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Jim Albright (Japanese baseball)
Max Blue (historic teams, Phillies)
Bruce Baskin (Latin Baseball)
Bill Burgess (research)
Glenn Davies (Japanese baseball)
Peter Dreier (politics, Negro Leagues, baseball research)
Clay DuVall (baseball crossword puzzles)
Bart Ewing (fantasy baseball)
Carlos Fragoso (Latin baseball)
Harvey Frommer (Players, Yankees)
Gary Garland (Japanese baseball)
Eric Gartman (baseball business)
A. C. Haeffner (former sports card and memorabilia dealer)
Leslie Heaphy (Women's Baseball, Negro Leagues and Latin Leagues)
Michael Hoban (Great player analysis)
John B. Holway (esteemed and widely published Negro Leagues expert)
John Korsgaard (franchise and player specialist)
Bruce Markusen (National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum)
Mike McCann (Minor Leagues)
Lenny Melnick (Fantasy Baseball)
Joe Mock (ballparks)
Jeff Mordock (Hall of Fame analyst)
Gene Newman (Foreign Leagues)
Kevin Saldana (spring training and minor leagues)
Dan Schlossberg (history, trivia)
Craig Tomarkin (the Guru)
Andrew Wong (Korean/Taiwanese baseball)



Articles SPACEMAN: Of Roadkill & Governors by Dave Van Deusen
I Saw Satchel Paige Pitch by Don Jackson
Yin and Yang, Yank and Met by Matthew Silverman
Yankee Stadium 1946 by Dave Bager
Japan as Host for World Baseball Classic (WBC) Games in 2009 by Phil Lowry
The Greatest Comeback Ever by Paul Keck
A Chance To Re-Write History . . . Will 2005 Replace 1945 In Cub Lore? by Charles N. Billington
The Long Ball by Tom Adelman
Pride of October by Bill Madden
Sushi at the Ballpark by Bob Timmermann
The Greatness of Nolan Ryan by Rob Olds
Journey to See a Legend by Rob Olds
Spring Training - change winds a blowin' - by Joe Connor
Top 10 myths about Spring Training - by Joe Connor
2003: The Most Unusual Ballpark Year In Major League Baseball History? - by Joe Connor
A `Touching' look at Cape League - by Jack Thomas, Boston Globe
Tremendous Matsuzaka, Red Sox excitement reflects a USA-Japan series in WWII in neutral Sweden by Robert Skole

How to Determine the Best Wood Bat for Your Game - Sponsored article by Better Baseball

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Article Submissions
The Guru invites Sabermatricians, baseball historians and everybody else to submit interesting analysis for the public to read. Please submit articles by emailing the Guru. Articles may be edited before publishing. Please follow these instructions carefully: Include your return email address, your website URL (if you have one), what type of baseball research you do, a brief bio and any contact info you'd like to make available to readers. If you wish to arrange to have your article available by subscription only, then indicate that preference in your email and we will make financial arrangements.

Criteria for Article Submissions -  Readers should know that when they click on a link to an article, even one written by a non-guru, that something original and worthwhile will pop up on their screen. While we cannot always achieve this, it is our mission. Examples of original items for the analysis section are as follows:

News reports - such as Gary Garland’s daily Japan baseball box scores and daily game summaries translated into English,

Annotated photos taken from an event - such as Charlie Haeffner’s HOF photos and Joe Mocks Ballpark shots,

Personal experiences - such as Mike McCann’s monthly Minor League report,

Interviews - such as John Holway’s series on the Ladies Leagues and the Negro Leagues,

Historical diaries – such as Bruce Markusen’s daily series on the 1972 A’s and Max Blue’s detailed account of the NY Giants 1916 historic winning streak,

Articles based on facts from various sources used as evidence to prove a point revealing new understanding of a topic - such as Jim Albright’s series on Sadaharu Oh and

Use of another author’s formula on a different data set to prove a point - such as Jeff Mordock’s use of Bill James' Hall of Fame Monitor in his assessment of active players,

Presentation of baseball history using an original formula - such as John Korsgaard’s position research or Craig Tomarkin's series on the greatest teams of all time.

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