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What is my Angels uniform from 1963 worth?

Steve wrote:


I have a old game used Angels uniform from 1963.It is a #48 jersey that belonged to Don Lee and pants belonging to Paul Foytack.The uniform is in generally good shape.I also have a cap which looks decent but the lining around the inside edge is all dryed up and has fallen off but I have all the pieces.Do you have a idea what something like this is worth and who would be intrested in buying something like this.



Charlie Haeffner's Reply:

Sorry for the delay, but it's taken me a while to research this.

I never handled jerseys at shows, but have encountered several dealers who have sold them. I always was amazed at the prices they sought and, I presume, received for their merchandise. Of course, what an item goes for at retail, and what that retailer is paying for the item in the first place, are two different things.

There are no price guides that I've encountered that deal with jerseys or caps, but I finally found a website that can shed some light on how much older jerseys go for at retail. It's, and it has quite an inventory of game-used jerseys at surprisingly high prices -- in excess of $2,000 for jerseys from the era of your uniform. I don't know how pants fit into the equation. I haven't seen any listing specifically for those.

It is not clear from the site what kind of condition their uniforms are in. I'm not sure how they would grade them, or how they might grade yours. But that would likely figure significantly in any calculations.

Caps appear to be a much less prized possession, and the condition of yours would mitigate against it. Still, there is probably a market. If it was in nice shape and autographed, it would carry a fairly attractive price tag. Game-used autographed caps of modern players regularly fetch $100 or more in various auctions. Still, even unautographed, I've got to think there would be some demand for yours.

Anyway, the site is the best I've found for older jerseys. You can contact them and see what they might offer. And ask them about the cap. I think they occasionally list such items, and if they're not interested, they might know someone -- or some company -- that is.

Beyond that, I suggest that you scour a publication such as Sports Collectors Digest for ads that carry uniform items. That can provide leads. And in the same publication is a listing of upcoming sports collector shows, by region. If there is one near you that appears to have a lot of dealers, you could take your uniform there and shop it around. A smaller show -- of say 75 or fewer tables -- isn't likely to draw a uniform dealer. The ones I've seen have been at shows with 150 or more tables.

I hope this helps.

Charlie Haeffner

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