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  Eight plus years ago I got in touch with CRAIG TOMARKIN (the brilliant brainchild behind BASEBALL GURU) and asked him if he would be interested in printing some of my articles from One More Inning.

  He said yes and here we are 100 articles later and for me it represents a high in the twenty one years that I’ve published the magazine!

  Rather than do something from one of my issues, I’d like to talk about this amazing achievement that Craig has been putting out all these years.

  There is no better website devoted to this wonderful game than BASEBALL GURU. It has everything a fan would want. Features on every aspect of the game, information about the Minors and  foreign ball, some of the best writing that’s available these days by some of the most respected writers in the field, up to date reporting about contemporary players and games, historical articles that highlight not only what we know these days but aspects of baseball that have been forgotten.

  It’s a treasure trove and all of it incredibly handled by (for my money) one of the most dedicated and skillful men in the field.

  I have never met Craig Tomarkin but after not only being part of BASEBALL GURU but also going through it week after week, I count him as a silent friend. I must say I’m jealous of the vast knowledge he has of the game and what he’s achieved with this website.

  It’s been an honor for me to have been chosen to have my articles reprinted here!


  A few months ago I woke up in my bed and said to myself that it was time to stop. I was at the point where I was publishing three other magazines besides One More Inning, giving talks on various topics at different venues, exhibiting my work as an artist at galleries and museums, and had been contacted to start teaching various subjects at Bard College and Columbia-Greene Community College. Something had to give and I decided it would be the magazines. As of now I’ve stopped publishing them (including One  More Inning).

  However (IF Craig would allow me to do so) I’ll still send him articles for the Guru on a monthly basis.

  It’s been a wonderful run and I can’t thank Craig enough for his support all these years.

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