.('09-19), St. Louis Star BB ed., sp.ed.('19-28), St. Louis Post-Dispatch baseball writer('29-43), football expert.  d.  heart attack at home.    Buried:  Calvary Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
William S. Forman (83)-1944 My. 17 61 Nashville,IL Chicago,IL Chicago sp.wr. & ed.;  Chicago Herald sp. ed,, Chicago Evening Post sp. ed.,Rocky Mountain News(Denver)managing ed.,Chicago Examiner ass. managing ed., Chicago Daily News sp. columnist.
Edward Joseph Geiger Feb. 18 1884-1949 Jan.11 66 1900 1936 Chicago,IL Chicago,IL Chicago sp. wr.;  Chicago American( July 3, 1900-39), Started as copy boy, made sp.ed. in '23-39.  His column: Geiger Says. d.  at home of cerebral hemorrhage after 3 wk. illness.
W. Fred Ford (83)-1940 Sept.16 57 1909 Springfield,PA Phil. sportswriter; Phil. newspapers sportswriter(early 1910's), Phil. Evening Times('11),Phil. Bulletin('12-13); dog show judge,boxing, President of Phil. Arrows hockey team, Phil. Eagles, founded Penn Athletic Club, horse racing
Edgar Vincent (EV) Durling (83)-1957 Sept.13 64 NYC NYC NY spwr.;   Grad. Wesleyan U. (1913), WW1, NY Morning Telegraph (1915-18), Went to Hollywood in 1924 to head comedy motion picture studio.  His column was "On the Side".  Worked for King Features Syndicate,  d.  brain tumor
(Durling, continued) Began his column in 1931, worked for LA Express, LA Daily News, LA Times,  he joined King Features in 1939 as columnist.  He worked for NY Evening Globe, and NY Herald. 
James Sidney (Sid) Mercer Aug.4 1880-1945 Jun.18 65 1902-23 31-45 Champaign County,IL NYC St. Louis, NY  spwr.;    St. Louis Republic printer's devil, police reporter, baseball writer (1901-?), St. Louis Browns traveling sec. May, 1903-fall, 1904),  St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Fall, 1904-Spring, '05), New York Globe, Commercial Advertiser (1905-20),  NY Journal writer (1920-45), which evolved into the Journal-American. 
(Mercer, continued)  Covered NY Yankees from 1920-23, and then moved to boxing beat.  Sid returned to covering the Yankees in 1931 and stayed with them until his death.  D.  Stricken with acute stomach problem, Sept., 1942, in Cleveland.  Recovered, but
Edward A. (Batch) Batchelor, Sr. Sept. 21 1883-1968 Jul. 19 84 1906 1917 Raleigh,NC Grosse Pointe,MI 48236 Detroit sp. wr.;Providence Journal(RI)('03-06),Detroit Free Press(sp.wr.'06-10,sp. ed.'10-17),Detroit News('17-19),Ended his active coverage of baseball in 1917,when he joined Detroit News & went to France as war correspondent.Arrived home to advertising.  Edited Detroit Athletic club magazine.
George Edward Phair            Oct.16 1883-1965 My.14 82 1912 1938 Milwaukee,WI Bakersfield,CA Chi.12-25,NY27-30
Thomas L. Terrell Nov.26 1883-1971 Jul.15 87 Ohio Lakewood,OH Cle.
William Joseph Slocum Dec.17 1883-1943 My.6 59 Winsted,CT NYC NYC sports writer(10-33); New York Herald Tribune, New York American
Robert E. P. Sensenderfer Dec.31 1883-1957 Jan.3 73 Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Bulletin sp. ed. and drama critic;     known in sports, theatrical and newspaper circles for more than 50 yrs.
John W. McConaughy 1884-1933 Oct.12 49 1903 1917 Belleville,IL NYC St. Louis, NY spwr.;     St. Louis Post-Dispatch sp. ed. (1903-?),   NY Evening Journal editorial staff, 12 yrs.   During WWI, he was member of the dept. of news censorship on committee of public Info.  Cosmopolitan Motion Picture corp. production manager for 6 yrs.   Wrote crime book, "From Cain to Capone".
Robert W. Maxwell 1884-1922 Jun.30 38 1906 1922 Chicago,IL Norristown,PA Chicago, Phil. sp.ed.; Chicago American('06-12), Phil.('12-16), Phil. Public Ledger sp.ed. ('16-22).  FB official.  d.  Phil. hospital from injuries in car crash on June 25.  Recognition as guard on Chicago U. FB team, then Swarthmore C. FB team '04 & 05.
Harold Cooper Burr (84)-1955 Jul.6 71 erly20s 1954 Orange, NJ NYC Brooklyn spwr.;  Wall St. broker's clerk.  Reviewed books for NY World('20), Brook. Eagle spwr.('20-35,44-54),covered Dodgers,   NY Evening Post (trav. w/Yankees, '35-44), NY Daily Mirror (?-'44),  Sp. N. correspondent.
Edward Bloomfield Goate Jul. 23 1884-1962 Oct. 10 72 NY NYC Brooklyn spwr;  Advertising in 1917.  Had been maritime PR man.  Had been PR man for Rudder Club, a social club for maritime industry.  Had been with Catholic Seamen's Institute of Brooklyn. 
Harold DeKalb (Speed) Johnson                   Sept. 2 1884-1958 Feb.21 73 1907 1949 Bellefontaine, OH Chicago, IL Chicago spwr;Columbus Citizen(Ohio) reporter('06),Chicago Record-Herald('06-15),Clev. Newsp. Enterpr. Ass. sp.ed.('16,Nov.),Chicago Record-Herald(Nov.'16-19), Chicago Evening American('19-32),  ed. BB Who's Who('33-40's),Chicago American(early '40's-49)
Alfred Damon Runyon Oct. 8 1884-1946 Dec.10 62 1911 S 17 Manhattan,KS NYC NYC sp. wr. & author; Arrived NYC('11), served 1912-16 as Hearst foreign correspondent in Mexico & Europe.  Made his name as author of novels with colorful Broadway characters. Many of his novels were used for movies,such as Guys & Dolls('55),
(Runyon,continued),Double Indemnity('44),Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown('55),Little Miss Marker,with Shirley Temple('34),Lemon-Drop Kid('51),Lady For A Day('33),A Slight Case of Murder('38),  d.  developed throat cancer('38), lost speech('44), after operation.
George Edgar (Stoney) McLinn Nov.9 1884-1953 Mar.8 68 1907 1934 Hazleton, PA Northfield,NJ Phil. spwr.:  Pittsburgh Gazette-Times (1900-08); Phil. Press baseball writer (1907- ?); Phil. Public Ledger sp.ed. Sunday sports Magazine; American Shooters Magazine ed. ; American Trap Shooting Ass. GM; Phil. Evening Public Ledger sp. columnist ('22-32)
(McLinn)  Phil. Record chief sp. columnist ('32-35);   Sports Announcer on WIP station ('35-?).  Conducted dugout interviews with Mack & Athletics. His Dad, Rev. Milton E. McLinn,  moved family to Louden County, VA.  Was noted athlete in HS & college.
Charles J. (Chilly) Doyle        Nov.10 1884-1959 Nov.15 75 1915 Ja6'58 Sharon,PA Warren,PA Pitts. sp.wr.; Sharon Telegraph sp.wr.;Mov. Pittsburgh('14),began covering Pirates in '15. Pitts. Gazette-Times('14-27),Pitts. Sun-Telegraph('27-58,Jan.6).Served WW1 in France as Pitts. Gazette-Times correspond.  Sp.News correspond. His column:Chillysauce
Malcolm Wallace Bingay Dec. 16 1884-1953 Aug. 21 68 1903 1953 Sandwich,Ont.,Can. Detroit,MI Detroit sports writer, newspaper executive; Detroit News police reporter('01),Detroit New sp.ed.('03-10),Detroit News city ed.('10-14),Detroit News managing ed.('14-28),Detroit News London bureau chief('28-30),Detroit Free Press ed. director('30-53,death)
(Bingay,continued), Detroit Free Press editorial director('30-53,death),  In '34,Bingay created column in the Free Press with wild character named Iffy, which became wildly popular.Bingay disclosed his authorship('39).His cartoonist,Fred S. Nixon.
Ringgold Wilmer Lardner Mar.6 1885-1933 Sep.25 48 1907 1919 Niles,MI East Hampton,NY Chicago,NY,Boston sports writer; Chicago Inter Ocean('07-10), Chicago Examiner('10),Chicago Tribune('10), Sporting News man. ed.('10),Boston American,sp.ed.(Feb.'11-'11,Oct), Chicago American,copy reader,Chicago Examiner,sp.writer; Equally good at BB & FB
(Lardner, continued), Chicago Tribune(June,'12-19), Conducted The Wake of the News for the Chicago Tribune from June, 1913 to June, 1919, when he left for NYC.  Oldest, continuous sp. column in US.   NY Bell Syndicate of John N. Wheeler('19-27)
(Lardner, continued)  When he went to work for the Bell Syndicate of John Wheeler, he wrote a weekly column, moved his family from Chicago to NYC, traveled the US covering major sporting events, continued his fiction for magazines.  In 1932, he published
(Lardner, cont.)  a series of autobiographical articles for Saturday Evening Post.  Ring was diagnosed with TB.  He died following a heart attack.  He became extremely disillusioned with baseball after 1920, due to the live ball style of Babe Ruth HRs.
Henry George (Harry) (Sal) Salsinger Apr. 10 1885-1958 Nov.27 73 1907 1958 Springfield,OH Detroit,MI Detroit News sports editor his whole career (1907-58).   Was Ty Cobb's biggest booster in print.
Wilton Simpson  (Bill) Farnsworth Jun.7 1885-1945 Jun.10 60 1904 1937 Millbury, MA NYC Boston, Atlanta, NY spwr.;  Worchester Gazette, Boston American(1904-07), NY Evening Journal(1907-12), Atlanta Georgian sp.ed.(1912-14), NY American sp.ed.(1914-25), NY Journal(1925-37), spent all his last 8 yrs. as VP of 20th Century Sporting Club.
Albert J. Woodlock 1885-1953 Jul.25 68 1904 1932 MASS. Bost.
Edward B. Mullen (85)-1944 Jan.28 59 NYC NY sp.wr.;   Graduated  Amherst college('07), NY Sun sp. wr., NY Herald,  Theatrical press agent & publicist.
James E. (Jim) O'Phelan (85)-1933 Sept.3 48 St. Paul, MN St. Paul & Sask. spwr.;   Regins. Sask., Telegram sp.ed.;    St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) Sp.ed.              Associated with the St. Paul Pioneer Press for 11 yrs.;  considered an expert on baseball & hockey.  d.  ill for several months
George B. Underwood (85)-1943 Aug.28 58 Manchester,NH Boston,MA Bost.,NY; NY Morning Telegram sp.ed., boxing expert (1923) (20 yrs), NY Sun, NY World(boxing ed.),Boston American sp.ed. & columnist, Boston Globe news ed., NY Press sp. writer, NY Madison Square Garden Corp. PR director; New England War Production board salvage Div. PR director
William Smith Sept.25 1885-1956 Feb.25 70 1905 1915 NY Los Angeles,CA Brook., NY
Ferdinand Cole (F.C.) Lane Oct. 25 1885-1984 Apr. 20 98 1910 1938 nr. Moorehead,MN Hyannis,Cape Cod,MA02633 Editor-in-Chief Baseball Magazine(Boston,'10-12), ('12-38, NYC). Wrote probably close to 1,000 excellent detailed articles on baseball's technical side as well as interviews w/stars at home in winter. H of Fame must. After retiring in 1937 from the
(Lane) editor's chair, he returned to Cape Cod for his long life.  Headed Piedmont College's Hist. Dept.('41-43) at Demorest, GA.  Established journalism program there.  He traveled extensively with wife Emma, whom he married in June, 1914.  Together they
(Lane)  made many overseas voyages,circling globe 6 times. Wrote several books on geography & nature for adults & youths, '40's-50's.  Publ. his poems in '58(On Old Cape Cod).  Lived their final yrs. in  Cape Cod nursing home,she died 10 months after him.
Frank (Pat) Pieper Feb.17 1886-1974 Oct.22 88 1916 1974 Chicago,IL 60657 Cubs
William Buller Hershey Feb.21 1886-1967 Feb.2 80 1903 1950 PA Rockville Center,NY NY spwr.; New York (Evening) Sun copy boy,reporter,sp.wr,ass. sp. ed.('03-23), NY Evening Post('23-25), NY Graphic sp. ed.('25-26), New York Herald Tribune('26-50),
John Peter (Jack) Gallagher Apr. 9 1886-1946 Apr. 25 60 1925 1946 Castletown,Ireland Chicago, IL Chicago spwr.;  Family moved from Ireland to Philadelphia when he was 5.  Attended parochial school, De La Salle Academy; telegraph operator, Chicago Tribune (1911-20), chief of Los Angeles Times office in Chicago, IL (1920-46).
d.  Heart attack, while attending press meeting in Waldorf-Astoria, NYC.
John N. Wheeler Apr.11 1886-1973 Oct.13 87 1907 1964 Yonkers,NY Ridgefield,CT NY;NY Herald('07-?),at death, he was Chairman of the Board for North American Newspaper Alliances
Frank Burton (Burt) Whitman Jun.22 1886-1949 My. 8 62 1913 My  49 Worchester,MA Boston,MA Boston sports writer; Boston Traveler(Apr.'13), Boston Herald(Apr.'13-49,May 8)(sp.ed. 19          17,Sept.)
John B. (Jack) Keller Jun.24 1886-1968 Mar.22 81 1920 1953 Laurel,MD Silver Spring,MD Wash.
Roscoe E. McGowan Jul.16 1886-1966 Nov.5 80 1928 1959 Alta,IA Middletown,CT  06257 NY spwr.;  NY Daily News (1922-29),  NY Times (1929-59).   At 11 he became a reporter and a printer's devil with an Iowa weekly. Later, moved to Walnut Grove Banner (Illinois) for $15. a month, & later became a railroad telegrapher & wire reporter for AP.
Frank G. Menke Aug. 15 1886-1954 My. 13 67 1911 1936 Cleveland,OH Fairfield,CT NY sports writer;Cleveland Press('07-08), Cleveland News('08-09),Clev.Press('09-11), NY Nat. News Ass.('11-32),King Features sp.ed.,International News,Universal Service,California('32-35), Universal('35-?),NY Press,ed.,Press Agent Kentucky Derby('38-45).
(Menke cont.) Wrote Encyclopedia of Sports(1st ed, '34), his last ed. was publ. Nov.,'53. He worked w/ Col.Matt J. Winn of Kentucky Derby fame on his autobio.(Down the Stretch),worked w/ Ty Cobb,Gene Tunney,James J. Corbett & others on their autobio's.
Thomas D. Richter (86)-1960 Mar. 8 74 1910 Roslyn,PA Phil. sportswriter; son of famed Phil. sportswriter & editor-in-chief of AL Reich Guide('02-26) Francis C. Richter; Phil. North American, Phil. Press sp.ed., Phil. Chamber of Commerce PR director)'22-47), Dept. store Lit Brothers PR director('47-57).
Howard Perry Lewis (86)-1945 Jun. 16 59 1909 1945 New Jersey Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia sports writer; Phil. Evening Times('09-?), Phil. Public Ledger(?-'19), Phil. Inquirer(Jan.'19-45).
Nicholas J. (Nick) Flatley Sept.7 1886-1930 Oct.13 44 1930 south Boston,MA Boston, MA Boston, Sporting News sp. wr.;  Grad. Boston College in 1907,   Boston American sp. ed. around '17-28,   sports feature writer,  d.  St. Luke's Hospital after several months of illness from heart disease
Norman B. Beasley Apr.6 1887-1963 Jul.2 76 1907 1919 Detroit, MI NYC Detroit spwr;  Detroit Journal   reporter & sp. ed. (1907-19),  Dearborn News,  Own PR & advertising firm in Detroit.  Arrived in NYC in '34,  J. R. Thompson ad agencyl,  free-lance writer, WWII - Army intelligence colonel, prolific author. 
Robert E. Dundon (87)-1933 Sept.18 46 Louisville,KY Louisville,KY sp. ed;  Louisville Times sp. ed.
Francis Hunter Young Dec.10 1887-1957 Jun. 12 69 1923 1953? Wash.D.C. Petersburg,VA Wash., D.C.
Nathaniel Stanley (Nat) Fleischer      J Nov. 3 1887-1972 Jun. 25 84 NYC Atlantic Beach,L.I.,NY 11509 spwr, referee, served as founder, editor, & publisher of The Ring('22);  Grad. CCNY('08), Taught in NYC public schools, and became reporter NY Press('12-?), NY Sun, NY Telegram(?-29), Wrote over 50 books. In '42, ed. & pub. Ring Record Bk. & Boxing Ency.
(Fleischer, continued) His Ring became boxing's most respected and leading publication and he became it's leading historian. Wrote bio of Dempsey and 12 other titlists. His 1929 Training for Boxers sold over 1m copies.
Gilbert W. Remley 1887-1961 Dec. 6 74 1925 My. 5 Brentwood,PA Pitts.
William A. Grimes                               64 1887-1961 Nov. 16 74 1913 Boston,MA Boston,MA Bost. spwr; Grad. Dartmouth College; Began with Boston Herald('10), WWI, Boston Record('20-61).  Founded the Hearst National Junior Golf classic and was chairman of  event for many years.
