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Baseball Analysis  John Holway

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Is this what Abner Doubleday had in mind?

By John B Holway

OK, class, come to order - Johnny, stop pulling Janie’s pigtails. Take out your

note books and write this down:

The three best teams in baseball are out of the play offs. The “world

championship” could well be decided between the 9th and 10th best teams.

Is this what Abner Doubleday had in mind?

So here’s my plan – Eddie, stop trying to copy Mary’s notes!

We'll do what football does. We’ll have a 15-game season beginning September 1.

The 16 teams with the best records will meet in a sudden death play-off

tournament beginning September 16. The final two will meet in the Selig Bowl on

October 1.

Think of all the money we'll save in players’ salaries alone. We won't have to

pay them for 162 meaningless games. And we won't have to waste much money on the

now meaningless post-season either.

Any questions? Take good notes. There’ll be a pop quiz in the morning - Phyllis,

stop passing notes to Charlie!

Miss Ann Thrope

I bet the TV ratings have gone SOUTH…. South…. Sou…. - Susan, shake Ernie, I

think he’s gone to sleep.

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