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The Japan Series

Quick Facts: Teams meet in a best of seven series. In the event of a tie (no winner after twelve innings) extra game(s) may be played. That happened only once, in the 1985 series between the Hiroshima Carp and the Seibu Lions, which the Lions won 4-3 with one tie.

One League Era (1937-1949, no Japan Series)

Year Champ Manager
1937 Spring   Kyojin Sadayoshi Fujimoto
1937 Fall Tigers Shuichi Ishimoto
1938 Spring Tigers Shuichi Ishimoto
1938 Fall Kyojin Sadayoshi Fujimoto
1939 Kyojin Sadayoshi Fujimoto
1940 Kyojin Sadayoshi Fujimoto
1941 Kyojin Sadayoshi Fujimoto
1942 Kyojin Sadayoshi Fujimoto
1943 Kyojin Sadayoshi Fujimoto
1944 Tigers Tadashi Wakabayashi
1946 Kinki Great Ring   Kazuto Tsuruoka
1947 Tigers Tadashi Wakabayashi
1948 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1949 Giants Osamu Mihara

Central and Pacific League Champs/Japan Series

Year CL Champ    Manager Record   PL Champ Manager
1950 Robins Tokuru Konishi 2-4 Orions Sadao Yuasa
1951 Giants Shigeru Mizuhara 4-1 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1952 Giants Shigeru Mizuhara 4-2 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1953 Giants Shigeru Mizuhara 4-2-1 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1954 Dragons Shunichi Amachi 4-3 Lions Osamu Mihara
1955 Giants Shigeru Mizuhara 4-3 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1956 Giants Shigeru Mizuhara 2-4 Lions Osamu Mihara
1957 Giants Shigeru Mizuhara 0-4-1 Lions Osamu Mihara
1958 Giants Shigeru Mizuhara 3-4 Lions Osamu Mihara
1959 Giants Shigeru Mizuhara 0-4 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1960 Whales Osamu Mihara 4-0 Orions Yukio Nishimoto
1961 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami   4-2 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1962 Tigers Sadayoshi Fujimoto 2-4-1 Flyers Shigeru Mizuhara
1963 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-3 Lions Futoshi Nakanishi
1964 Tigers Sadayoshi Fujimoto 3-4 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1965 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-1 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1966 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-2 Hawks Kazuto Tsuruoka
1967 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-2 Braves Yukio Nishimoto
1968 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-2 Braves Yukio Nishimoto
1969 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-2 Brave Yukio Nishimoto
1970 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-1 Orions Wataru Nounin
1971 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-1 Braves Yukio Nishimoto
1972 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-1 Braves Yukio Nishimoto
1973 Giants Tetsuharu Kawakami 4-1 Hawks Katsuya Nomura
1974 Dragons Wally Yonamine 2-4 Orions Masaichi Kaneda
1975 Carp Takeshi Koba 0-4-1 Braves Toshiharu Ueda
1976 Giants Shigeo Nagashima 3-4 Braves Toshiharu Ueda
1977 Giants Shigeo Nagashima 1-4 Braves Toshiharu Ueda
1978 Swallows Tatsuro Hirooka 4-3 Braves Toshiharu Ueda
1979 Carp Takeshi Koba 4-3 Buffaloes Yukio Nishimoto
1980 Carp Takeshi Koba 4-3 Buffaloes Yukio Nishimoto
1981 Giants Motoshi Fujita 4-2 Fighters Keiji Osawa
1982 Dragons Sadao Kondo 2-4 Lions Tatsuro Hirooka
1983 Giants Motoshi Fujita 3-4 Lions Tatsuro Hirooka
1984 Carp Takeshi Koba 4-3 Braves Toshiharu Ueda
1985 Tigers Yoshio Yoshida 4-2 Lions Tatsuro Hirooka
1986 Carp Junro Anan 3-4-1 Lions Masaaki Mori
1987 Giants Sadaharu Oh 2-4 Lions Masaaki Mori
1988 Dragons Senichi Hoshino 1-4 Lions Masaaki Mori
1989 Giants Motoshi Fujita 4-3 Buffaloes Akira Ogi
1990 Giants Motoshi Fujita 0-4 Lions Masaaki Mori
1991 Carp Koji Yamamoto 3-4 Lions Masaaki Mori
1992 Swallows Katsuya Nomura 3-4 Lions Masaaki Mori
1993 Swallows Katsuya Nomura 4-3 Lions Masaaki Mori
1994 Giants Shigeo Nagashima 4-2 Lions Masaaki Mori
1995 Swallows Katsuya Nomura 4-1 Blue Wave     Akira Ogi
1996 Giants Shigeo Nagashima 1-4 Blue Wave Akira Ogi
1997 Swallows Katsuya Nomura 4-1 Lions Osamu Higashio
1998 Bay Stars Hiroshi Gondo 4-2 Lions Osamu Higashio
1999 Dragons Senichi Hoshino 1-4 Hawks Sadaharu Oh
2000 Giants Shigeo Nagashima 4-2 Hawks Sadaharu Oh
2001 Swallows Tsutomu Wakamatsu 4-1 Buffaloes Masataka Nashida
2002 Giants Tatsunori Hara 4-0 Lions Hiroyuki Ihara
2003 Tigers Senichi Hoshino 3-4 Hawks Sadaharu Oh
2004 Dragons Hiromichi Ochiai 3-4 Lions Tsutomu Ito


  Team in boldface is the champion. The record category is for the Japan Series and is always expressed in terms of Central League Champ wins-Pacific League Champ wins-ties (if any)

Source (to 1997):  Japanese Baseball:

  A Statistical Handbook by Daniel Johnson

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