Charles Willis Dunkley Sept.26 1887-1957 Feb. 6 69 1909 S  '52 Kalamazoo,MI Williams Bay,WI Chicago sp. wr;  Kalamazoo Gazette('06), South Bend Tribune(IN), Chicago Inter-Ocean('09), Chicago Examiner, Chicago Associated Press('11-'16,  Midwest sp.ed. '16-52,Sept.) Baseball was his favorite, but also loved track & boxing.  d.  heart attack
Edmund P. Cunningham Feb. 11 1888-1969 Mar. 30 80 1917 Quincy,MA 02170 Boston sp. wr.;  Boston Herald, Boston Traveler sp.ed.(1917-26),  Boston Braves Secretary('26-
Rodger H. Pippen Feb. 21 1888-1959 Jun. 8 71 1906 Dec-57 Baltimore, MD Baltimore,MD Baltimore sp. wr.;  Baltimore News-Post sp. ed.,  Baltimore Sunday American sp. ed.
Purves Turner Knox Feb.26 1888-1961 Dec.4 73 Philadelphia,PA Los Angeles, CA NY spwr;  NY Evening Telegraph  (1912),  NY Evening Mail, at least 1911 & 1914;  Original founding member of BWAA;   
Frederick George Lieb Mar.5 1888-1980 Jun.3 92 1910 1977 Phil.,PA Houston,TX77055 NYC Sports writer; Phil. News bureau(magazine & newspaper('10), New York Press, baseball ed.('11-16), NY Morning Sun('16-21), NY Telegram, baseball ed.('21-27), NY Evening Post(Mar.'27-34), moved to St. Petersberg,FL('34)
(Lieb,continued), Sporting News correspondent('35-58) & columnist('43-47), St. Petersburg Times(Florida)('65-77).  Feb.,'80-Jun.5,1980 nursing home Houston,TX.  World Series scorer('22-24), covered World Series('11-58). Sporting News historian for yrs.
(Lieb,continued),  edu; Phila Central Manual Training HS, Pa. assoc ed, weekly Baseball Guide; writer, Christy Walsh Syndicate; past assoc ed, baseball Magazine, Sport-life.   chief official scorer, World's Series, 1922-23-24;
Matthew Howard  Gallagher Mar.5 1888-1955 Nov. 9 67 1909 1955 Texas Los Angeles Los Angeles spwr.; Sports writer, publicist; Pacific Coast League baseball for local newspapers (1909-31), Evening Express, then Herald & Express, credited with discovering Heine Manush, left newspaper work in '31 for publicist.
ass. In charge of PR to David Fleming, Pres. Of Angels in 1938; After Pearl Harbor, he volunteered for the USO, and served them till the end of the war.  Also worked for Pro Bow, Jr. rose Bolw, Helms Foundation, yearly Shrine Hosp. Prep FB game.
Herbert S. Jaspan                   (88)-1941 My. 22 53 Phil.PA Phil., NY;Phil. Inquirer,Phil. Evening Telegraph,Phil. Evening Bulletin, Phil. Associated Press, NY Herald Tribune, NY Sun, NY North American, Phil. Public Ledger.  Acknowledged as authority on tennis. 
Robert Denman  Thompson Jun. 29 1888-1969 Jul. 19 81 1915 Jn30,'53 Meadeville,PA Wash.,D.C. 20009
James L. (Jim) Kilgallen Jul. 11 1888-1982 Dec. 21 94 1920 1980 NYC NY
Sidney Clarence Keener Aug. 15 1888-1981 Jan.30 92 1907 1951 St. Louis,MO West Palm Beach,FL St. Louis sports writer; St. Louis Star office boy in sp. dept.(Oct.'01-07,Apr.), St. Louis Times(Apr.'07-29,Dec.), St. Louis Star(Dec.'29-33), Star Times('33-51,Jun.15), St. Louis Post-Dispatch(Jun.15,'51-52,Jun.15), Hall of Fame director(Jun.15,'52-63).
Edgar G. Brands Nov. 2 1888-1970 Nov. 26 82 1930 Ju '54 Illinois St. Louis,MO 63119 St. Louis sports writer; Sporting News ed.('30-54,Jun.). Started('11), Worked for papers in Champaign,IL,Rockford,Il, Great Falls,MT, Helena,MT, Collyer Publishing Co.(Chicago managing ed., which specialized in sp.publ.) BB hist. expert, WWI service.
John George (JG) Taylor Spink Nov. 6 1888-1962 Dec. 7 74 1912 1962 St. Louis,MO Clayton,MO inherited The Sporting News from his Dad in 1914, and owned, guided the best sports publication ever until his death in Dec., 1962. After his death, an award was
(Spink, continued)  created for the best sports writers, the Spink Award. It's a lifetime achievement award for the sports writing profession.
Edmund Thomas (Tom) Swope Dec. 1 1888-1969 Feb.11 80 1914 Feb 1,'69 Georgetown, OH Cincinnati,OH Cinc. spwr; Moved Dayton '00, Dayton Herald('08-14), Cleveland Press(Mar.,1914-15,Sept.), Cinc.Post sp. ed.(Sept.,1915-?),  WWI,  Cinc. Post(1918-69). long-time Sp. News correspondent, statistics expert, President of BWAA('41). Loved golf.   d.  cancer
Stuart M. Bell Dec.1 1888-1970 Oct. 9 81 1911 Michigan Vista,CA 92083 Cleveland spwr.; Det. Free Press('11), Toledo Blade, Dayton, Ann Arbor, Cleveland Leader copy reader,Started weekly sp. mag.,failed, Firestone Tire ad. dept.,Cleveland dept. store ad. man, Cleveland Plain Dealer('18), Cleveland Press sp.ed. (1930).   Retired by '56
Heywood Campbell Broun Dec. 7 1888-1939 Dec. 18 51 1912 1919 Brooklyn,NY NYC NY s pwr.;  NY Morning Telegraph reporter('08,10-11), NY Evening Sun('09), New York Tribune(copyreader, rewrite man,sports writer,sp.ed.,war correspondent, critic,columnist('11-21), NY World('21-28), NY Telegram('28-31), NY World-Telegram('31-39),
(Broun,continued), NY Post('39),  Early as Giants fan, he would root violently for his Giants.  In '17-18, WWI, disliked Pershing & sent his copy directly to NY Tribune.  Harvard niv. 1910
(Broun, continued) Lecturer on modern drama, Columbia Univ, 1920;  Rand School, NY, 1921; dramatic ed, Vanity Fair;  motion picture ed, Judge, NY Contributor to mags on the theatre, books, sports, and politics.
Mark Irving Vaughan Dec. 14 1888-1963 Nov.22 74 Ja10,10 1957 Racine,WI Waukegan,IL Chicago spwr.;  Milwaukee Sentinel ('09-10), Chicago Record-Herald (Jan.2, 1910-14), Chicago Examiner (Oct.,'14-19), Chicago Tribune (June,'19-57, Nov.1).  Known as baseball writer, but also wrote football in season.  Covered 7,000 games, WS - 1911-57.
Oscar C. Reichow                                 ? Jan.31 1889-1950 Jul. 8 62 Illinois Hollywood,CA Chi. sportswriter; minor league club official & sports announcer, credited with influencing Judge Landis into taking job as baseball's 1st commissioner. Way to go Oscar, thanks for nothing.
James V. FitzGerald Feb.22 1889-1976 Aug.23 87 1917 Saratoga Springs,NY Washington, DC 20015 Washington spwr.;  Earned Bach. / Master's NYU;   NY World reporter, city ed., ass. Sports ed.;  Arrived Washington, DC in 1917;  Washington Post sports & city editor, editorial writer (1917 - 1925), Kinograms motion pictures newsreels ed. (NY);  North American Newspaper Alliance feature writer 1932).
(FitzGerald, continued)  Director / Moderator of American Sch. Of the Air, a program of Columbia Brdcsting Sys.;  Info Dir. Dept. Labor under Miss Frances Perkins (1933-45), Ass. to Pres. Truman's assistant (John R. Steelman); appointed PR staff of George Washington U. (Jan. 24, 1959) to handle press info of scientific activities.  
William Guille Wedge, Jr. Mar. 27 1889-1951 Sept. 8 62 1923 Ja 4,'50 Zanesville,OH Cooperstown,NY Phil.;NY Globe,NY Sun; covered every World Series from 1923-49; Became Baseball's Hall of Fame's librarian
Arthur Bosworth McGinley Apr. 5 1889-1974 Feb. 19 84 1909 1974 New London,CT W. Hartford,CT06107 Hartford Times(CT) sp. wr. ; Began career at age 15 in 1905 as part-time reporter for his father's newspaper New London Day. Worked on Boston Post, Hartford Post, Hartford courant & Providence Journal; Hartford Times(Sept. 20,1920-1974,Jan.'74).
William J. O'Connor Aug.7 1888-1957 Jul. 26 68 1908 1917 Long Run,WV New Cannaan,CT St. Louis spwr.;  St. Louis U.   St. Louis Times (1908-09), St. Louis Post-Dispatch BB ed. (1909-17), WWI, Southwest Bell Telephone Co. PR dept. (1917), ass. VP of PR  for AT&T ('27), ass. to Walter S. Gifford, the Pres. (1930).  Retired (1950). father:John O'Conner  mother:Mary Shaughnessy  married: Edna Chenier
Leslie M. O'Connor Aug. 31 1889-1966 Jan. 20 77 1921 1966 Chicago,IL Executive;  Admitted bar, WWI (Judge Advocate's dept.), law partnership, Worked in Judge Landis' office as his assistant & counsel.  He conducted investigations, wrote up Landis' decisions, supervised record-keeping in office ( Jan.,'21 - 44, November).
(O'Connor) Acting Commissioner ( Dec.,'44 - 45, May), special ass. to Comm. happy chandler (June - Oct., '46), VP & GM White Sox (Nov., '45- 48, Nov.), ML exec. council ('46-47), counsel Coast L. & later ('56-59) Pres. & attorney AA.
Maurice Joseph Pauley My. 1889-1952 Sept.13 63 Fort Wayne, IN Madeira Beach,FL Chi.
Leo Macdonnell (89)-1957 Oct. 6 69 1924 Aug, '57 Chippewa Falls,WI Northridge,CA Detroit spwr.;  Managing ed. & boxing promoter in Superior, WI;  Detroit Times sports staff for 33 yrs.  From '23-56.  Respected authority of baseball, hockey and golf. 
Joseph Peter Williams, Sr. Dec.17 1889-1972 Feb.15 82 1910 1964 Memphis,TN Caldwell,NJ 07006 NY,Cle.
Thomas A. Doerer Jul. 27 1889-1972 Sept.21 83 1968 Baltimore,MD21218 Wash. sp.wr.;  He had worked for papers in Wash, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Lancaster,PA.    He retired from the Baltimore News-American in 1968
Edward Leo Joseph (Eddie) Hurley Nov.14 1889-1938 Jul.4 49 Somerville, MA Bost. Spwr.;     Daily Record  sp. columnist & turf editor.    Lynn News
Alfred J. Speckens Nov. 23 1889-1973 Jul. 4 83 California Carmel,CA Stockton,CA
John Robert Tunis Dec. 7 1889-1975 Feb. 4 85 Boston,MA Essex,CT 06426 NY
William S. (Willie) Hennigan Feb. 5 1890-1942 Jul. 5 52 1910 1942 Brooklyn,NY Richmond Hills, NY NY spwr.; NY World office boy('05-12) sporting staff ('12-18), NY American('18-20), NY World('20-31), NY Graphic(1931-39), New Yankees PR man('39-42,death), NY Mirror composing room('41-42,death).  D.  apoplexy
Eugene Devlan (Gene) Fowler Mar. 8 1890-1960 Jul. 2 70 O.1917 1928 Denver,CO Los Angeles,CA New York spwr.;  NY American sp. wr.(Oct.'17-24), NY Daily Mirror sp.ed.(24-25), NY American man. ed.('25-28), NY Morning Telegraph('28), free lance biographer('28-60).  Himself a true character, known for his many affairs. Hollywood script writer       
(Fowler) Biographies:  William Fallon, famous NYC attorney(The Great Mouthpiece,'31), John Barrymore(Good Night, Sweet Prince,'43), Jimmy Walker,NYC mayor,'26-32(Beau James,'49), Jimmy Durante(Schnozzola,'51), Minutes of the Last Meeting(W.C. Fields)    
(Fowler)  edu; West Denver HS, Colo; Univ of Colo;  Univ of Colo Sch. of Journalism
John Drohan Apr. 1 1890-1969 My. 3 79 1919 1955 MA Boston,MA 02124 Bost. sp. wr.;  Boston Traveler('19-55).  Former correspondent for The Sporting News.
Allesandro (Alex) Pompez My. 3 1890-1974 Mar. 15 84 Cuba Woodside,NY
Daniel (Moskowitz) (Dan) Daniel      J Jun. 6 1890-1981 Jul. 1 91 1910 60's NYC Pompano Beach,FL33060 NY spwr.; national correspondent for TSN, mainly covered Yankees, was as much an authority in boxing as BB. NY World-Telegram, NY World-Telegram & Sun, Helped found
(Daniel, continued)  Ring Magazine in 1922, Could also handle FB. Pres. BBWAA, Baseball Rules committee, Won Spink Award in 1972, BB's Hall of Fame Veterans committee, Chairman of NY chapter of BWAA, more honors/awards than can be listed. buried: Forrest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Pompano Beach, FL
James W. Gantz Jul. 27 1890-1962 Nov. 25 72 1912 Baltimore,MD Phil.PA Phil. spwr;  Phil. Press,(1911-?),  Phil. North American(?-25),  Phil. Public Ledger ass. sp.ed.(1925-mid-30's), Phil. Record sp. ed. (mid-30's-55).   d.  after stroke at home, several days before
George N. Palmer (90)-1960 Jun. 13 70 1926 Feb. '60 Sweden Brooklyn,NY Brooklyn Sports editor; Brooklyn Standard Union assistant  to sports editor, William A. Rafter (1912-26),  sports editor ('26-28), NY Moring Telegraph sports editor (1928-29), NY Times sports staff ('29-59).
Lester Rice Aug.22 1889-1970 Jan. 2 80 Brooklyn, NY Freeport, L. I., NY Brooklyn, NY spwr.:  Worked for Brooklyn Citizen in 1917,    former golf ed. of NY Journal-American
William M. (Bill) Henry, Aug.21 1890-1970 Apr.13 79 1921 1969 San Francisco, CA Chatsworth, CA Los Angeles spwr.;  Grad. Occidental C. ('21),  LA Times political columnist for 30 yrs.  Began his "By the Way" column in '39.  TV & radio commentator for many yrs. Joined LA Times after grad. & covered movies, autos, aeronautics.  Began radio '22.
(Henry, continued)  Associated with LA Times from 1911-70.  Was their war correspondent in France & South Pacific during WWII.  NBC Network news analyst.
Edward Harold Burns Jan. 17 1891-1955 Jan. 27 64 1927 1952 Frankfort,IN Oak Park,IL Atlanta sports writer; Lexington Herald(TX)('16), Atlanta Georgian('16-?), World War I, Atlanta Constitution sp.ed.('29-32), Atlanta Georgian sp.ed.('32-39), Atlanta Journal sp.ed.('39-57,Feb.,retired).  Public relations firm.
(Burns,continued), WWI army service, Pres. BWAA('47), specialized in baseball(his favorite,football,hockey).  Big jovial Ed mastered the art of satirical yet gentle ribbing & needling.
Samuel Damon Otis            Sept.10 1890-1946 Jun. 12 55 1920 1946 Prowidence,RI Cleveland,OH Cleveland spwr.;   Providence Journal spwr. ('08-20),  Cleveland Plain Dealer spwr. (1920-25), sp.ed. ('25-46).  d.  at home of cerebral hemorrhage, after suffering stroke on June 9.  good bowler, golfer, FB referee, directed Golden Gloves tournament.
Walter "Christy" Walsh                73 Dec.2 1891-1955 Dec.29 64 St. Louis,MO North Hollywood,CA NYC spwr., synd. owner;  St. Vincent College, LA;  S. Cal. Univer. Law;  Los Angeles Herald spwr. & cartoonist (1911-13),  Motor Cars advertising manager (San Francisco) 1913-16,  Detroit advertising ('17), Christy Walsh Syndicate (1921).
(Walsh, continued) started managing sports stars, such as Babe Ruth( he helped him organize his finances till wife Claire fired him),Founded newspapers sports syndicate('19-37), a group of sp. wr. to ghost write stars "autobio's.
(Walsh, continued)  edu;  St Vincent Col, Los Angeles, Cal;  Univ of Southern Cal,  Law
John (Drebby) Drebinger Mar. 27 1891-1979 Oct. 22 88 1927 1964 NYC Greensboro,NC27410 NY sp.wr.;  Staten Island Advance (NY)('15-23),  NY Times(May 28,'23-'64, April 4), Sporting News correspondent,  specialized in baseball most of his career.  Was an accomplished pianist. BB Hall of Fame ('74,Spink Award)       d. cremated
Lloyd Downs Lewis My. 2 1891-1949 Apr. 21 57 1913 Pendleton,IN Libertyville,IL Chicago spwr.; Grad. Swarthmore C.('13), Philadelphia ('13-14), Chicago reporter ('14), Advertising('20-30).  Chicago Daily News drama ed. sp. ed., amusement ed, picture ed. ('30-43).  Became managing ed. ('43-46), Sun-Times columnist('46-49)
(Lewis, cont.)  Biographies: Abraham Lincoln (Myths After Lincoln, 1929), General Sherman (Sherman, Fighting Prophet, 1932, almost finished a bio on Grant(Captain Sam Grant, 1949).  Co-authored a history of Chicago.  Lectured history at Chicago U. ('3738)
John J. Alcock (91)-1944 Jan.7 53   Chicago,IL Chicago sp. wr.; Chicago Tribune(later Sunday ed.), New York Daily News, NY Herald & Examiner sp. wr.('36-?), NY American
Lloyd A. McMaster Jun.9 1891-1965 Apr.12 73 Saginaw, MI St. Louis spwr.;  Raised St. Louis, Attended U. of St. Louis, St. Louis Times (1914-16), St. Louis Republic (1916-17), St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1917-61, Aug. 1).  Sports desk in '23, then desk chief for many yrs.  Occasionally went to spring training with Browns/ Cardinals.   Long-time contributor to Sporting News.   d.  heart attack
Pat Joseph Robinson Jun. 28 1891-1964 Nov. 13 74 1921 1958 NYC NYC NY
Fred P. Alger Jun. 29 1891-1965 Aug. 19 74 1918 1960 PA Pittsburgh,PA Pittsburgh sp.wr.; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette('18-60), d.  died at home, after recent stroke.
