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Women, Philosophy and Baseball

Bloomer Girls

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Excerpted from "The Negro Leagues" Following Your Favorite Negro League Team

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About the Author
Lifelong Mets fan, yes I have suffered through the good and the bad. Guess who my favorite Met was?--Think high and long in homeruns!!

The Negro Leagues I published my first book with McFarland in 2002, entitled The Negro Leagues.

Then Encyclopedia of Women and Baseball in summer 2006, Encyclopedia of Women and Baseball. This is a comprehensive work on the women who have been involved in the game as owners, players, managers, writers, etc.

Black Baseball and ChicagoFollowed by "Black Baseball and Chicago: Essays on the Players, Teams and Games of the Negro Leagues Most Important City." Think you know all about Rube Foster and the Chicago American Giants? Think again. Check out all the essays for details about players such as Gentry Jessup, Frog Redus and early pioneers such as Frank Leland and Beauregard Moseley.

Satchel Paige and CompanyIn 2007, I published, "Satchel Paige and Company: Essays on the Kansas City Monarchs, Their Greatest Star and the Negro Leagues." Contains stories about all the great who played alongside Paige and Robinson as well as those who came before and after. Read about owner and hall of famer J. L. Wilkinson, Willie "El diablo" Wells and so many more.

Next project: working on a book on Dr. JB Martin and the Memphis Red Sox and also one on the Colorado Silver Bullets.

BlackBall Leslie Heaphy

Leslie's June 2021 book is  Black Ball 10: New Research in African American Baseball History

I am an Assistant History Professor at Kent State University, Stark Campus and have been since the fall of 1995. One of the many courses I teach there is a U. S. sports history class and in the fall of 2003 I started teaching a new course entitled Baseball in Literature and History with a colleague in the English department, Dr. Rob Sturr.

I am also deeply involved with SABR. I am the chairwoman of SABR's Women in Baseball committee and am also on the Latin America and Negro Leagues committees. And, I edit the national journal for the Negro Leagues called Black Ball.

Leslie Heaphy

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