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           New York Yankees by the Numbers:  11-15

                                      By Dr. Harvey Frommer

          All kinds of amazing, unusual, milestone numbers have been put up by the Yankees of New York. Some of the numbers spark memories, others controversy, others surprise. Herewith for you reading pleasure the newest edition. Enjoy – and pass on other numbers to your loyal scribe.   


          Record set for most RBI’s in consecutive games, Babe Ruth 1931

          Most walks in one inning, the third,Yankees versus  Senators, September 11, 1949

          Most at bats one game, Bobby Richardson, June 24, 1962, game against Detroit went 22 innings.

          Pitcher Ron Guidry was the eleventh Yankee Captain from March 4, 1986 to July 12, 1989.

June 3, 2003, the Yankees named Derek Jeter their 11th captain.



          Babe Ruth career home run rate per at bat.

          "I could have had a lifetime .600 average, but I would have had to hit them singles. The people were paying to see me hit home runs." Babe Ruth



          The number of ballparks Babe Ruth hit at least one home run in.

The number of times Babe Ruth led the American League in homers.

Billy Martin's rookie uniform number. 
          First baseman Don Mattingly was the 13th Yankee Captain from February 28, 1991 to October 8, 1995.


Home plate was moved 13 feet forward in 1924, eliminating the "bloody angle" in the right field corner of Yankee Stadium.

Bill Dickey holds record catching over 100 games 13 consecutive seasons.

Number of seasons Joe DiMaggio played for the Yankees.

          Derek Jeter was the 13th Captain in Yankee history from September 3, 2003 to season’s end 2014.            

"This is a great honor. Captain of the Yankees is not a title that is thrown around lightly. It is a huge responsibility and one that I take very seriously. I thank Mr. Steinbrenner for having such confidence in me." - Derek Jeter


The number of players Yankees lost in the 1918 season to military service. 

Team record for runs scored in an inning: fifth inning against Washington, July 6, 1920. 
Yogi Berra stayed away from Yankee Stadium for 14 years after George Steinbrenner fired him through an emissary 16 games into the 1985.


`                  In 1927, Babe Ruth blasted 14% of all the home runs recorded in the American League.


Babe Ruth three times homered 15 times in one month; DiMaggio and Maris accomplished that feat once. 
          Lou Gehrig, career steals of home

The number of consecutive seasons Yogi Berra was a member of the American League All Star team. He actually made 18 teams in all.

July 18, 1999 -- David Cone's perfect game against the Montreal Expos was the 15th regular season perfect game.

$15.00    Bob Sheppard's per game earning in 1951 when he began working for the Yankees, allowing for inflation this is approximately $138 in today’s dollars.

`       Thurman Munson retired uniform number

Babe Ruth, total World Series home runs, second place all time. 
 Most runs allowed by Yankees in post-season competition, Game 6, 2001 World Series. 


                        Dr. Harvey Frommer, a professor at Dartmouth College in the MALS program, is in his 40th year of writing books. A noted oral historian and sports journalist, he is the author of 42 sports books including the classics: best-selling “New York City Baseball, 1947-1957″ and best-selling Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball,as well as his acclaimed Remembering Yankee Stadium and best-selling Remembering Fenway Park. His highly praised When It Was Just a Game: Remembering the First Super Bowl was published last fall.

His Frommer Baseball Classic – Remembering Yankee Stadium (Second Edition) is his newest sports effort.A link to purchase autographed copies of Frommer Sports Books is at:

The prolific author is at work on THE ULTIMATE YANKEE BOOK (2017)



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