James S. Carolyn Jul. 23 1891-1943 Nov. 16 52 1929 Wallaceburg,Ont. Can. NYC Phil., NY; Phil. Press sp. wr,Phil Public Ledger sp. wr.,Phil. Inquirer sp. wr.,NY Times sp. copy desk('22-29), Chicago(Brunswick - Balke - Collender Co, Ins., PR director.,'20-34); NY Daily copy ed('34),  NY Times (city ed.,'34, city desk obits('35-43)
Arthur Kingsbury Perrin Aug. 5 1891-1973 Sept. 1 82 Allegheny, PA Melbourne,FL NY,Des  Moines
James J. (Jimmy) Murphy Sept.25 1891-1970 Dec. 11 79 1920 1970 Rockaway Park,NY NY
Don Francisco Oct. 18 1891-1973 Oct. 25 82 East Hampton,NY 11937 LA,Hollywood
Dr. William Earl (Bill) Brandt Oct. 30 1891-1963 Nov. 18 72 1910 1945 Phil.,PA Conshohocken,PA Philadelphia, NY sp.wr.; Phil. Evening Star, Phil. Bulletin, Phil. Record('12-?), Phil. Public Ledger('?-29,Feb.20), NY Times(Feb.1929 '32,Oct.9), Phil. Public Ledger(Oct.9,1932-34,Nov.), PR director of NL Service Bureau(Nov.,'34-45),
(Brandt,continued), Dr. Brandt, in addition to sp. writing, was an osteopathic physician,who graduated in 1911.After leaving the NL Service Bureau in '45, he conducted national radio sp. program 5 days a wk.(Inside of Sp.) for the Mutual Brdcsting system.
Augustine J. (Gus) Rooney Jan. 8 1892-1978 Dec. 21 86 1911 1938 South Boston,MA East Sandwich,MA Bost.
Davis J. Walsh Apr. 11 1892-1966 Aug.23 74 1918 1960 Philadelphia,PA Wilmington,DE Pitts. Sp. Wr.
Edward Friend Danforth Mar. 17 1892-1962 Dec. 5 70 Mr 16 Feb. '57 Hopkinsville,KY Atlanta,GA Atlanta sports writer; Lexington Herald(TX)('16), Atlanta Georgian('16-?), World War I, Atlanta Constitution sp.ed.('29-32), Atlanta Georgian sp.ed.('32-39), Atlanta Journal sp.ed.('39-57,Feb.,retired).  Public relations firm.
John Milton (Jack) Malaney Jun. 17 1892-1975 Nov. 24 83 1913 1970 Boston,MA Boston,MA Boston sports writer; Boston Journal, specialized in boxing  (1913-17), US Navy ('17-18), Boston Record, specialized in BB, ('18-21), Boston Post, became ass. Sp. ed. in '22. Big follower of Red Sox. ('21-56), Red Sox publicity director('56-70).
Paul Adlai Rickart Jul. 7 1892-1965 Oct. 24 73 Ap  05 1965 Missouri St. Louis,MO ST. Louis
Emil H. Praeger (92)-1973 Oct. 16 81 Little Neck,NY
John Francis Kieran Aug.2 1892-1981 Dec.10 1922 1941 NYC Rockport,MA NYC sports writer('22-41)
John Charles Manning Nov. 4 1892-1967 Dec.25 75 1922 1960 Detroit,MI Detroit,MI Det.
John N. (Jack) James Nov. 21 1892-1972 Sept.27 79 1964 California Monterey,CA San Francisco, Los Angeles;    Los Angeles Express sp.ed., San Francisco Examiner sp.ed.( ?-64).
Havey J. Boyle Dec. 12 1892-1947 Mar. 18 54 1912 1947 Pittsburgh,PA Pittsburgh,PA Pittsburgh sports writer; Pitts. Hill Top Record('13-?), Pitts. Tri-State News Service, Pitts. Chronicle Telegraph('16-27), Pitts. Sun Telegraph('27-29), Pitts. Post-Gazette sp.ed.('29-47, death). His writing style was scholarly blended with Irish wit.
James Roy Stockton Dec. 16 1892-1972 Aug.24 79 1917 1958 St. Louis,MO St. Petersburg,FL St. Louis spwr.;   St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1930. 
James Hurley Dec.26 1892-1964 Apr.7 71 Pelham, NY NY spwr. & sp. ed.:   NY Daily Mirror spwr. & Ass. sp. ed. NY Journal-American outdoor ed.   d.  in Union Hospital in Bronx, NY.
Abe Kemp                                               ? My. 17 1892-1975 Feb. 1 81 1907 1969 CA San Francisco,CA San Francisco spwr.:   San Francisco Bulletin 1907-?,   San Francisco Examiner 1926-69.  Started as copy boy on Bulletin, divided his time between baseball and horse racing.  In '69, his paper put him on a desk, to make him quit, on account of his age.
Wilbur Wittler (Woodie) Wood Jan. 1 1893-1968 Mar.18 76 1913 1950 Kansas City,MO Hollywood,FL 33021 St. Louis,NY sports writer; St. Louis Republic('13-19), St. Louis Globe-Democrat('19-?),Akron, Cleveland News,Milwaukee News(Wisconsin), St.  Louis Post-Dispatch, New York Herald('23-24), New York Sun('24-50,sp.ed.34-50). Primarily boxing writer.
(Woods,cont.),served 11 mo. in naval aviation unit in France(WWI),Lived FL since retirement('50),  d.  stroke at home; In '26, Boxing Writers Ass. formed, elected Wood Pres.; When Joe Vila died('34), Wood replaced him as sp. ed of NY Sun until '50.
George Chambers Carens My.21 1892-1962 Jan. 4 69 1914 1961 MA Boston,MA Boston sp. wr. & sp. ed; Boston Traveler('12-14), Boston Transcript (sp. wr.,'14-28, sp. ed.,28-40), Boston Traveler sp. columnist('41-61,Jun.)
Daniel Francis Parker Jul. 1 1893-1967 My. 20 73 1924 1967 Waterbury,CT Waterbury,CT NY sports writer;   Waterbury Republican (CT) reporter (1912-13),  Waterbury American (CT) spwr. (1913-24);   NY Mirror('24-63), New York Journal American('63-67).
James Edward Doyle Sept.28 1893-1981 My. 23 87 1923 1971 Worcester, MA Cle.                             In 1917, Worcester Evening Gazette reporter
Frank Cleveland True Nov. 2 1893-1974 Apr. 6 80 Missouri Sarasota,FL 33579 NY28-60,KC18-28
Frank Graham, Jr. Nov.12 1893-1965 Mr.9 71 1915 1964 NYC New Rochelle,NY NYC spwr;  Born Harlem,NYC;  NY Sun spwr('15-34), sports columnist('34-43),  Look magazine sp. ed.('43-45), NY Journal-American sports columnist, Graham's Corner('45-65). Wrote 6 sports books. Boxing authority. d.  Fractured skull in bathroom fall at home
Warren William Brown Jan. 3 1894-1978 Nov. 22 84 1915 1964 California Forest Park,IL SF,Chicago,NY spwr; Born California;  San Francisco Call-Post; NY Mail('22-23), Chicago Herald Examiner sp. ed.('23-39),Chicago Herald-American('39- Sept. 25, 1941), Chicago Sun sp.ed.(Nov. 27, 1941 - Dec. 20, 1946), Chicago Herald-American (Dec. 20, 1946 - July, 1967, Chicago Today(1967 - 1974).  Chairman Hall of Fame Veterans Committee.
Francis John (Frank) Wallace Feb. 12 1894-1977 Aug. 19 83 1925 1937 Bellaire,OH Cocoa Beach,FL NY
Clifford A. Bloodgood Mar. 7 1994-1957 Oct. 8 63 1919 1954 NYC Bronx,NY NY sp. wr.; Attended Morris HS,attended NY School of Fine & Applied Arts, attended National Academy of Design(NY) for 1 yr., Served 2 yrs. in US Navy(World War I); Baseball Magazine art director & ass. editor('19-37), Editor-in-Chief,art director('37-54).
Harry Vincent Wade                            Mar. 26 1894-1973 Sept.19 79 Boston,MA Grosse Pointe Farms,MI Detroit spwr.;   Det. News (1920-71)
Howell DeWitt Stevens Apr. 20 1894-1972 Jan. 27 77 New York Brookline,MA Bost.
Harold M. Grayson My. 10 1894-1968 Sept.30 74 1933 Astoria,OR Bronx,NY NY, Phil. sp.wr.;  Portland Oregonian(?-17), WWI Marine Corps,  Newspaper Enterprise Association,  WWII war correspondent with US Air Force,  Authored:They Played the Game('44)    d.  cancer
Frederick S. (Feg) Murray My. 15 1894-1973 Jul. 18 79 1922 1932 Carmel, CA 93921 Los Angeles spwr.;  Los Angeles Times sports columnist, cartoonist artist (1922-32), did many magazine covers.  Sports cartoonist, "Seein' Stars", appeared in hundreds of newspapers from 1941-53.  Came in 3rd in High Hurdles at 1920 Antwerp, Belgian Olympic Games.
William G. (Bill) Dooly My. 30 1894-1968 Jun. 24 74 Spr.'24 1956 Philadelphia,PA Glenside,PA 19038 Phil. sp.wr.; Served in WW1, returned home Aug.,1919, Attended Temple U.(Phil), Sporting Life ed. staff(Phil), Philadelphia Record covered both the Phillies & Athletics(spr.'24-47). Phillies PR staff in charge of press & radio service('47-56).
Edward Winthrop Cochrane Jul. 22 1894-1954 Aug. 8 60 1914 1944 Michigan Carmel,CA Chicago,Kansas City sp wr;  Kansas City Journal sp. ed.('14-36), Chicago Herald-American sp.ed.('37-?),  Hearst sp. director   d.  heart ailment
Carl T. Felker Jul. 29 1894-1977 Feb.21 72 IN St. Louis,MO 63119 Sporting News editor until 1959
Richard Farrington     1894-1953 Feb. 13 59 1916 1953 Minneapolis,MN St. Louis,MO Minneapolis Journal sp.wr.('10), Minneapolis Tribune night sp.ed.('11-12),Indianapolis Star('13-15), Det. Free Press news reporter('16-17), WW1('18), ToledoTimes telegraph ed.(OH)('19)city ed.('20), St. Louis Times managing ed.('21-23) d. brain hemorrhage
(Farrington, continued)  ST. Louis Post-Dispatch feature ed.('24),  Sporting News ed.('24-28),  NY Herald Tribune news makeup('28-30),   St. Louis Times sp.ed.('30-32),   Sporting News Ass.Ed. -  column  "Fanning with Farrington"  ('32-43).
(Farrington, continued)    St.Louis Post-Dispatch sp.wr('43-53).  Buried:  Calvary Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
William Frederick Herman Wecke               (94)-1977 Mar. 3 83 1910 Oaksville, IL St. Louis spwr.;  St. Louis Times (1912-14), St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1915 - August, 1961), Was a Sporting News correspondent for St. Louis (Dec. 9, 1926 - 1961); Sporting News Ass. ed.(August, 1961 - 1966).
William Henry (Hank) Simmons ('94)-1944 Jun.3 50 Ozark,AL Philadelphia sp.wr.; World War I, Chicago sp.wr.,  Cleveland sp. wr.:  Phil. Inquirer(1940-44,Mar), Phil. Evening Bulletin sp. staff(Mar.'44-44,Jun.3),
Francis Westbrook Pegler Aug.2 1894-1969 Jun.24 74 1925 1933 Minneapolis,MN Tucson,AZ NY spwr.;   Des Moines newspaper, United Press office in NY('12),St. Louis,Dallas,TX as a reporter, buss. manager.  Went to London, England as foreign correspondent with Amer. Expeditionary Force, '16.  Enlisted US Navy.  After war, returned to UP('19)
(Pegler, continued)  in NY office, as spwr. & sp. ed.  From 1925-33, Pegler was an extremely high-paid spwr. for the Chicago Tribune.  In 1933, he was sent to Washington, DC, to write politics & politicians.  He developed an extremely bitterly-biting,
(Pegler, continued)  critical, acerbic style of attack journalism.  Became feared for his poisoned pen, or type-writer.  In 1933, Pegler went nationally syndicated with his "Fair Enough" column for Scripps-Howard, within the Hearst family of papers.  He
targeted labor union bosses as a menace.  In '44, went to NY Journal-American, with "As Pegler Sees It."  Pegler became a 1930's & 40's version of Rush Limbaugh & Joe McCarthy.  When the Political Right unleashed it's dogs of war, Pegler was the lead dog.
(Pegler, continued)  In 1949, Westbrook Pegler attacked Quentin Reynolds so bitterly, that Quentin sued him for libel & won.  Louis Nizer was Reynold's Jewish attorney, who won for him $175,000. and earned the enmity of Pegler for Jews.  But after that
(Pegler, continued)  Pegler's career didn't seem to have it's former impetus.  The case had lasted 5 yrs. 
John Walter (Duster) Mails Oct. 1 1894-1974 Jul. 5 78 15,16,20 25-26 California San Francisco,CA
Stanwood Fulton (Stan) Baumgartner Dec. 14 1894-1955 Oct. 4 60 1914 1955 Dallas,TX Phil.,PA Philadelphia Phillies pitcher & Philadelphia sp.wr.;  Phillies pitcher('14-26),Philadelphia Inquirer reporter(Feb,27,'27-29, sp.wr.'29-55).
John C. (Jack) Kofoed Dec. 17 1894-1979 Dec.27 85 1912 1979 Phil.PA Miami,FL 33141 Phil,NY,FL sports writer; Philadelphia Public Ledger('12-?), Phil. Record(?-23), NY Telegram('23-24, 6 months), NY Post('24-33),NY Journal-American('33-38),Miami Daily News('38-42),Miami Herald(Nov,'44-79, My.31).
(Kofoed, continued),  Served in WWI (France, non-commissioned) & WWII(London, PR officer, 8th Air Force).
Ford Christopher Frick Dec. 19 1894-1978 Apr. 8 83 1921 1965 Wawaka,IN Bronxville,NY 10708 NY spwr & BB exec;  Colorado Springs Gazette spwr('15-21), NY American spwr. ,covered Giants('21-31), NY Journal spwr. covered Yankees(31-33), NL publicist('33-?), NL President('35-51), BB Commissioner('51-65).
Edwin J. Pollock Jan. 12 1895-1976 Nov. 1 81 1918 1963 South Philadelphia,PA Winnewood,PA Philadelphia sports writer; Phil.Public Evening Ledger sp. ed.('18-42), Phil Evening Bulletin('42-63).
Wayne K. Otto Jan. 31 1895-1946 Apr. 3 51 1920 1946 Battle Creek, MI Chicago,IL Chicago spwr; Elmira Advertiser sp.ed. (NY), San Antonio News, Houston Post, Galveston News, WWI aviation corps,  started as BB writer on Chicago Journal ('20-?), Chicago News,
Chicago Herald & Examiner (1933), Chicago Daily News, Chicago Herald-American.   Ill for yr.
John Tom Laird Feb. 27 1895-1971 Jan. 22 76 1911 1942 San Francisco,CA San Francisco,CA San Francisco spwr.; SF Daily News, off. boy ('09-11),SF News police reporter, Love Advice Column "Cynthia Grey", ('11-15),  sp.ed. ('15-42);  Partner in Sacramento bowling alley.  Specialized in boxing & baseball.  Knew Dempsey, DiMaggio, O'Doul.
William Edwin (Bill) Burwell Mar. 27 1895-1973 Jun. 11 78 1920 1973 Jarbalo,KS Ormond Beach,FL32018 World War I service('18); ML pitcher(20,21,28); managed the following minor league clubs: Terre Haute,Crookston,Louisville, Indianapolis, Davenport, New Orleans,St. Joseph, Rock Island, Lincoln. Coached Red Sox('44), Pirates('47-48,58-63).
James P. Dawson Mar. 27 1895-1953 Mar. 6 57 1918 1953 NYC NYC NY Times boxing ed.('15-53), helped found the NY Boxing Writers Association in 1936 and served as it's 1st Vice President.
Martin J. (Mike) Haley Apr. 23 1895-1977 Mar. 6 81 1919 1960 Missouri St. Louis,MO 63109 St. Louis spwr; St. Louis Star('16-?), St. Louis Republic, St. Louis Globe-Democrat, World War I('17-18), St. Louis Globe-Democrat spwr.('19-41, 43-early 50's) covered Cardinals & Browns,sp. ed.('41-43),  (early 50's-60, copy desk work).
(Haley, continued)      d.  pneumonia      Buried:   Calvary Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
James Renwick (Jim) Harrison Aug.29 1895-1931 Oct. 6 36 1919 1930 McKeesport,Pa NYC NY spwr.;  grad. Columbia College('17), WWI, served as attache in France (Aug. '17- May,'19),  NY Times spwr. ('19-28), NY Morning Telegraph sp.ed.('28-30), Columbia College athletic publicity director.
Henry L. Farrell 1895-1954 Apr. 9 59 Xenia,OH Dayton,OH NY,Cle spwr; Started on ed. staffs Xenia Gazette & Columbus Dispatch(OH),Army with 37 Div(Jun.2,'17)., joined UP sp.ed. NY.  Left UP to join Newspaper Enterprises Alliance in Cleveland. Got ill,left  NEA.  Dayton Daily News & papers in Chicago & Detroit.
