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The Day the Games Stopped (2013)

Requiem for a Chase (2012)

Philadelphia Baseball (2012)

Phillies Daily Journal 2010
Brown in Town
Phillies Journal 1888-2008 Press Release

Lords of the Flies (to say nothing of the grounders and the K's)

Colonel Nishi and the Browns - An excerpt from "Those in Peril on the Sea"

Phillies Journal 2003 - starting with "Where is Centerfield?" and updated all season.

Babe Ruth - The Baltimore Slab Artist: Game Two of the 1916 World Series

The Streak

Jaybird and Me

A Squint for All Seasons

Crime and Punishment

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Max Blue in St. Louis Browns Cap, Summer 2001
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Class D ballplayer - Appleton Papermakers, Wisconsin State League -1950. U.S. Navy Tin Can Sailor, 1951-1956. Faculty member - Auburn University, 1964-1966; University of Alabama Birmingham, 1966-1969; Penn State University, 1969- 1991; Center for Tropical Agriculture, Turrialba, Costa Rica, 1991-1993.

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Philadelphia Baseball by Max Blue

Philadelphia Baseball - Published May 14, 2012

Philadelphia Baseball by Max BluePhiladelphia's Phillies - Baseball Thrills in Three Centuries - Includes game summaries and daily limericks and for 2009 and 2010 seasons. Published March 5, 2011. Also get it for $23 from Max directly. Tell him who to make the autograph out to!

Phillies Journal 1888-2008Phillies-Journal-1888-2008

Published 2009. Archive of daily games from 2005-2008 seasons. Click on any month in the log archives (bottom of page).

Giessow's Cottage Farm
God Is Alive and Playing Third Base for the Appleton Papermakers
Higher Ed
For Those In Peril On The Sea
The Bismarck Pacheco mysteries - Murder At The CAT; Cielito Lindo; Luz Stella's Tale.
Cold Front Passing Hokkaido, Published (May, 2008)

Max Blue

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