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SABR's Essential Baseball Library

In 1998, a panel of baseball writers and researchers from SABR were asked to identify their favorite books. The list was compiled by Paul D. Adomites and here are the SABR contributors: Dick Beverage, Alan Blumkin, Bill Borst, Jack Carlson, Jon Daniels, Jay Feldman, Cappy Gagnon, Mark Gallagher, Bob Hoie, Lloyd Johnson, Tom Jozwik, Jack Kavanagh, Phil Lowry, Vern Luse, John Pardon, Frank Phelps, Larry Ritter, Louis Rubin, Leverett T. Smith, Adie Suchsdorf, Jules Tygiel, and David Voigt.

For any book to be listed it had to be recommended by at least four of the members above. The two most mentioned were The Macmillan Baseball Encyclopedia and The Glory of Their Times.


The Sports Encyclopedia - Baseball ~ Neft, Cohen, Deutsch
The Macmillan Baseball Encyclopedia
The Sporting News Baseball Guides & Registers
The Hidden Game of Baseball ~ Thorn & Palmer


Eight Men Out ~ Eliot Asinof
Daguerreotypes ~ The Sporting News
The Unforgettable Season ~ Gordon Fleming
The American League ~ Donald Honig
The National League ~ Donald Honig
Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract ~ Bill James
The Boys of Summer ~ Roger Kahn
Baseball As I Have Known It ~ Fred Lieb
The Ultimate Baseball Book ~ Okrent & Lewine, eds
Baseball - The Early Years ~ Harold Seymour
Baseball - The Golden Age ~ Harold Seymour
Judge Landis and the Twenty-Five Years of Baseball ~ J.G. Taylor Spinks
American Baseball (vol 1) ~ David Voigt
American Baseball (vol 2) ~ David Voigt
American Baseball (vol 3) ~ David Voigt
Even the Browns ~ William B. Mead
Putnam Team Histories
The Old Ball Game ~ Tristram Coffin
Men in Blue ~ Gerlach
Dollar Sign on the Muscle ~ Kevin Kerrane
The Imperfect Diamond ~ Lowenfish & Lupien
The Glory of Their Times ~ Lawrence Ritter


Shoeless Joe ~ W.P. Kinsella
The Natural ~ Bernard Malamud

The Minors

Bush League ~ Robert Obojski
Minor League Stars I ~ SABR
Minor League Stars II ~ SABR

Biograpghy and Other

Ty Cobb ~ Charles Alexander
Ball Four ~ Jim Bouton
The Long Season ~ Jim Brosnan
Pennant Race ~ Jim Brosnan
Babe ~ Robert L. Creamer
Stengel - His Life and Times ~ Robert L. Creamer
Nice Guys Finish Last ~ Leo Durocher
Baseball Between the Lines ~ Donald Honig
Baseball When the Grass Was Real ~ Donald Honig
A False Spring ~ Pat Jordan
Suitors of Spring ~ Pat Jordan
Ban Johnson, Czar of Baseball ~ Eugene Murdock
The Life that Ruth Built ~ Marshall Smelser
Veeck as in Wreck ~ Bill Veeck

Anthologies and Collections

The Hot Stove League ~ Lee Allen
Five Seasons ~ Roger Angell
Late Innings ~ Roger Angell
The Summer Game ~ Roger Angell
How Life Imitates the World Series ~ Thomas Boswell
Why Time Begins on Opening Day ~ Thomas Boswell
Insiders Baseball ~ L. Robert Davids, ed
The Fireside Books of Baseball (3 vols) - Charles Einstein, ed
The Baseball Reader (a 1 vol compilation of the 3) ~ Einstein, ed
The Armchair Book of Baseball ~ John Thorn

Negro Leagues

Voices from the Great Negro Baseball Leagues ~ John Holway
Only the Ball Was White ~ Robert Peterson


Green Cathedrals ~ Phil Lowry
Take Me Out to the Ball Park ~ Reidenbaugh & Carter, eds
Ballparks ~ Shannon

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