Sam Levy                                                ? Mar.21 1895-1955 Aug. 6 60 1918 1955 London, England Shorewood,Milwaukee,WI Milwaukee spwr.:  Arrived Milwaukee as child.  Milwaukee Journal reporter('11-55), BB writer'18-55. Office boy Mil. Journal  Feb.,1911, cub reporter shortly afterwards.  Covered BB & Boxing; 1st Mil. radio announ. '26.   heart attack at home, ill 4 yrs.
John J. Farrell, Sr. Apr.30 1895-1979 Nov. 4 83 1970 Paramus,NJ07652 NY spwr & PR  & traveling secretary; Before joining the Yankees, was baseball & boxing writer for the NY Daily News, Earlier sp. ed. of Hudson Dispatch(NJ).  Became Yankees' traveling secretary (early 40's) & longtime member of team PR Dept.
Aloysius C. Palma            My.23 1895-1985 My.25 1918 New York Brooklyn,NY 11215 NY sp. wr.: NY Post('56)    in 1930 was a reporter with newspaper.
Rufus Stanley Woodward Jun. 5 1895-1965 Nov. 29 71 1923 1962 Worchester,MA White Plains,NY Bost.,NY
James Carter Latimer (95)-1953 Feb.7 58 Donalds, SC Greenville,SC Greenville Piedmont,   Greenville(SC)News sp. ed.; editor of newspapers since before 1930.  Detroit scout  d.  heart attack
Clarence Cassin Jul. 28 1895-1973 Jun. 4 77 Bronx,NY 10468 NY sp. wr.;  NY Mirror sp. wr. for 35 yrs.
William B. Loftus Jul.28 1895-1938 Jan.21 42 Wilkes-Barre, PA Wilkes-Barre, PA Wilkes-Barre (PA) sp.ed;  secretary to Mayor, city council member.  d.  heart ailment, confined to his bed since Christmas
Martene Windsor (Bill) Corum Jul.29 1895-1958 Dec.16 63 1920 1958 Speed,MO NYC NY sp.wr.; Boonville,MO HS, U. Miss.('17), WWI(army,France,'17-18); NY Times('20-25), NY Journal-American('25-58),Specialized in BB,horse racing,boxing; Supervised one of his favorite things, Kentucky Derby('49-58).  d.  lung cancer at St. Luke's Hosp.,NY
Samuel Saunders Greene Aug.26 1895-1963 Sept.5 68 1922 Au,63 Stuart,VA Detroit,MI Detroit spwr; Attended Randolph Macon College(Ashland,VA), WWI('17-18); Worked papers in Roanoke,VA, Key West,FL, Beaumont,TX.  Moved Detroit('22), Detroit Free Press spwr('22-24,Jan), Detroit News(Jan.31,'24-63). Liked FB, Loved boxing,was expert.
Louis Levenson (Charles O. Dexter)? Sept.28 1895-1969 Jun. 14 73 NY
Francis J. Powers Nov. 8 1895-1977 Sept. 3 81 1918 1954 Milford Center,OH Dayton,OH Dayton, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago spwr.; Grad. Dayton U.,  Dayton News ('16), Dayton Herald ('17), Detroit News, only 3 months ('18), Cleveland Plain Dealer ('19-23), Cleveland News (23-29) , Chicago Consolidated Press sp. ed. ('29-54),
(Powers, continued),  Chicago Daily News, Chicago American,  PR director of  college Football's East-West Shrine Football Game('55-75, SF,CA)  Returned Dayton, OH '75. Lived Biltmore Hotel.  Specialized in football writing during the season, and golf. 
(Powers, continued),  edu; Milford Center & St. Mary's HS;  Dayton Univ;  Ohio state College
Marshall A. Hunt Dec. 1 1895-1974 Sept.17 78 1918 1939 Indianapolis,IN Olympia,WA NY spwr.;  Enlisted WWI ('17-18), New York Daily News sp. ed.('18-39), left NYC('39), Daily Olympian(Washington state) sp. ed.('39-61). Was always considered the closest scribe pal of Babe Ruth.
Albert Gillis (Al) Laney Jan. 11 1896-1988 Jan. 31 92 1930 1966 Pensacola,FL Spring Valley,NY NY spwr.;   Dallas Dispatch  reporter, Minneapolis News reporter, New York Evening Mail,  Paris Herald (European edition of NY Herald (1925-34), NY Herald Tribune reporter and columnist (1934-66).
James F. (Jimmy) Corcoran                1896-1944 Feb. 3 48 1924 1944 Chicago,IL Chicago,IL Chicago sp. wr.; Chicago Record-Herald ('?-17), WW I(Navy petty officer), ad business('18-23), Chicago Evening American('23-), Chicago Herald-Examiner, Herald-American.  In '34 Jimmy was hit by a car & hospitalized for almost a yr.  d.  lung ailment
Elijah William (Bill) Cunningham      ? Feb. 11 1896-1960 Apr. 17 64 1922 1960 Pattonville,TX Newton,MA Boston sp.wr.; WWI;  Dallas News(TX) reporter('21-22), Boston Post sp.wr. & general columnist('22-41), Boston Herald(March,1941-60). In Sept.'58, his cancerous larynx was removed, rendering him mute,ending his radio career. d.  throat cancer
Frank Fallon Mar. 20 1896-1973 Nov. 29 77 Boston,MA Bost.
Nixon Denton Apr. 21 1896-1968 Jul. 26 72 1923 1958 Cinc.OH 45245 Cinc. sp. wr.: Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal state ed.,  Cincinnati Times-Star('23-58) sp. ed.('30-58). Retired  when Scripps-Howard Co. bought Times-Star & formed the Post & Times-Star.  He began his career with a weekly paper in Long Prairie,Minn.
Edward T. Murphy Jun. 19 1896-1965 Jan. 4 68 1918 1954 Brooklyn,NY Brooklyn,NY Brooklyn spwr.;   Attended grammar sch. In Brooklyn;  NY Evening Sun -  printer's devil (June, 1911).  He became a copy boy in '14, covered Wall St. ('16), Baseball starting '18 until he died.  Covered the Dodgers all his career.  Once commented dryly, "Over-confidence can cost the Dodgers sixth place." 
William M. Braucher Nov. 1 1896-1958 Nov. 13 62 1929 1956 Lincoln,IL Cleveland,OH Cleveland sp.ed.; Lincoln Courier-Herald('13), WWI (missed fighting), Springfield IL. State Register, Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Newspaper Enterprise Ass. sp. wr.('25-39).  Retired by 1956.
Arch Burdette Ward Dec. 27 1896-1955 Jul. 9 58 1930 1955 Irwin,IL Chicago,IL Chicago spwr.: Conducted Wake of the News for Chicago Tribune fr. June 14, 1937 to his death in '55.  He'd inherited this most prestigious, oldest, continuous of all sports columns fr. his predecessor, Harvey Woodruff.    d.  heart attack
William J.  (Bill) McGoogan, Sr. Feb. 13 1897-1966 My. 9 69 1923 Mr. '66 Missouri St. Louis,MO St. Louis spwr.;  St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1921-66).  Specialized in boxing and baseball.    Buried:  Calvary Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Franklyn J. Adams Apr. 18 1897-1972 Apr. 7 74 1919 1962 Yarmouth,ME Portland,ME NY sp. wr.; Sporting News(St. Louis), New York Herald Tribune('27-30), NY Daily News sp. wr.('30-62,retired), After service in world War I, he began his sports-writing career, which included 15 newspapers.
Harry Keck Apr. 19 1897-1965 Apr.18 68 1914 1960 Philadelphia,PA Mt. Lebanon,PA Pittsburgh sports writer; Pittsburgh Gazette Times(2 weeks,'14), Pittsburgh Post('14-19), Pittsburgh Gazette-Times sp.ed.('19-23), Baltimore American sp.ed.('23-25), Pittsburgh Gazette-Times('25-27), Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph('27-60).
Max Kase                                                J Jul. 31 1897-1974 Mar. 20 76 1926 1966 NYC Yonkers,NY NY sports writer; NY Mail, International News Service('17-23,25-34), Havana Telegram('23-25), Boston American('34-38), NY Journal-American, sp.ed.('38-66).
Paul William Gallico Jul. 26 1897-1976 Jul. 15 78 1923 1936 NYC Monte Carlo,Monaco NY, Europe spwr; WWI navy for 1.5 yrs.;  NY Daily News: movie critic,'22,  spwr,'23-24,  sp.ed., columnist, ass.managing ed.(24-36);  war correspondent('44) for Cosmopolitan;  After '36 Berlin Olympics, left Daily News for freelance fiction writing.
(Gallico, continued) Bought home in South Devon,England('36), & began living overseas but didn't move abroad permanently until '50. Some of his books: Farewell to Sports('38), Lou Gehrig, Pride of the Yankees('42), The Golden People('65),
(Gallico, continued)  edu;  De Witt Clinton HS, NY Columbia U. BA, 1921. NY Illustrated New, 1923-?, sp. ed.
Rutherford (Rud) Rennie Aug. 8 1897-1956 Oct. 6 59 1925 1955 Toronto,Canada Huntington,NY NY; NY Tribune('25-_)
Leo H. Fischer Sept.20 1897-1970 Aug. 27 72 1924 1969 Chicago,IL Chicago,IL 60640 Chi. spwr;  Chicago Examiner spwr, Chicago Herald-Examiner, Chicago Journal, Chicago American spwr & ed.('43-69), Chicago Today sp.ed.('69), Founder,pres. Amateur softball Assn..,1930-38; pres., Nat. Professional Basketball League, 1940-44.
Ralph H. Cannon         Oct.26 1897-1979 My.11 81 1920 Illinois Chicago,IL 60646 Chicago sports writer; Chicago Evening Journal('20-29), Chicago Daily News('29-?),  Esquire Magazine sp. ed.;   wrote Out of Bounds(1937), football stories from the 1930's.  Wrote at least until 1947.  Retired by '56.  d.  cardio-respiratory arrest
C. William (Bill) Duncan Nov. 4 1897-1967 Apr. 27 69 1921 1967 Pennsauken,NJ 08110 Phil. sportswriter; Phil. Public Ledger(1921-34),Phil. Inquirer('45-57), US Navy('42-45), Phil. Inquirer('45-57), Camden Courier-Post('57-67,April).
Gustave Steiger                                     ? Nov. 18 1897-1988 Dec.22 91 1925 1963 NYC 10025 Brooklyn,NY sp. wr.;  Brooklyn Times,NY Morning World, NY Journal-American, NY Daily Mirror('33-63), covered the Brooklyn Dodgers.
William Wilson (Eddie) Edgar Nov.19 1897-1986 My.18 88 1924 1948 Livonia, MI 48154 Detroit spwr.; Allentown Record, 1 man sp. staff,  Detroit Free Press(1924-48)
Charles Patrick Ward Nov. 29 1897-1960 Apr.3 63 1919 1960 Allentown, PA Detroit,MI Detroit spr.;   Pittsburgh U.;  Allentown Record (1919-?) miscellaneous work; obituaries, city ed..   Reading Times (PA), reporter, cartoonist,  Philadelphia Record (1924-28);  Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts;  Detroit Free Press sp. ed.,  sports columnist, BB writer, cartoonist (1928-45),  Detroit Times boxing / horse racing writer (1945-60).  
Alan Jenks Gould Jan. 30 1898-1993 Jun. 21 95 1921 1963 Phil.,PA Vero Beach,FL NY spwr;  Worked for papers in Elmira, Ithaca & Binghamton, NY;   Ithaca Journal reporter (1917);   Associated Press, NY sp. ed. , Executive editor, ('22-63).  Moved Florida ('75).    d.  heart attack
Walter (Gunboat) Hudson Jan. 30 1898-1933 Nov. 22 35 1933 NYC NYC NYC sp. wr. ;  New York Evening Journal office boy, New York Globe reporter,  NY Mail, Bronx Home News, NY Evening Graphic, Miami Tab, NY Daily Mirror sp. wr.
Raymond John Kelly Feb. 18 1898-1967 Jan. 8 68 1920 1958 NYC Bronxville,NY NY spwr.;   NY  Times Assistant sp. ed. (1923-37),  sp. ed. (1937-58)   
Allison Danzig Feb. 27 1898-1987 Jan.27 88 1921 1968 Waco,TX Ramsey,NJ Brook., NY sports writer; Graduated Cornell U.('16-21), interrupted by WW1('18-19), Brooklyn Daily Eagle sp.writer('21-23), NY Times('23-68).Authored 8 sp. history books. Has received honors from many sports:BB,FB,tennis,rowing, & colleges,Universities 
Franklin W. Yeutter                                ? 1898-1963 Feb. 21 65 1938 1963 Atlantic City,NJ Phil.,PA Phil.;   Philadelphia Bulletin
Zygmunt Stephen Kaminski Apr.24 1898-1944 Jul.30 46 Milwaukee,WI Milwaukee sp. ed.;  sp. ed. of the Nowiny Polskie, daily Polish newspaper of Milwaukee,WI. He had covered the Milwaukee Brewers of the American Ass. for more than 20 yrs. & was a Polish sp. encyclopedia. Was expert on Polish athletes. Favorite:Al Simmons
Frank MacDonnell 1898-1941 Feb. 10 43 1919 1937 Duluth,MN Detroit,MI Detroit sports writer; Started out at newspapers in Port Huron, Flint, MI,  Duluth, MN;   Detroit Times (1919-37).  Chairman of Michigan State Athletic Board of Control (1937-39). 
Frank Currier Ferguson, Sr.                  Mar. 5 1898-1972 Jan. 19 73 1921 1926 NYC Spokane,WA 99203 NY spwr; NY Sun sp. ed.,   Long Island Daily Star managing editor(1921-?).   Moved to Spokane in 1941 and was city editor and associate editor of the Spokesman Review.   Also served WWI  sgt. 1st army.
Chester L. (Chet) Smith Apr. 11 1898-1973 Jan. 28 74 1920 1966 Springdale,PA Pittsburgh,PA Pittsburgh sports writer; World War I (1st class quartermaster); Pittsburgh Dispatch('20-23), Pittsburgh Gazette-Times('24-27), Cleveland Press('27-31), Pittsburgh Press('31-66,retired).  Died in St. Clair Memorial Hosp.                                 
William Frederick (Bill) Leiser            ? Apr. 26 1898-1965 Jan. 16 66 1921 1965 San Francisco, CA San Francisco spwr;  Grad. Stanford law School ('21), San Francisco Chronicle sp. ed. (1934-65).  d.  after a lingering illness, was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital, and a series of abdominal operations failed to save him.  Active in SF Press Club.
Eugene (Gene) Kessler                      ? My. 18 1898-1982 Apr. 1 83 1923 1958 Lawrenceville,IL Urbana,IL Chicago sports writer; Crawfordsville Review city ed. ('16-18), South Bend Tribune('18-23), Washington DC Daily News sp.ed.('23-28), St. Louis Sporting News, St. Louis Star-Times, Chicago Journal('28-29), Chicago Daily News sp.ed('29-48),  Boxing & BB
(Kessler,continued), Chicago Sun-Times columnist('48-58), semi-retire('58), moved to FL. & continued writing for Chicago Sun-Times.
Edmund Gilligan Jun. 7 1898-1973 Dec.29 75 1926 Woodstock,NY NY, Boston spwr;  WWI US navy seaman; Grad. Harvard('26), Boston Globe reporter('26,30), NY Sun reporter('30-39), Fortune Mag. ass.ed('39-42), Herald Tribune rod & gun ed.('49-?), novelist
Gordon Russell (Cobby) Cobbledick Dec. 31` 1898-1969 Oct. 2 70 1928 1964 Cleveland Hts.,OH Tucson,AZ Cleveland sp.wr.; Joined Marines(Feb.11,1918), Cleveland Plain Dealer (police reporter,'24-27,  sp.wr.,'27-44,  war correspondent,'44-45, editorial columnist,'45-46,  sp.ed.,'46-64),  Cleveland Times editorial wr.('27).
Bernard Oliver (Bennie) Bengough    ? Jul. 27 1898-1969 Dec.22 70 1923 1969 Niagara Falls,NY Phil.,PA NY
James Wren (Zach) Taylor                  ? Jul. 27 1898-1974 Sept.19 76 1920 1973 Orlando,FL
Lawrence Spencer (Doc) Holst          ?  Aug.26 1898-1971 Apr.20 72 1930 Apr '67 Toledo,OH Toledo,OH Det., Toledo,Cle. sports writer; El Paso Herald, Toledo Times('17-?), Toledo News-Bee, Toledo Blade, Cleveland News, Detroit Times(13 years), Flint Journal(7 years), NY Mirror, King Features, Hearst Sunday Features, Toledo Times('45-67,Apr.).
Richards Vidmer Oct. 7 1898-1978 Jul. 23 79 1922 Murray,KY New York sports writer; Washington Herald('23-24), Washington Daily News('24-25), NY Times('25-31), NY Morning Telegraph, NY HeraldTribune,NY Herald Tribune(in England,'45-?).  Retired by 1956.
John Dietrich                                          ? Oct.7 1898-1965 Sept.13 66 Sp  22 1964 Clarington,OH Cleveland Hts.,OH Cle. sp.wr.;  Ravenna Record(OH),  Cleveland Plain Dealer(Sept.,'22-64).  d.  in his sleep at the Alcazar Hotel in Cleveland Heights,OH.
Willis N. (Jersey) Jones Oct. 24 1898-1973 Dec.19 75 Kearny,NJ NY
Arthur Preston Glass Dec. 4 1898-1973 Sept.11 74 NYC NY   Ealham College in 1917.
Ivan Hugh (Cy) Peterman Feb. 21 1899-1978 Jan.26 78 1924 1958 Cecil, WI (nr. Green Bay) Upper Darby,PA 19082 Phil. spwr.;  Enlisted Aviation corps for WWI, discharged Dec.15,'18, without overseas service.  Grad. U. of Wisconsin journalistic course('22).  Buffalo Courier, Duluth News-Tribune, Superior Telegram, Port Huron Times Herald, Chicago American,
(Peterman, continued) Milwaukee Wisconsin News, Phil. North Amer. Phil. Bulletin spwr./columnist ('24-38), Phil. Inquirer('38-54), Inquirer WWII correspondent & international corresp, founded Phil. Ins. Info. Corp., lecturer, Radio Ins. Q&A program.
(Peterman, continued)  Mr. Peterman's reputation was based on his Phil. Inquirer days from '38-58.  He wrote that America wasn't getting its value from the Marshal Plan.  Covered UN, Nato, peace conferences & assorted world events.
Wilfrid Smith Apr.7 1899-1976 Aug.3 77 Park Ridge, IL Chicago sports writer; NFL player, and later an official;  1st Pres. of College FB Writers Ass.  Chicago Tribune (1922-55, spwr.  1955-66, sp. ed).  Wrote on many sports. 
Manila Grant (Bud) Shaver                  ? Apr. 7 1899-1947 Feb. 21 47 1925 Zanesville,OH Detroit,MI Det. spwr; WWI,  WWII ( enlisted Army Air Forces, 1942, Pacific theater, was major; ,  VP of Detroit Lions, National FB club, Detroit Times spwr.('25-29,)(sp.ed'29-?)., PR director of  radio station WWJ(Detroit).
James A. Mulvey                                    ? Apr. 23 1899-1973 Dec. 2 74 White Plains,NY 10605 Brooklyn, Los Angeles spwr.; 
John Barret (Jack) Miley My. 1899-1945 Jun. 17 46 1945 Milwaukee,WI NYC Balt., Phil., NY sports writer; Baltimore American, Philadelphia Public Ledger, NY Daily News city, sports ed. (?-37, Oct.),  King Features Syndicate,  NY Daily Mirror,  Evening Graphic, Morning Telegraph, NY Post
Jack McDonald Oct. 21 1899-1997 Sept.14 97 1926 1986 Bussey,Iowa San Diego,CA San Francisco sports writer; Omaga Bee,Klamath Falls News, Sacramento Bee, Sacramento Union, San Fran. United Press Bureau, San Fran. Call('26-?),SF Call-Bulletin'26-59)('47-59, sp.ed.), SF News-Call Bulletin('59-65),
(McDonald,continued), San Francisco Examiner rewrite man('65-67,Jan. 25, retired), After retirement moved to Mexico to enjoy the good life, but just couldn't stop writing free lance. In 1978, moved back to San Diego.
Walter Raymond Graham Nov. 26 1899-1973 Mar. 23 73 1923 Springfield,MA 01105 Springfield,MA;  Grad. Boston College.  Springfield Republican(MA)(1923-49),  appointed sp. ed. 1930-49.    d.  heart attack in Boca Raton, FL.
James Warren (Jim) Schlemmer      ? Dec. 24 1899-1977 My. 10 87 1923 Ja 1,'70 Akron
David Bloom Apr. 13 1900-1973 Jul.1 73 1923 1972 Memphis,TN 38111 Memphis,TN sp. ed.;  Memphis Commercial Appeal(TN) sp. ed.(('23-72),
Herman Goldstein                                J Apr. 14 1900-1974 Nov.11 74 1922 Feb. '60 Cleveland,OH Cle.
John M. B. (Jack) Ryan My. 2 1900-1970 Sept.24 70 1925 1965 Drexel Hill,PA Phil.
Herbert A. (Huck) Finnegan Jun. 21 1900-1967 Aug. 4 67 1925 Dorchester,MA 02124 Bost. spwr; outstanding trackman and 2nd baseman in his youth.  Boston Traveler spwr.('25-'29), Boston Transcript spwr.('29-33), Boston American sp. ed. & columnist('33-?).  WWII went overseas as correspondent for New England troops in Europe.
Charles C. Hay My. 26 1900-1973 Oct. 24 73 Ventnor City,NJ
Joseph Cashman Dec.28 1900-1993 Feb. 12 92 1925 1970 South Boston,MA Cambridge,MA 02138 Boston sp. wr.;  Boston American('17-33), Boston Telegram, Boston Daily Record, Sunday Advertiser
Robert F. Kelley                       85 1901-1976 Dec.14 75 1920 1944 Huntington,NY NY sp. wr.; New York Times sports staff(?-'44,Feb.),  Metropolitan race track publicity relations
Russell John Newland Jul.13 1901-1955 Jan. 6 54 1925 1955 Tacoma, WA San Francisco, CA San Francisco spwr.;  Grad. U. of Washington.  Pacific Coast sp. ed. For Associated Press for 30 yrs.   Noted golf, boxing, Rose Bowl writer.
(Newland, continued)  Reported the rise of Joe DiMaggio and the founding of the East-West FB game.   D.  Knew he was ill for 6 months, heart attack in St. Francis Hospital, SF, bed-ridden to he passed, required hospital treatment for obscure blood infection & neck injury suffered in WWI. 
Edward Vincent (Ed) Sullivan Mar.19 1901-1973 Oct.13 72 1936 1948 NYC Westbury,NY NY spwr; Wrote baseball 12 yrs. before TV show.  NY Mail, World, Morning Telegraph, Daily News(column "Little Old New York", which he continued till his death; Gained TV immortality for his long-running Sunday night TV variety show, "The Ed Sullivan Show" (June 20,1948- June 6,1971);  d. cancer
Roger Birtwell                                     My. 19 1901-1985 Oct.16 84 1972 Phoenix,AZ Bost. Globe baseball writer 30 yrs.
Braven Dyer My. 29 1901-1983 Aug.30 82 1925 Chicago,IL Culver City, CA Los Angeles sp. wr.;  Los Angeles Times sp. wr. & columnist('25-
William H. Taylor My. 31 1901-1966 Jan.6 64 New Bedford,MA NYC 10005 NY
Lee Scott Jan.26 1901-1968 Mar.14 Brooklyn, NY 11233 Brooklyn,NY
Arthur William Mann Sept.11 1901-1963 Jan.3 61 1923 1931 Stamford,CT NYC NY spwr.;   Attended NYC public sch. And grad. Friends Seminary there.  NY World artist, later spwr, (1921-22), Wrote sports from 1923-31  for NY Herald Tribune,  NY Mirror, NY Evening World.  Covered Yankees, Dodgers, and Giants.  From '35-46, he lived on a 200-acre farm with his wife and 2 daughters/son.  Contracted with pulp mags for 600,000 words/yr. 
(Mann, continued)    From '35-46, he lived on a 200-acre farm with his wife and 2 daughters/son.  Contracted with pulp mags for 600,000 words/yr.  Free lance writer, radio writer, broadcaster.   From 1946-49, asst. to Pres. Brooklyn Dodgers.  Assisted in Negro integration in organized BB, 1945 & ML BB, 1947.  
(Mann, continued)    Asst. Pres. Branch Rickey Continental L. '59-60, Wrote Jackie Robinson '50, BB Confidential '51, Branch Rickey bio '57,  Editor & collaborator: The Real McGraw (by Mrs. John McGraw), Off and Running (by Bill Corum) 1959.       
Russell F. Snyder Oct. 14 1901-1972 Nov.20 71 Decatur,GA Cle.,Akron
Garry Richard Schumacher                 ? Nov. 2 1901-1978 Oct.22 77 1920 1971 Brooklyn,NY San Francisco,CA Brook., NY;   Retired from writing by 1956.
Rueben C. (Rube) Samuelsen           ? Dec. 2 1901-1973 Nov.12 71 MN Pasadena,CA Pasadena
Kenneth D. Smith Jan. 8 1902-1991 Mar.1 89 1925 1963 Danbury,CT Palatine Bridge,NY NY25-63,H of F 64-80
John Durant Jan. 10 1902-1983 Jan.18 81 1936 Waterbury,CT Naples,FL Free lance author of sports books; New York Times reporter('27-28), New York Stock Exchange('29-44), free-lance writer('36-70's).  US Naval reserve('42-44). one of his best: The Story of Baseball
John G. (Jack) Case Feb. 28 1902-1973 My.15 71 Watertown,NY Watertown(NY) Times sp.ed. for 43 yrs. until his retirement.
Lawrence Robinson Mar. 25 1902-1975 My.4 73 mid20's mid60's Flushing,NY 11354 NY
Raymond V. Smith Mar. 26 1902-1968 Nov.8 65 1920 1968 St. Joseph,MO St. Louis
Vernon D. (Curley) Grieve Apr. 2 1902-1966 Dec.8 64 1966 Belleville,IL   (Utah?) San Francisco,CA San Francisco spwr;  Salt Lake Tribune general assignment reporter, Denver Rocky Mountain News sp. ed.;  Denver Evening News,  San Francisco Examiner sp. ed. (1931-66).
Quentin Reynolds Apr. 11 1902-1965 Mar.17 62 Bronx,NY NYC NY
William J. McCullough Jun. 5 1902-1954 Aug.6 52 1928 Philadelphia,PA Brooklyn,NY Brooklyn spwr.;  Went to grammar sch. And Brown Prep in Phil.  Left for Brooklyn.  Fordham U. , St. John's College;   Brooklyn Standard-Union in '28, Brooklyn Times, 1929,  Brooklyn Times-Union, Brooklyn Eagle,
Eugene J. (Gene) Whitney Jun. 15 1902-1972 Jul.13 70 1939 1970 Euclid,OH Cle.
John Lloyd McGowan (02)-1973 Apr.7 71 1925 1967 Montreal,Canada Montreal,Can. spwr.;  Montreal Star spwr. (1925-67),  Sporting News correspondent for many yrs.   d.  after long illness
Julius Lewis 1902-1947 Mar.13 45 1917 1947 Pitts. sports writer; Pitts. Gazette-Times copy boy('16-?), Pitts. Chronicle-Telegraph, Pitts. Sun-Telegraph
John J. Sheridan 1902-1943 Oct.26 41 1943 St. L, Chi., Det. sports writer; St. Louis Republic , St. Louis Globe-Democrat , St.Louis Star Times, (May 21, 1936?-'40?), Chicago Herald-Examiner, Chicago Sun, Detroit Times, Chicago Times (Nite sports editor)
Joseph P. Val Jul. 9 1902-1971 Jan.16 68 1932 1967 Jackson Heights,NY Brook.,NY
Leonard Cohen                                ? Aug.26 1902-1989 Oct. 30 87 1974 Lauderdale Lakes,FL 33311 NY spwr.;  NY Evening World (1924-26),   NY Post (1926-74),  During his 48 yrs. at the NY Post, he served as a reporter, feature writer, columnist and sports editor.   D.  Heart attack
James H. (Jimmy) Burns Aug. 31 1902-1968 Jan.7 65 Miami,FL 33134 Miami(FL) Herald Sp. ed. -  20 yrs.
William Marvin McCarthy Sept.14 1902-1983 Sept.13 81 1926 Nashville,TN Near North Side,Chicago,IL Chicago spwr.;  Howard College ('21-24); Birmingham Age-Herald copy boy (1917-25), Tampa Tribune (FL) city ed. (1925-?), Chicago Times (1929-74) reporter 1929, sp. Columnist, sp. Ed. 1941;  WWII, enlisted Navy, chief of Navy press in Wash.DC;  Chicago Sun-Times man. ed., 1949-74.  Lerner Newspapers man. ed. and later executive ed. Wrote several history books.  
John Peerless Carmichael Oct. 16 1902-1986 Jun. 6 83 1927 1972 Madison,Wis. Chicago,IL 60640 Chicago sp.wr.; Milwaukee Journal reporter night police, Milwaukee Leader, Chicago Herald-Examiner sp. wr('27-32), Chicago Daily News(sp.wr.'32-43,sp.ed.43-72). Loved baseball, passionate about horse racing. Won Spink Award('75) putting him in BB H of F.
Leonard Gettelson Nov. 18 1902-1977 Dec. 25 75 Red Bank,NJ 07701 Statistician & writer
Herbert C. (Herb) Smith Nov. 18 1902-1974 Feb. 6 71 St. Petersburg,FL 33703 FL
James M. Kahn Nov. 20 1902-1978 Mar. 7 75 1927 1977 NYC NY
Axford (Al) Buck Jan.2 1903-1967 Jun. 64 Roxbury, MA NYC NY spwr.;     NY Post spwr. & columnist (1934-67)  Specialized in Football, boxing, thoroughbred racing,   His column was called "Buckshot".
Arthur Siegel 1903-1965 Mar. 26 62 1924 1965 NYC Boston,MA Boston spwr.;   Boston Traveler sports editor / columnist (1940-65)
James J. (Jimmy) Powers Feb. 9 1903-1995 Feb. 11 92 1936 1959 Cleveland,OH Bal Harbour,FL NY spwr.; Cleveland Press, '25-26, NY sp. ed. NEA syndicate('27-28), NY News, '29--33, NY Daily News, 1936-59.
Louis J. (Lou) Smith My.24 1903-1979 Mar.21 71 Cincinnati,OH 45236 Cincinnati Enquirer Sp. ed.; Pres. of Baseball Writers Association of America('52).
C. Roland Hughes Jun. 14 1903-1974 Feb. 25 70 1968 Roanoke,VA Roanoke,VA
Raymond John Gillespie Jul. 1 1903-1979 Feb. 8 75 1923 1951 St. Louis,MO St. Louis,MO St. Louis spwr;  St. Louis Star spwr.('23-51), Associate editor Sporting News('51-79).  Gained attention after WWII by reports on Mexican League raids on major leagues.   d.  heart attack,   buried,   Resurrection Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
McCagie Brooks Rogers,Sr. Jul. 8 1903-1972 Apr. 25 68 South Carolina Los Angeles,CA Los Angeles
John C. Hoffman Jul. 9 1903-1964 Oct. 26 61 1923 1957 Chicago,IL Scottsdale,AZ Chicago sports writer; Chicago Daily New('24-36), Wisconsin News(Milwaukee), International News service(Chicago office),  Chicago Times('36-47), Chicago Sun-Times('47-57).  Left Sun-Times in '57 and became a real estate agent in Scottsdale.  d.  cancer
Edward Joseph McAuley Aug. 24 1903-1961 Oct. 25 58 1928 Cleveland,OH Cleveland spwr.;  Cleveland News sp. columnist more than 20 yrs. until it went out of publication in '60. 
Donald E. Basenfelder Sept. 9 1903-1945 Jan. 4 41 1926 1945 Phil.,PA Oaklyn,NJ St. Louis sports writer; Atlantic City review, Camden Evening Courier(shore resort correspondent), Camden Evening Courier('25-26), Camden Morning Post,sp. dept.('26-?), new Camden Courier, St. Louis Sporting News('36-38), Phil. Record('39-45,Jan.).
Thomas William Meany Sep. 21 1903-1964 Sep.11 60 1922 1956 Brooklyn,NY NY spwr.; NY Journal sp.rep. ('22), Brooklyn Daily Times ('23-29), NY World Telegram ('29-40), NY PM('40-48), NY Star sp.ed.('48), NY Morning Telegraph sp.ed.('48) , NY Collier sp.ed.('50-56), AS Barnes publishing, Yankees,  Mets, authored  BB's Best,1964
Louis (Lou) Niss                                              Oct. 5 1903-1987 Apr. 30 82 1923 1980 Eastchester,NY 10709 Brooklyn Eagle spwr. 1923-55,   Mets PR & TR Sec. (1962-80).
Samuel Harold (Sam) Lacy Oct. 23 1903-2003 My.8 99 1918 1990's Mystic,CT Washington, DC Wash, Baltimore spwr;  His mother was Shinnecock Indian; Grew up Wash. DC, 5 blocks from Griffith stadium, Grad. Howard U., bachelor's in physical education('23). Devoted his early life to lobbying for integration of ML baseball & society.
(Lacy, continued) Washington Tribune: part-time spwr., reporter('18-20,23-30), managing ed., spwr.,('30-34), sp.ed., columnist('34-39);  Baltimore Afro-American spwr., columnist('39-40), sp.ed., columnist('43-, Chicago Defender ass. national ed.('40-43),
(Lacy, continued) 1st black in the Baseball Writers Association('48), Taylor Spink Award(Baseball Hall of Fame, 1997), Personally knew many black stars(J.Louis,J.Owens,A.Ashe), but never shirked from criticizing them if he felt warranted. Mentor: father
Charles Michael Segar Oct.29 1903-2001 Jun.1 97 1920 1971 Liverpool, Eng. Sun City West, AZ 85375 Brooklyn,NY sports writer;  Born England, Brooklyn Citizen('19-26), New York Mirror('26-46), Manager of National Service Bureau, Secretary-Treasurer in Commissioner's office('65-71,Feb), administrator players benefit plan,
(Segar, continued), Chairman Players Rules Committee('62-71,lJul.23), Blue Book revision committee. Loved golf, movies, TV,  d.  natural causes, cremated,  buried:  Pinelawn Cemetery, Long Island, NY
Thomas Holmes Nov. 5 1903-1975 Mar. 25 71 1926 Brooklyn,NY Brooklyn, NY spwr.;  Brooklyn Eagle('26, Oct., -56), mostly covered the Dodgers,  Herald Tribune('56-66), mostly covered the Dodgers, until they left town for Los Angeles, CA. Authored The Dodgers('75).
Lawton Carver Dec. 1 1903-1973 Jan. 22 69 1936 1951 NYC NY sp. ed;  International News Service(NY) sp. ed.('36-51), Camillo restaurant(NY) owner('51-57), 2 yrs. sp. PR., Lawton Carver's café(NY), assistant to John Denson,ed. of Herald Tribune, NY Journal-American kitchen ed.(under name Prudence Penny).
Frank T. Kearns Dec. 19 1903-1984 Jan. 28 80 NYC Glendale,CA Brooklyn,NY
Robert Eugene Ray Dec.24 1903-1941 Sept.8 37 1924 1941 Red Bluff, CA Los Angeles, CA Grad. Los Angeles Polytechnic HS, joined LA Times as cub reporter, became baseball writer, '24, started his "X-Ray" column in '34. also wrote FB, Boxing, Tennis, basketball.  Became ass. sp. ed. in '26.   d.  malignancy in California Lutheran Hosp.
Franklin Allan (Whitey) Lewis Jan.18 1904-1958 Mar.12 54 1925 1958 Lafayette,IN Lincoln,AZ Cle. spwr.; Miami Daily Tab ed. (FL), Daytona Beach New-Journal ed.(FL) (1927-29), press agt.-juvenile, touring Tab museum show,('29-30); Cleve.Press ass. sp.ed.('31-37), sp.ed, sp. columnist, & spwr.('37-58, death). Sp.ed. radio sta. WGAR, Cleve.,'37-39.
James Thomas Farrell Feb. 27 1904-1979 Aug.22 75 1917 1977 Chicago,IL NYC 10021 Wrote 1 baseball book, My Baseball Diary; also wrote 52 other books, the most popular of which was: Studs Lonigan(1932) and it's 2 sequels in '34 and '35. Had a life-long love for baseball. 
Albert (Al)  Abrams Feb. 29 1904-1977 Mar. 3 73 1926 1974 Pittsburgh,PA 15219 Pittsburgh sp. wr.; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette(sp. wr. '26-47,sp.ed..('47-74),
Ray Andrew Hill My. 5 1904-1966 Nov. 3 62 Wayne,PA Phil. spwr; Phil. Public Ledger, Phil. Evening Bulletin(19 yrs.).  Founder of Maxwell Memorial FB club.  Commissioner of Middle Atlantic  Intercollegiate FB Conference ('40-45).
James Anton (Jim) Burchard (04)-1960 My. 29 56 Mr20,60 Cleveland,OH Fort Lauderdale,FL NY sp. ed.; NY World-Telegram('28), NY Sun;   specialized in tennis,hockey. Had been President of United States Lawn Tennis & NY Hockey Writers Ass. Had been 6' athlete. Grad. fr.Syracuse University. WWII-Army captain,Stars&Stripes,cov.N.Afica,Sicily.
Volney P. Walsh (04)-1937 Mar.29 33 1931 1936 Cleveland,OH Denver, CO Denver, Pittsburgh spwr.; In 1930, he was a reporter for Denver newspaper.  Pittsburgh Press sports writer (1932- May, 1936)   After spring training with the Pirates in 1936, he had to return to Denver, CO to regain his health, which suffered from the cold in Pittsburgh, PA.
James Timothy (Jim) Gallagher Jun. 9 1904-2002 Apr.9 92 1933 1973 Lorain,OH Port Republic,VA 24471 Chicago,NY spwr.; Lorain Times-Herald,Mansfield News(OH), Cleveland Times, South Bend News-Times,Chicago American(Nov.'28-41),Cubs GM('41-56),Cleveland Indians exec., Ad/PR agency('57),Phillies('58-62),Comm.Off.('62-74);
(Gallagher, continued),  helped developed baseball pension plan & free agency rules     
Joseph H. Palmer Dec. 1904-1952 Oct. 31 4? Lexington,KY NY sports writer; The Blood Horse ass. ed.& buss. man. ('35-44), American Race Horses ed.('44-46), NY Herald Tribune racing columnist & ed('46-52).
Arthur John Daley Jul. 31 1904-1974 Jan.3 75 1926 1974 NYC Old Greenwich,CT 06870 NY sp.wr.;  NY Times sp.wr.('26-42) & sports columnist('42-74).  Authored 8 sports books.  Authored numerous articles for sports magazines & publications.  Won a Pulitzer prize in '56 for "outstanding commentary on the world of sports." d.  heart attack
(Daley, continued), Graduated Fordham U.('26) with B.A. In 1942, he replaced John Kieran as writer of Sports of the Times. His favorite sport was baseball with football a close second.
George Arnold Strickler Aug. 12 1904-1976 Dec. 7 72 1925 1969 South Bend,IN Evanston,IL Chi,Atlanta,
Abbott Joseph (A.J.) Liebling               ? Oct. 18 1904-1963 Dec. 28 59 1925 1963 NYC NYC NY spwr.;  NY Times spwr. (1925), Providence Journal & Evening Bulletin reporter, feature writer (1927-39),  NY World Telegram feature writer (1931-35),  The New Yorker sports writer / columnist (1935-63)
Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr. Nov. 9 1904-1965 Sept.15 61 1927 1965 NY
Edward H. Prell Nov. 25 1904-1981 Sept. 1 76 1932 1970 Chi.
Charles R. Hoerter Dec. 11 1904-1974 Mar. 18 69 1924 1967 West Palm Beach,Fl 33403 NY sp.ed.:        NY Daily News (1920-67),   spwr.( '24-57), sp.ed. ('57-67).  He started covering the Giants in '24, and also covered the Dodgers.   d.  heart attack
Damon Kerby Mar. 11 1905-1967 Jul. 22 62 St. Louis
Frederick James Corcoran Apr. 4 1905-1977 Jun.23 72 Cambridge,MA Scarsdale,NY Mass. Golf Promoter
Edward (Ned) Irish My. 6 1905-1982 Jan. 21 1934 Lake George,NY Brooklyn,NY;  Began as NY World Telegram sports writer;  grad HS('24), grad. U. of Penn. ('24-28), became Director of basketball of Madison Square Garden, brought college basketball to Madison Square Garden beginning Dec. 29, 1934. 
Ernest Dalton Jun. 28 1905-1971 My. 1 65 1927 1970 Boston,MA 02190 Bost. sp. wr.;  Boston Globe sp. wr. ('23-70)
Shirley Lewis Povich                             J Jul. 15 1905-1998 Jun.4 92 1922 1974 Bar Harbor,ME Wash.,D.C. Washington spwr.'  Washington Post spwr. (1922-74),  Even though he "retired" in '74, he continued his column "This Morning", very often.
Roger L. Treat Jul. 18 1905-1969 Oct. 5 64 1943 Newton,CT Washington Daily News('43-47), Chicago Herald-American sp. wr. & feature wr.('47-?), Washington Post, Baltimore News American, Danbury(CT),wire ed.Waterbury Republican('67-69), Wrote sp. books, includ. bio of Walter Johnson for juveniles. d.  lung cancer
Jerry Mitchell Jul. 18 1905-1972 My. 22 67 1934 1972 Jersey City,NJ Fort Lee,NJ NY spwr.;   Hudson Dispatch, NY American, NY Post (1934-72);  Covered baseball, football, horse racing, hockey.  Occasionally wrote a column.  Wrote "The Amazing Mets" in '64, "Sandy Koufax" in '66.    d.  At Holy Name Hosp. In Teaneck, NJ.  Had lived at 3041 Edwin Ave., Fort Lee, NJ.
John K. Hutchens Aug. 9 1905-1995 Jul. 22 89 1944 1963 Chicago,IL NYC NY author, book critic;  Graduated from Hamilton College in 1926, and began his journalism career as a reporter on the Daily Missoulian and Sentinel in Missoula, Mont.  (Herald Tribune book reviewer 1948-63)
Sam Muchnick Aug.22 1905-1998 Dec.30 93 1926 1932 Ukraine, Russia St. Louis, MO 63141 St. Louis spwr.,wrestling promoter;  Mov. US('11), St. Louis Star ('26-32), cov. Cardinals, etc.Worked for Tom Pax(wrestling promoter). First wrestling card: March, 1942, enlisted Army Air Force, '42, Found. Nat. Wrestling Alliance,  d.  internal bleeding
(Muchnick) Founded Nat. Wrestling Alliance, 1948, served as Pres. 25 yrs., '50-60, '63-77, Prom. last wrestling card, Jan.1, 1982, Considered Dean of Wrestling promoters, Formed St. Louis Wrestling Club, 1958,Bur: Memorial Park Cemetery , St. Louis, MO
Peter J. O'Donnell Sept.13 1905-1973 Oct. 16 68 late 40's La Grange,KY 40031 Chicago, Louisville spwr.;  Louisville Herald-Post sp.ed.,  Chicago Herald-Examiner spwr.,  Chicago Sun sp. copy desk.  Left newspaper business late '40's, GM for some race tracks, including Lincoln Fields, Ascot Park, Latonia & Miles Park. 
Al M. Horowitz                                        J Sept.20 1905-1984 Feb. 24 81 1927 1942 Phil.
Walter Wellesley (Red) Smith Sept.25 1905-1982 Jan.15 76 1927 1982 Green Bay,WI Stamford,CT Milwaukee Sentinel('27-28),St. Louis Star sp. wr. & copy ed.('28-33), St. Louis Star-Times re-write man('33-36), Phil. Record sp. rep. & columnist(''36-45), NY Herald Tribune sp. columnist('45-67, Publishers-Hall Syndicate.('67-71), NY Times('71-82).
Donald Starr Oct. 10 1905-1973 Jun. 4 67 CA 92010
Prescott Lawrence (Sully) Sullivan Jan.18 1906-1985 My.19 79 1923? 1976 San Francisco,CA San Francisco,CA94127 San Francisco spwr.:  San Francisco Bulletin,  San Francisco Chronicle(1927?-1935,   San Francisco Examiner (1935-1976, Jan. 15)
Frank A. (Gibby) Gibbons         6'5,250 Jan.29 1906-1964 Sept.1 58 1936 1964 Cleveland,OH Cleveland,OH Cle spwr;  Cleveland Press spwr('36-58), columnist('58-64),  WWII Army Air Corps(Armed Forces Radio Service),
Joseph M. Pancoast Apr. 5 1906-1972 Oct.9 66 1971 Paoli,PA Phil.
Frank McGowan My.5 1906-1975 My.8 69 1921 1972 Birmingham, AL 35213 Birmingham, AL spwr.;  Birmingham (AL) News spwr. ('21-72),  specialized in BB and golf.
John F. Chandler Aug. 7 1906-1973 Dec.30 67 Gwynn Oak,MD Ass.Pr.,Balt.
Fred McFerrin Russell Aug.27 1906-2003 Jan.26 96 1929 1999 Nashville,TN Nashville,TN 37205 Nashville sports writer; Nashville Banner('29-87), reporter('29)(sp.ed.,'30-69)(sp.director, '69-87)(VP, '55-99). Mostly football & golf sports writer. Football Writers Ass. President('60-61), National sportscasters & sports writers Hall of Fame('88).
Gerald M. (Jerry) Holland Sept.18 1906-1974 Jun.18 67 St.Louis,MO 63103 St. Louis sp. wr. newspaperman;  Worked Sp. Illustrated; St. Louis Post-dispatch, St. Louis Browns PR director; Nat. Broadcasting Co. writer.     Buried:  Calvary Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Albert W. Bloemker Sept.26 1906-1996 Jan.22 89 Indianapolis Star Sp Wr; Indianapolis Motor Speedway
John Hopkins Fenton Sept.26 1906-1973 Apr.11 66 1933 1970 Bost.,MA Winthrop,MA Stud. Boston U. & U. of Mass.;Boston Herald news staff('27-29, '29-47,reporter,baseball & political writer,rewrite man,ass. city ed., sp. copyreader;  Boston correspondent of NY Times('47-70,  sub. for regular correspondent'44-47). d.  heart attack
Robert Bernard (Bob) Considine,6'1,180 Nov.4 1906-1975 Sept.25 68 1929 Wash.,D.C. NYC10019 Wash,NY Sp. Wr.; Wash. Post sp. wr.('30-33), Wash. Herald sp. ed.('33-36), NY American('36-), NY Daily Mirror('    International News Service('42-?), Wrote 25 books.
Henry McLemore Dec.2 1906-1968 Jun.23 61 1920's Macon, GA Daytona Beach,FL Attend. Emory U. (Atlanta, GA), McGill U. (Canada);  Intrntinl News Service (1920's),  United Press Corr. (1930's),  INS Daily columnist,  UP  Daily columnist,  WWII, Army, McNaught Syndicate sp. columnist, picked up by 175 papers, (1940-?), 
(McLemore, cont.)  Covered Lindbergh kidnapping, Won Headliner award for his coverage in New London, TX, where 294 lives were lost in school explosion.  His last few yrs. he did PR for Daytona Intrntl speedway.   d.  died on the beach of a heart attack
Vincent X. Flaherty Dec. 27 1906-1977 Sept.6 65 Wash.,D.C. Los Angeles 90024 Los Angeles Examiner spwr.;  Was given much credit for bringing Dodgers to Los Angeles.  As a columnist, he began his campaign in the '40's to bring a team to LA.  Retired by 1956.  d.  heart ailment
Frank Spencer Dec.29 1906-1973 Dec.31 67 Salem-Winston,NC Salem-Winston,NC
Edgar Herman Munzel                          ? Jan.14 1907-2002 Oct.4 95 1929 1972 Williamsburg,VA 23185 Chi.
John Gillooly Feb. 2 1907-1968 My.17 59 1930 1968 Bost. spwr;  Boston Record American spwr. & columnist('30-68), became columnist in '58, covered baseball, football and hockey.
Arthur C. Walsh Feb. 4 1907-1973 Mar.24 66 Providence,RI Bost.,Providence
Joseph B. Kelley Apr. 21 1907-1964 Sept.28 57 Milton,MA Boston sportswriter; Boston Sunday Advertiser(sportswriter), Boston Daily Record, Worcester(Mass.) Telegram, Associated Press(Boston) as sportswriter('36), World War II(lieutenant/Coast Artillery). Night editor(Associated Press,Boston)  d.  heart attack
David C. Alexander Apr. 21 1907-1973 Mar.21 65 KY NYC NY sp. wr.; NY Morning Telegraph turf ed. & columnist
Clarence H. Nixon, Jr. Apr. 30 1907-1990 Feb.10 82 early 70's Augusta,Ga Holton,Kan. Wash.,Balt.,NY spwr.;   Atlanta constitution, Richmond Times-Dispatch, NY Telegraph, Washington Post news staff ('36-?),  He covered sports for the them during WWII.  Washington Times-Herald, Baltimore News-American ('54-?),  retired early 70's.
Edward J. Powers Feb. 15 1907-1973 My.8 66 Winchester,MA Bost.
Edgar Hayes Oct.28 1907-1987 Jun.22 79 1924 1960 Corktown, MI Monroe,MI 48161 Detroit spwr.; Detroit Times (1924-60), After that entered PR, and became commissioner of horse racing for the state of Michigan in 1961; Later became member of Hazel Park racing association. 
William G. (Bill) Mokray Jun. 6 1907-1974 Mar.22 66 Revere,MA
Lester J. (Les) Biederman                  ? Jun. 5 1907-1981 Nov.30 74 1933 1969 Fort Myers,FL 33901 Pittsburgh sp.wr.; Pittsburgh Press(sp.wr.,'30-66, sp.ed.,'66-69,Mar.31).Covered Pittsburgh Pirates since '38.Sporting News correspondent for much of that time. Pres. BBWAA('59),WWII(captain,S.Pacific,3yrs).Helped Children's Hosp. fund-raising. d.  cancer
Tommy Fitzgerald (07)-1968 Jan.18 61 1940? Miami, FL Louisville sp.wr.;  Louisville Courier-Journal ('40-57),  Miami News (1957-69).  d.  After a lingering illness              
Garrett  D. (Muddy) Waters Oct. 3 1907-1980 Jun.23 72 1931 Wash.D.C. Gaithersberg,MD 20760 Wash.
Nathaniel Mortimer Gerstenzang       ? Oct. 10 1907-1995 Aug.11 87 1933 1969 Brooklyn,NY Wilmette,IL NY spwr;  NYU; NYU law Sch. J.D.; NY Globe, NY Evening World, NY Associated Press. NY Evening Post-Yachting,basketball wr. & night sp. ed.; Began wr. BB('33). NY Times('39-69).  As ass.foreign ed.; Columbia U.journalism prof.('50's-60's).
Herbert F. Simons Nov. 29 1907-1968 Sept.14 60 1929 1968 Chicago,IL Highland Park,IL Chi.  BB Digest editor & publisher for 25 yrs.
Ben Epstein                                            J 1907-1958 Aug.25 51 1943 1958 Brooklyn, NY NYC NY sp.wr.; The Gazette(Little Rock,AR) sp.ed., NY Mirror('43), Covered Yankees('44-58). Had been a professional wrestler for a brief time. Had been a talented entertainer at the NY baseball writers' annual dinner & show.
Al Wolf Mar. 14 1908-1982 Jul.7 74 Los Angeles
Stanley B. Frank Apr. 22 1908-1979 Jan.6 70 NYC NYC 10024 NY spwr; Grad.CCNY,NY Post spwr('27) columnist('44) left Post in '45 to freelance magazine articles.Became creative consultant to Hill & Knowlton,Inc. Ed. Sports Extra,coll. of classic newsp. stories by famous spwr.Wrote Sexually Active Man Past 40('68).
Charles N. (Chuck) Bang My. 9 1908-1972 Sept.14 64 Hollywood,FL Cle.
Joseph (Joe) King My. 19 1908-1979 Apr.16 70 1930 1968 Jersey City,NJ Ridgewood,NJ 07450 NY spwr., author;  Attend. Fordham U., NY Telegram('30-31),NY World-Telegram('31-50), NY World Telegram & Sun(Jan.4,'50-66), NY World Journal Tribune('66-67), Ridgewood chain, left sports beat.Started as ass. man.ed., then man.ed. then exec. ed.
(King, continued) Early he was a yachting expert, covering several America cup races.  Associated with NY Giants, BB & FB.  Covered BB NY Giants for over 2 decades.  Helped organize the NY professional FB Writers Ass. in '67. Nat. FB H of F.
Robert S. White   (08)-1971 Oct.  17 63 1926 1971 Bost.
Donald Dunphy Jul. 5 1908-1998 Jul. 22 90 Manhasset,NY 11030
Harmon W. Nichols Jul. 22 1908-1973 Jul. 28 65 Wash. D. C.20014 United Press  International spwr;   former spwr, and columnist for United Press, now United Press International.
Edwin M. Rumill Sep. 28 1908-1987 Sep.18 77 1929 1972 Newton,MA Sun Lakes,AZ Bost.
Arthur Lentz Nov. 17 1908-1974 Jan. 25 65 NYC
Harold F. Parrott Jan. 10 1909-1987 Jul. 30 78 1928 Palm Desert,CA Brooklyn , Los Angeles sports writer;
Harold Kaese Mar. 8 1909-1975 My. 10 66 1933 1973 Lynn,MA Boston spwr.;  Graduated Tufts in 1933.   Boston Transcript spwr.  later, sp.ed.(1933-41),   Boston Globe spwr. & columnist('43-73,Nov.).  Authored many books.  Historian, statistician, grammarian.  d.  heart attack
Lester Bromberg Mar. 12 1909-1989 Feb. 21 79 NYC 10002 NY
James (Jimmy) Cannon Apr.10 1909-1973 Dec.5 64 Brooklyn,NY NYC NYC Sp.wr.;NY Daily News('29-30),NY World-Telegram columnist('30-34),International News Service features('35-36),NY American('36-39),PM correspondent('41-42),Stars & Stripes('42-45),NY Post sp.wr.('45-59,72-73),NY Journal-American('59-67),Hearst('67-72)
Bernard (Barney) Kremenko My. 8 1909-1990 Jan. 20 80 1931 Mineola,NY NY
Albert Simon (Al) Hirshberg My. 10 1909-1973 Apr. 11 63 Bost.MA Pocasset,MA Boston spwr.; grad. Boston U. B.S. (1932); Boston Post(1930-52), Boston Herald-Traveler columnist '64-68, U.S. Navy, 2.5 yrs. (became lieutenant), Authored over 50 books, incl. books on Piersall, Yaz, Cousy, F.Howard.   d.  cerebral hemorrhage
Simon (Si) Burick                                  J Jun. 14 1909-1986 Dec. 10 77 1928 1986 Dayton,OH Dayton,OH 45405 Dayton,OH sp. wr.; Dayton Daily News sp. ed. & columnist('28-86);Also broadcaster & author.Inducted into BB Hall of Fame(Ford Frick Award,'83),First sp. wr. elected to BB H. of F. who didn't write for ML BB city. Nat. SpWR & SPCster H of F('84). d. stroke
Fred Wittner Aug. 26 1909-1972 Jul. 6 63 1931 1939 Brooklyn,NY Scarsdale,NY Brook., NY
Harold L. (Hal) Middlesworth Sept.19 1909-1984 Apr.24 74 Detroit,MI 48207 Detroit Free Press sportswriter('35-60),Detroit Tigers PR director('60-79),Sp.N. correspondent; Also worked for Washington Times-Herald.       d.  cancer
George Alvin (Al) Helfer Sept.26 1909-1975 My. 16 65 1970 PA Sacramento,CA
George S. Vecsey Nov.16 1909-1984 Nov.27 75 1943 1975 Hollis,NY NY
Gerald Curtin Sylvester               32 R Dec. 7 1909-1977 My. 7 67 22-33 1939                                   Randallstown,MD NY                                                              d.  cancer
Robert (Bob) Addie Feb. 6 1910-1982 Jan. 18 71 1977 Wash.,D.C. 20034 Washington, NY spwr.; New York Journal-American journalist, Washington Times-Herald general reporter & sp. wr.(?-54), Washington Post reporter,sp.wr., & columnist('54-77), wrote column for Sporting News,selection comm.BB Hall of Fame.Author:Sports Writer
Hyman Hurwitz                                       J Mar. 22 1910-1966 My. 1 56 1926 1966 Brookline,MA Boston spwr.; Boston Globe spwr.('26-66),started as nite copy boy. Enlisted WWII, Bronze Star, J.Piersal's & Ted William's ghost-writer, secretary-treasurer of BWAA, since 1958,  only 5' 4.5,   d.  had been hospitalized since heart attack April 11, 1966.
John Fleming My. 6 1910-1974 Jan.29 63 Little Rock,AR 72204 Arkansas Gazette
Martin J. (Marty) Kehoe My. 20 1910-1974 Feb. 9 63 Newport,KY Cincinnati,OH;  sp. ed. Kentucky ed of Cincinnati Enquirer.  Had been associated with Enquirer for 43 yrs & had been Kentucky edition sp. ed for 30 yrs.
Harold Seymour Jun. 21 1910-1992 Sep.26 82 1928 1990 NYC Keene,NH 03431 NY baseball author;  Wrote an extremely definitive 3 part history of baseball.
Edwin J. Delaney Sept.27 1910-1966 Oct. 22 56 20's 1966 Manoa,PA Phil. sp. wr.;  Phil. Daily News('25-56), Phil. Bulletin('59-66), d.  heart attack at home
Ira Seebacher Jan. 29 1911-1981 Feb. 10 70 NY
Les Carmichael                       94 (11)-1973 Feb. 26 62 1973 Virginia St. Louis sp. announcer;  St. Louis KWK radio sp. announcer for St. Louis Browns baseball team.  Later switched to KWK-TV & KMOX-TV.  Before he arrived in St. Louis, he worked for radio stations in Shreveport,LA, Des Moines,IA, Topeka,KS.  
Paul L. Walker Mar. 3 1911-1973 Aug. 21 62 Columbus,OH Columbus,OH
Tommy Devine (11)-1968 Jun.8 57 1940 1962 Detroit, MI  Columbus Citizen  (1940-43, Mar.1) United Press bureau, sp. ed. Chicago office (Mar.1, 1942-46),   Detroit Free Press spwr. (1947- 59, Jan.); covered Michigan sports('46-57), respected college football analyst; covered '47 &'48 national college football champions;  Army induct., 11-15-43).
(Devine, continued)  Sporting News correspondent   Miami News sp. ed. around Nov. '59-1962, Jul.).   Married:  Lois Ernestine Albert in Aug., 1941. 
Alex Zirin                                                  ? Aug. 31 1911-1977 Jan.23 65 Shaker Heights,OH Cle. spwr.:   Retired by 1956.
Charles Philip (Phil) Howser Dec. 17 1911-1974 My. 30 62 1935 1970 Charlotte,NC Charlotte,NC
Francis Edward Stann Jan. 9 1912-1987 Nov.18 75 1933 1973 Wash.D.C. Stuart,FL Wash.
Timothy Sylvester Cohane                   ? Feb. 7 1912-1989 Jan. 22 76 1940 1967 New Haven,Ct. Derry,NH 03038 Sp. ed. Look,Sunrise (mag)
Milton Gross                                           ? Feb. 13 1912-1973 My. 9 61 1937 1973 Rockville Centre,NY NY spwr:  NY Post sp. columnist('37-73).  Covered Yankees & boxing many yrs.  His column was syndicated.  Some books: Floyd Patterson bio. Victory Over Myself, many mag articles.   d.  heart ailment
John Lardner My. 4 1912-1960 Mar. 24 47 1931 1960 Chicago,IL NY spwr.;  NY Herald Tribune reporter (son of the famous Chicago, NY spwr. Ring Lardner; 
Edwin F. Fite Jul.25 1912-1975 Jun.8 62 Dallas,TX  Southwestern regional sp. ed. for UPI for more than 20 yrs.;  Joined news service in '41 after serving as sp. ed.of 2 papers in Tyler,TX.  With UPI, he handled sports in 9 state area. In 1971, he transferred to general news dept. for southwest area.
William F. (Bill) Slocum, Jr. Jul. 30 1912-1974 Nov.26 62 Somerville,MA NY
Ray Grody Sept.2 1912-1975 Aug.4 62 Milwaukee,WI 53220 sportswriter; Milwaukee Sentinel('39-75), Wisconsin News
Albert L. Orrick Oct. 10 1912-1973 Jan.31 60 Cleveland Hts,OH Cle.
William J. Briordy Dec. 28 1912-1966 Aug. 1 55 30's 1966 NYC NY sp. wr.; NY Times sp. wr.('31-55)
Jack Sher Mar. 26 1913-1988 Aug. 23 75 1949 Minneapolis,MN Beverly Hills,CA NY ?-49,LA 49-88 -  Sport
Robert C. Morrison Jun. 22 1913-1969 Nov. 13 56 1936 1969 St. Louis,MO St. Louis  spwr.;  attended Washington U. in St. Louis.  Associated Press for 2 yrs. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1936-69).  Covered all sports, recent yrs. FB.    Buried:  Calvary Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Robert F. (Bob) Ingham Jul. 29 1913-1973 Nov. 6 60 St. Louis,MO St. L,Akr.,Tol,Salt Lake City
Herman Louis Masin Jun.21 1913-SA02 1936 SA02 NYC NYC Senior Scholastic Coach Mag, Sp.Ed.('36-SA02)  tel. # 212-989-2516
Raymond (Ray) Kelly Jan. 24 1914-1988 Nov.22 74 1945 1979 Phil.,PA 19136 Phil.
Will Henry Grimsley Jan. 27 1914-2002 Oct.31 88 1932 Monterey,TN Garden City,NY 11530 AP,Memphis,NY spwr;  Nashville Evening Tennessean spwr & sp.ed.('32-43), Memphis AP news correspondent & national columnist('43-47), NY AP spwr. ('47-85,Jan.). He specialized in golf,tennis,college football, Olympics.
(Grimsley, continued) He covered most major events in boxing, baseball, football, horse racing. From '77-84, wrote daily nationally syndicated sp. column, "Grimsley's Sports World". Contributed over 200 articles to magazines. Elected Spwr of Yr. 4 times.
Luther (Dean) Eagle Mar. 16 1914-1973 Apr. 21 58 Louisville sp.wr.;  Corbin Tribune(KY),  Harland Enterprise(KY),  Arrived in Louisville('41),  head of Louisville Times sp. Dept.,  Louisville Courier-Journal sp. ed.('69-73),   d.  heart attack
Bob Hunter Mar.19 1914-1993 Oct.21 79 40's Sherman Oaks,CA Los Angeles Examiner, Herald Examiner, Valley News, Los Angeles Daily News.
Paul J. Elliott Jun. 22 1914-1972 Jul. 14 58 A sports copy editor for the Detroit News;    d.  heart attack while playing tennis
John Wendell Smith Jun. 27 1914-1972 Nov.26 58 1937 1972 Detroit,MI Chicago,IL Pitts.
Robert L. Burnes Jul.13 1914-1995 Jul.11 80 St. Louis,MO 63109 St. Louis spwr.;   St. Louis Globe-Democrat (1959)               Buried:  Catholic Resurrection Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Francis Bonaventure (Bonnie) Ryan Jul. 14 1914-1974 My. 6 59 Madison,IL Madison,WI
Gene Schoor                                          ? Jul. 26 1914-2000 Dec.13 86 Passaic,NJ NYC 10002 Story of Ty Cobb,BB's Gr Pl.
Harold Winerip Sept.2 1914-1980 Jul.24 1937? 1967? Quincy, MA 02170 Boston Traveler;
Joseph F. McHenry Sept.19 1914-1975 Apr. 1 60 1946 1975 Providence,RI Providence, RI spwr.;  Providence Journal-Bulletin (RI) spwr. (1946-75).  Was a correspondent for Sporting News.
Louis Simon                                           ? Oct. 27 1914-1973 Feb. 9 58 Tonawanda,NY Tonawanda,NY
Ray Downing Knight Dec. 19 1914-1974 Jan.4 59 Jacksonville,FL Jacksonville,FL  spwr.;   a sports and entertainment columnist for the Jacksonville Journal (FL), d.  followed an operation.  Left more than $1m to churches, schools, and charities.
Michael Gillooly                                   Dec. 31 1914-1965 Oct.9 50 Boston spwr.;   Boston Record-American spwr. & harness racing writer.  (1935-65).  He joined the paper as a copy boy for his father, Sp. ed. John B. Gillooly.
Leland Gaither (Lee) Allen Jan. 12 1915-1969 My. 20 54 1945 1969 Cinc.,OH Syracuse,NY Cincinnati sp. wr., BB author; Reds PR writer('38-39,43-45), Gruen Watch Co(Cinc.,OH,40-42), WSAI(Cincinnati radio sta,sp. brdcaster,('48-50); KYW(Phil. radio sta. brdcaster,('51-53); Cincinnati Times-Star & Cincinnati Enquirer(45-58)
(Allen,continued), Baseball Hall of Fame historian('59-69). Brought 55 cartons of books & record files to Cooperstown,NY BB H of Fame.
Hy Turkin                                                 J My. 9 1915-1955 Jun.24 40 NYC NYC NY
Roy Patrick McHugh Jun. 12 1915-SA01 1947 Cedar Rapids,IA Pittsburgh sp.wr.; Attend Coe College ('40), Army ('42-46).  Cedar Rapids Gazette reporter (1940-47),  Pittsburgh Press (spwr. '47-61,  sp. columnist, '63-69,  sp.ed., '69-72, gen. col., '72--),   Evansville Sunday Courier & Press sp.ed. (Ind.) (1961-63),
Robert C. (Corky) Lamm Jul. 3 1915-1974 Jan.13 58 1974 Indianapolis,IN Indianapolis,IN
Joseph L. Reichler                             J Jan.1 1916-1989 Dec.12 73 NYC Roslyn Hts,NY NY, 1942-1989;Associated Press('43-66)
Herbert (Red) Goren (Old Scout) Apr.5 1916-1991 Feb.8 74 1936 Floral Park,NY 11005 NY spwr.;  NY Sun (1935-50) covered Brooklyn Dodgers, Conducted a column where he called himself "The Old Scout".  NY Rangers Publicity director (1956-65), ABC PR staff.  d.  North Shore Hosp., Manhasset, L.I., NY., after heart surgery.
Allen Lewis                                     Dec.17 1916-2003 Sept.14 86 1949 1979 Beechville,PA Clearwater ,FL 33765 Philadelphia spwr.;  Philadelphia Phillies beat writer from 1946 until 1972, retired from the Inquirer in 1979 and was a member of the Hall of Fame's Veterans Committee from 1979 until 2000. He served as chairman of Major League Baseball's Scoring
(Lewis, continued)  Scoring Committee from 1960 to 1974.  He briefly covered the Philadelphia Warriors of the Basketball Association of America, the fore-runner of the NBA, and chronicled that team's championship in 1946.
 (Lewis, continued)  In 1981, Lewis was awarded the J.G. Taylor Spink Award, which gained him admission to the writers' wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He graduated in 1940 from Haverford College, where he played on the football and baseball teams.
(Lewis, continued)  He was drafted the following year and achieved the rank of Air Force captain by the end of the Second World War.  Lewis came out of retirement in 1980 to assist with the Inquirer's coverage of the Phillies' World Series triumph,
(Lewis, continued)   and later provided a weekly baseball trivia question for Sunday papers.
Robert E. (Bob) Stevens Oct.10 1916-2002 Jan.2 85 1940 San Bruno,CA 94066
William E. (Eddie) Read Jun. 18 1916-1973 My. 28 56 Canada Rancho Santa Fe,CA LA,San Diego,
Herbert Warren Wind Aug. 11 1916-2005 Jun.6 88 1947 Brockton, MA Bedford, MA Golf Writer;  New Yorker, 1947-1954;  1962-89;   Sports Illustrated, 1954-60;  Golf &Tennis
Robert (Bob) Allison Aug. 23 1916-1974 Apr. 5 57 Phoenix,AZ Flagstaff,Phoenix
Harold Paul (Hal) Lebovitz                   ? Sept.11 1916-SA01 1946 1993 Cleveland,OH Cleveland spwr.; Grad. Western reserve U. BA. (1938), HS chemistry & math teacher (& athletic coach) in Euclid, OH, 1938-48: Cleveland News sp. reporter & columnist,'1948-60, Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist, '60-84, sp.ed., '64-84.
(Lebovitz, cont.)   Sporting News, columnist, '70-92.  Gannett Syndicate, '79-82.  Dir. Cleve. Jewish News, '71-89;baseball umpire, '37-50, FB official., '4071, basketball official., '4060; Sporting News Cleve. corr., '50-64,  FB official.,  '40-71.
Adolph  (A. D.) (Adie) Suehsdorf Dec. 26 1916-SA01 Great Amer.  BB Scrapbook, 1961
Wendell A. (Wendy) Foltz My. 13 1917-1973 My. 8 55 Battle Creek,MI Battle Creek Enquirer(MI) sp.ed.,   Battle Creek News(MI) sp.ed.          d.  heart attack
Paul McLaughlin Campbell    Sept. 1 1917-1971 Aug.17 53 Paw Creek,NC Springfield,OH Reds Tr. Sec.  WW in Prof. BB
Richard (Dick) Young Oct. 17 1917-1987 Aug. 31 70 1942 1987 NYC NYC NY spwr.;  NY Daily News sportswriter, columnist, sp. ed. (1942-82), NY post spwr. and sp. ed. NY Post (1982-87).
Robert  William (Bob) Broeg              ? Mar. 18 1918-SA01 1945 St. Louis,MO St. Louis spwr.; St. Louis Post-Dispatch staff writer, 1945-58, sp. ed. '58-85, & ass. to publisher '77-85. His columns appeared in TSN until the 1980's.
Richard D. Baker Apr. 4 1918-1974 Jan. 10 55 Cincinnati,OH Cincinnati
William J. (Jack) Hennigan Sept.28 1918-1971 Sept. 5 53 Rosedale,NY NY spwr.;    NY Mirror spwr. & reporter, copy ed., rewrite man,    Long Island Star spwr.  NY Morning Telegraph copy ed. a horse racing pub.
James Furman Bisher Nov.4 1918-SA02 1938 Denton,NC Questionnaire Oct. 10, 1999,St 1950 Atlanta sp. ed.; Lumberton Voice ed.('38-39),High Point Enterprise wire service & sp. ed.('39-40),Charlotte News(state ed.,'40-42, sp.ed.,46-50),Atlanta Constitution sp.ed.('50-57),Atlanta Journal & Sunday Journal-Constitution('57-pres.),Sp.News columnist
Robert F. (Bob) Holbrook                       Jan.29 1919-2004 Jan.13 84 1940 1990 Newton, MA 02458 Boston spwr.;   Began with Boston Globe as copy boy in 1936, after grad. HS.  Began covering sports in '40, when he reported his 1st ML game.  After WWII army service, covered both ML teams.  Still covered Red Sox by '62, when promoted to ass. Sp. Ed.
(Holbrook, continued)  Executive Assistant/Secretary to 3 AL Pres.  (1965-85),  consultant to league '85 to 90. Later worked briefly as public relations ass. for Red Sox. d.  St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston,MA
Charles R. (Bob) Englert Apr. 24 1919-1974 Apr. 15 54 1971 Cranston,RI Providence,RI
Thomas Rodgers My. 21 1919-1973 My. 21 58 Villanova,PA Pitts.,Phil.
David J. Grote Jul. 3 1919-1978 Dec.31 59 Mr 48 Cincinnati,OH Moraga,CA 94556
Fred Digby Jul. 25 1919-1993  Aug.23 74 New Orleans
Ned Irish Aug. 15 1919-1993 Jul. 8 73 Hanover,PA17331 Brooklyn,NY
Edward Earl (Ed) Fitzgerald Sept.10 1919-2001 Feb.11 81 NYC New Rochelle,NY Sport magazine editor-in-chief,1951-60
James Patrick (Jim) Murray, Jr. Dec.29 1919-1998 Aug. 17 78 1954 Hartford,CT LA,CA Los Angeles sp.wr.; Trinity College(Hartford,CT) BA('41), Moved Hollywood('44).  Los Angeles Examiner('44-48). Wrote for Time Magazine('48-61).Won National Sportswriter of the Year 4 times('64, '66, '77, '79).  d.  cardiac arrest
(Murray, continued), Helped found Sports Illustrated('53), Doctor of Literature('81), Pepperdine U. Doctor of Laws("87), BB's Hall of Fame Spink Award('88), Pulitzer Prize('90),  Buried: Holy Cross Cemetery & Mausoleum, Culver City, CA
Neal Russo Jun.12 1920-1996 Mar.9 75 PA St. Louis,MO 63139 St. Louis sp. wr.; St. Louis Post-Dispatch('47-Sept.'90),  covered the Cardinals from '58-77.  covered the '64, '67, '68.    d.  congestive heart failure
Roger Angell Sept.19 1920- Baseball author & magazine writer of articles; Magazine X('46-47), Holiday('47-56), New Yorker fiction ed. & general contributor('56-?),
Harold N. (Bud) Saidt Nov. 11 1920-1989 Apr. 8 68 1964 1989 Trenton,NJ 08648 Trenton
Giacoma Costa (Al Costello) Dec. 14 1920-2000 Jan. 22 80 1957 Clearwater ,FL 33765 Wash. professional wrestler
Lloyd A. Armstrong Mar. 7 1921-1974 Mar. 1 52 1974   Peoria,IL Pekin Times
Melvin Durslag                                       ? Apr. 29 1921-SA 1980's Chicago,IL
John Frederick (Jack) Lang My. 5 1921-SA01 1946 Brooklyn,NY NY sp. wr. Long Island Press('46-77,March),  NY Daily News,  Covered Dodgers till they left, Covered Yankees ('58-61), Covered Mets since they started. Won Taylor Spink in '86, inductee to BB H of F.
Charles Ritter Collett Jun. 14 1921-2001 Sept.25 80 1946 Ironton,OH Dayton,OH 45410 Dayton;  Sp. ed. of Dayton(OH)Journal,Herald Journal (Dayton,OH), Dayton(OH)DailyNews. Wrote:The Cincinnati Reds, a pictorial history of professional baseball's oldest team(1976), Men of the Machine(1977). & several other sports books. Spink Award('92).
Fred A. Ciampa Aug. 19 1921-1973 Jul. 17 51 1973 Bost.,MA Boston sp. wr.;  Boston Traveler sp. wr.,  Boston Herald American, Boston Traveler(?-'67), Boston Record American('67-
Albert Jules McClane Jan. 26 1922-1991 Dec.21 69
Milton Saul Richman                            J Jan. 29 1922-1986 Jun. 9 64 1946 1986 NYC NYC NY
Arnold Hano Mar. 2 1922-SA76 1954 NYC NY sp. wr.;  book ed.,newspaper ed., High School teacher;  lived in Laguna Beach,CA
Lawrence Stanley Ritter My.23 1922-2004 Feb.15 81 NYC BB author:  Main claim to fame< his superb book, The Glory of Their Times.  He took the title from the passage in Biblical Ecclesiastics: "All these were honored in their generations and were the glory of their times."  Grad. Indiana U. , Doctorate from
Wisconsin.  Also wrote text for "The Babe:  A Life in Pictures", with Mark Rucker (1988).  After Ty Cob died in '66, Laurence traveled 75,000 around the country with a reel-to-reel tape recorder, and interviewed 22 ballplayers from Ty's era.  He made only
about $35,000 profit from around 360,000 book sales, due to his sharing his royalties with those players he interviewed.  He turned the original tapes over to the BB Hall of Fame.  They are now available in excerpt form in CD or tape cassette format.
Professor of Finance and Economics at NYC for 30 yrs.  "I don't like the players, I don't like the umpires, I don't like the owners, but I love the game."  Interested in BB since 1931.   d.  at his Manhattan apt., after a series of strokes.             
Robert W. Creamer Jul.14 1922-SA Bronxville Review-Press ad. manager('48-49), Westchester Herald ad. manager('49), Collier's Encyclopedia ass. ed.('50-54), Sports Illustrated-staff writer('54-55), ass.ed.('550?), senior ed.(?-'85); authored 8 baseball books, numerous BB & sports articles
William R. (Bill) Roeder Feb.11 1923-1982 Aug. 15 59 Millertown,NY 12546 New York sports writer; NY Journal-American
Grady Edgebert Hatton, Jr. Oct. 7 1922-SA98 Beaumont,TX WW inPBB73
Edward Allen Linn                                 ? Nov. 14 1922-2000 Feb. 7 77 1950 Boston,MA San Diego,CA 92106 Bost,NY,D.C.,
James K. (Jimmy) Bell Nov. 19 1922-1973 Sept.10 50 Alton,IL Alton,IL sp. wr.;  Alton Telegraph(TN) sp. wr.,  Sporting News(St. Louis),  Had also worked for papers in South Dakota, Illinois and Indiana.   d.  lung cancer
John (Jack) Murphy Feb. 5 1923-1980 Sept.24 57 Poway,CA 92064 San Diego Sp. Ed. & columnist           d.  cancer
Early M. Lawson Feb. 1 1923-2003 Jan.14 79 1946 Fb  85 Sacramento,CA 95864 Cinc. sp. wr.; Cincinnati Times-Star ('51-58), Cincinnati Post ('58-84),   Spink Award (Baseball Hall of Fame, '86).
Jesse L. Outlar My. 6 1923-SA03 1947 Finleyson,GA Atlanta spwr.;  Atlanta Constitution spwr. ('47-57) sp.ed('57-?)
George William (Bill) Givens Sept.13 1923-1973 Oct. 7 50 Rochester,NY Roch,Bost,Phil,Schen. B. Woodlawn Nat. Cem.,NY
Leonard Koppett                                   J Sept.15 1923-2003 Jun.22 79 1948 2003 Moscow,Russia San Francisco,CA Born Moscow, moved US 1928, NY Herald sp. wr.('48-54), NY Post sp.wr.('54-63), NY Times sp.wr.('63-73), NY Times correspondent in Palo Alto,CA('73-78), Peninsula Times-Tribune sp. ed.(Palo Alto,CA, '79-93). Spink Award (BB, Hall of Fame, '93)
(Koppett, continued)  Leonard was vastly interested in history, opera, classical music, Marx Bros. movies.  He thought expansion was a disaster for baseball.  He was also vastly interested in a statistical analysis approach to baseball.
Al Rosen                                                 ? Feb. 29 1924-SA00
David Rensing Condon Mar. 4 1924-1994 Dec. 5 70 1944 1982 Las Vegas,NV Chicago,IL 60655 Chicago;  Las Vegas Daily Optic, South Bend Tribune, Chicago Tribune('44-82);  In 1955 he took over the "Wake of the News" column from Arch Ward & held it until he retired('82).Specialized in football.
Ira (Bill) Searby My. 13 1924-1973 Feb.28 47 1948 1973 Amityville,NY Long Island
John Joseph Kuenster Jun.18 1924-SA02 1947 Chicago,IL Chicago New World Weekly, sp. columnist,('47-48), Columbian Weekly general columnist('48-56), Chicago Daily News beat writer, covered & traveled with both the Cubs & White Sox('57-65), Baseball Digest ass. ed.('69-present). Authored Heartbreakers('01),
Joseph Paul Durso                             Jun.22 1924-2004 Dec.31 80 1950 2001 NYC Nissequogue, NY NY sports writer;  Raised in Hudson Falls in Adirondacks, NY, and Upper Darby, PA.  Left NYU in  jr. yr. to enlist in  Army Air Forces. Became pilot / flight instructor.  Returned college, 1945   Received  bachelor's degree economics, 1946, and yr. later earned master's degree from Graduate Sch.  Journalism at Columbia University. 
reporter Newark Evening News, 1947. Months later, moved radio station WINS ( New York) as news and sp. Writer.  Soon became  director news and special events.   In 1950  became copy ed. on nat. news desk of NY Times.   Assistant to  nat. news ed., head of the city copy desk and ass. city ed. Became a sportswriter in 1964. NY Times spwr. '64-2001.  
Voted Taylor Spink Award in 1995, (BB H of F).  D. University Hospital in Stony Brook, N.Y of cancer.  His Books: My Luke & I (1976), bio of Gehrig with his wife Eleanor.  Casey & Mr. McGraw (1989). The Days of Mr. McGraw (1969). Others on Mets, Mantle, Ford, DiMaggio, World Series, Tug McGraw.  He liked writing about NY stuff.
John Dennis McCallum Jun. 27 1924-1988 Dec.17 64 1950 1954 Tacoma,WA Tacoma, WA 98444 Tacoma, NY spwr.:  Tacoma Nes Tribune, Tacoma Times, Oregonian (Portland), Spokane Daily Chronicle,  all before 1948.  NYC Newspaper Enterprise Ass., Ass. Sp. Ed. (1950-54); Wrote 2 books on Ty Cobb.  One of them was The Tiger Wore Spikes (juvenile)1956, Ty Cobb, 1975.
(McCallum, continued) Attended Washington State U. '42-43, '45-47, & NYU, 1943,  A.S. Barnes & Co., Inc., NYC, Dir. Of Premium Bk. Div., 1954-58; lecturer for Antrim Bureau., Phil., PA & Nat. Sch. Assemblies, LA, CA, 1963-71, full-time writer, 1971-.  Member of sports committee. US Army, 1943-45.
Alfred M. (Al) Thomy Jan.1 1925-SA04 1955 1986 27408 Atlanta Constitution spwr., '55-86
Robert Churchill (Bob) McConnell Jan.18 1925-SA02 1937 Seattle,WA Wilmington,DE ('52),mechanical engineer;  Phone Sept 14, 1999
Earl Morey Jun. 2 1925-1973 Oct. 26 48 Kansas City,KS Kansas City,KS sp. ed.;  Lawrence Journal-World sp. ed.;    PR director for Kansas City Royals in 1968.  Assistant news ed. of Pittsburgh Morning Sun (Kansas).
Herbert A. (Herby) Kirby Jul. 14 1925-1974 Jan. 2 47 New Orleans,LA Birmingham
Samuel J. (Sammy) Glassman Sept.24 1925-1973 Oct. 16 48 Atlanta,GA Valdosta,GA Valdosta,GA spwr;   Macon(GA) Telegraph, Thomasville (GA) Times-Enterprise,  Valdosta Daily Times sp. ed.
Roy Thomas (Mousey) Hartsfield Oct. 25 1925- Chattahoochee,GA Who's who in Prof. BB '73
John P. (Jack) Horrigan Dec.30 1925-1973 Jun. 2 47 Buffalo,NY Un.Pr.,Buffalo
Phil Collier Dec. 7 1925-2001 Feb.24 75 1946 1999 San Diego,CA 92109 LA, San Diego                                          d. cancer
Jerome J. Holtzman                                  ? Jul. 12 1926-SA02 1945 Chicago, IL Chi.
Joseph Thomas McGuff Aug.15 1926- 1948 1992 Tulsa,OK Kansas City sp.wr.;Attended Marquette University;Tulsa World, Kansas City Star('48-92).Covered the Kansas City Blues baseball team in the AA league from '51, When the Phil. Athletics moved from Phil. to Kansas City,MO in '55, started covering them until
(McGuff, continued), they left in '68.  He became sp.ed in '66 and vice-president & editor from '86 until he retired in '92.  He was former President of the BWAA and was voted outstanding Missouri sp.wr. 6 times, member of Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.
Leonard Shecter Sept. 5 1926-1974 Jan. 19 47 NY
John Francis Steadman Feb. 14 1927-2001 Jan. 1 73 1945 2000 Stevensville,MD 21666 Baltimore sports writer; Baltimore News-Post reporter(1945,sp.ed., - 1956), Baltimore News-American,Baltimore Evening Sun('80's), Baltimore Sun('95-2000,Dec.3). wrote 7 books,  d.  cancer
Howard M. Sigmand Jun. 19 1927-1975 Mar. 20 47 NYC Ass. Sp. Ed.Intn. Nws.Serv.
Edward J. Chilinski (Ed Chay) Sept.19 1926-1997 Oct. 29 71 1953 1986 Venice,FL 34292 Cleveland Plain Dealer('53-86), 1st Pres.  of Track & Field  Writers of Amer.
Joseph Francis Falls My. 2 1928-2004 Aug.11 76 1951 2004 NYC Detroit, MI NY & Detroit spwr;   AP copyboy, NYC ('45-51), NY spwr.('51-53), AP sp. ed., Det.,('53-56), Detroit Times spwr.('56-60), Detroit Free Press spwr.('60-65) sp.ed. & columnist('66-78), Detroit News sp.ed. & columnist (1978-2004, death);  Sporting News correspondent('65-85).  Won Spink Award in 2002.
(Falls, continued)  Mr. Falls covered 50 World Series, 20 Kentucky Derbys, 15 Super Bowls, 20 Masters and United States Open golf tournaments, 25 Indianapolis 500's, and assorted events such as Rose Bowls, Stanley Cup finals, and NBA finals.
Robert D. (Bob) Green Feb. 13 1932-1998 Jul. 15 66 1995 Weatherford,TX 76088 Ass.Pr. Golf Writer
Jack Raymond Murphy, Jr. Feb.5 1933-1980 Sept.25 47 Sp. wr.; Tulas World(before & after WWII), Fort Worth Star-Telegram,Daily Oklahoman(OK. City), San Diego Union('50-80), also free-lanced for New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, Newsweek, and others.  d.  3 month fight against cancer.
Richard P. Koster Aug.1 1934-1994 Jul.2 58 St. Louis, MO St. Louis spwr. ;  St. Louis Globe-Democrat spwr. & Sporting News  pro FB columnist  Buried: Cavalry Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Elmore L. Keener, Jr. Nov. 5 1935-1973 Oct. 22 37 Pitts.,PA Pitts.
Francis M. White                                  99 Nov.9 1935-1974 Feb. 22 38 Big Spring,TX Odessa,TX sp. ed.;
Glenn E. Dickey Feb.16 1936- Phone June 1999
Joseph John Vecchione Jan. 9 1937-SA88 1960 Jersey City,NJ NY
Ross R. Newhan Apr.5 1937-SA01
Harold Brown Dec. 15 1939-1974 Jan. 8 34 Lincoln,NE Lincoln,NE
Harold S. (Hal) McCoy Oct.18 1940- Dayton sp.wr.;  Grad. Kent State U. Sch. of Journalism.  BBWAA Pres.('97), Cinc. BBWAA chapter chair 22 times, instrumental in Pete Rose investigation , Dayton Daily News spwr., covered Reds from 1970 on.
(McCoy, cont.)  Wrote gutsy, courageous stories on Cincy owner, Marge Schott, got himself exiled from her media room 4 times. Didn't deter his typewriter.  Kept writing them straight.  Won Taylor Spink Award in 2002, Baseball's Sportswriters Hall of Fame.
Carl Lundquist Sept.24 1941- Duluth,MN
Roy A. Blount, Jr. Oct.4 1941- Sp. ILL.sp.wr.
James Curtis (Kurt) McGregor     Dec.8 1941-1973 Jan. 20 31 Kwanee,IL Logan,UT Logan,UT sports editor; of the Logan(Utah) Herald;  died of a rare disease that attacks the motor nerve centers; Wrote columns by secretary typing his dictation,  due to loss of use of his arms & legs.
Frank E. Barrett, Jr. Apr. 30 1944-1973 Nov. 29 29 1973 Boston,MA Lowell Sun(MA) sp. wr.;  covered Bruins & Red Sox.   d.  following open heart surgery.
Peter W. Gammons Apr. 9 1945-SA01 Boston,MA Boston spwr.;  Boston Globe columnist(1969-86),  Sports Illustrated sr. writer(1982-90),  ML baseball studio analyst,  ESPN, 1988-  ,  columnist,  1990
Thomas Murray Boswell Nov. 10 1947-SA01 Wash.D.C. Washington,DC sp.wr.;  graduated St. Stephen's School in Alexandria,VA. Bachelor's degree(Amherst College,'69);  Washington Post sp. wr.('69-present).
Frank Deford Sports Illustrated sportswriter;  Sportswriter of the Year 6 times;  Contributing editor to Newsweek, Contributor to HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
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