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World Baseball Classic - official site

Inside Features
Baseball's Thrity Greatest Foreign Players - A look at foreign stars by Craig Tomarkin.

Factoid... In 2002, 222 of the 849 players (26.1%) on opening day MLB rosters were born outside of the United States. And, 2,865 of the 5,781 players (49.6%) signed to minor league contracts were foreign born. If it weren't for immigration laws, there would be even more foreign MLB talent. Source: NY Times.

Andrew Wong's Page (Korean/Taiwanese baseball) He is available for your questions.

Email Andrew Wong (The Korean Insider)EMail the Guru

Articles by Andrew Wong
Korean Baseball Primer

Gary Garland's Page (Japanese and Korean baseball) He is available for your questions.

Email Gary Garland (The Japanese Insider) EMail the Guru

Articles by Gary Garland
North Koreans Finding a Taste for America's Pastime

In an attempt to provide the fullest information on what is going on in the Far East pro baseball scene, in 2002 Gary Garland listed leaders by category for the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Baseball Guru is the only site on the World Wide web providing these stats in English, so keep coming back to check up on what's happening in Korea in addition to our usual fare about Japanese baseball.

Gene Newman
Korean Baseball Stats & Cadaco Game Cards Archive - Gene's collection has cards from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in spreadsheets.

Korean Baseball - Official site of Korea's professional baseball leagues. Unfortunately, the site is in Korean, but it's a nice site for those of you who can read it. They have info on all of the teams, like the Samsung Lions.

KBO Team sites: Kia Tigers | Hyundai Unicorns | Samsung Lions - 2002 Champions | Hanwha Eagles LG Twins | Doosan Bears -  (English navigation and multimedia) | SK Wyverns (Raiders) | Lotte Giants

Korean Times - Daily game summaries


Andrew Wong's Page (Korean/Taiwanese baseball) He is available for your questions.

Email Andrew Wong (The Korean Insider)EMail the Guru

Articles by Andrew Wong
Taiwan Baseball Primer

Taiwan Baseball Stats & Cadaco Game Cards Archive - Gene Newman's collection has cards from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan in spreadsheets.
Taiwan (Taipei Times) - Taiwanese pro league games will now be broadcaston the Internet thanks to Chungwa Telecom. This follows on the massive success of Internet broadcasts of Baseball World Cup games earlier this year on the web. Team sites: Gida, Agan, Luka and Fala.
Chineese Professional League - Official site. It's in Chineese. Teams sites also in Chineese: Lions, Elephants, Bulls and Whales.
People's Republic of China - 2005 Season Results - by Gene Newman

Foreign Leagues - General
Global Baseball - John Gilmore, an information repository, linking together activities and organizations from Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Far East, Asia and the Pacific.
International Baseball - John Gilmore, Experience the adventure and excitement of playing international baseball in a foreign country while absorbing the culture through an extensive sightseeing program.
Middle Aged Jock - Extensive list on international links to the following countries: Austrialia, Canada, Carribbean, Chinese Taiwan, England, Finland, Germany, Holland/Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Switerland and Sweden.
IBA - The official web site of the International Baseball Association.
International Baseball - Baseball links from many countries
Total Action - International baseball links.
John Skilton's International Baseball Links - You'll find links to leagues in 38 countries!

College / Amateur Leagues

American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC) - the largest amateur baseball organization in the US for players above junior baseball age.
NCAA  Baseball - NCAA baseball championships
USA Baseball - Official site of USA baseball for international competition.
USA Today College - Coverage of College games.
The Nando Baseball Server - Tremendous source for all baseball leagues.
Baseball Yellowpages - Click on College Baseball Links, it's quite a list!
UnOfficial College World Series Page - Photos and boxscores from the 1998 and 1999 college world series. Webmaster Daniel Flanigan also posted the round by round results of the 1999 college draft.

Olympic and National

Athens Olympics - 2004 Olympic baseball games in Greece
Olympic Baseball - Baseball page from British Olymipic site.
USA Baseball - The official site.
Atlanta Olympics - 1996 Olympic baseball games in Atlanta.
Sydney Olympics - 2000 Olympic baseball games in Sydney.

Eurobaseball - Reference, which allows you to click any of the 14 countries in the european map to consult the federations and teams with web sites.
British Baseball Federation (BBF) - Official site of professional baseball in Great Britain. The league is divided into the Northern and Southern Conferences and the regular season has only 27 games.
SABR UK - The SABR UK Chapter is a group of people who are interested not only in baseball, but the history of baseball and especially as it relates to Britain.
Baseball Italia - Official site of Italian Baseball, Serie A/1. This site is in English and provides news, standings, scores, history and statistics dating back to the 1940's.
Unterhaltung - German baseball web site, includes notes about injuries during Ripken's streak and a famous monologue from George Carlin.
Mainz Rebels (German baseball club) - Particularly interesting is the list of links to other German baseball clubs.
Brussel's Kangaroos (Belgium) - John Miller,  Read about baseball's origins in Belgium.
CBS RivasChiqui Vázquez, The official web site of the CBS Rivas Spanish baseball and softball club.


Australian Baseball Links - Contains links to sites with information about baseball played in Australia.
History of Australian Baseball - Brief summary
BigPond - The only publication exclusively licensed and endorsed by the former Australian Baseball League. The league has since changed names, but the contents of this site will always relate to Australia's Major, National or International League.
Australian Baseball History - Lots of interesting bits and pieces.

Russian League Baseball - Sergei Borisov's terrific site.He's a league statistician and provides standings, results and leaders back to 1997, statistics, some history, a photo gallery, RL rules and the song. He also has a Japanese baseball section with in the site.
Total Baseball Development - Bob Protexter, Bob is President & Founder of Russian International Baseball (RIB). RIB is an American based organization that assists Russia in the areas of developing and advancing their baseball programs through coaching, clinics, equipment, marketing, and sponsorships.


Canadian Baseball League - Official site. About the CBL - The league's first season begins in spring 2003 and is loaded with international talent!
Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum - Official site, dedicated to preserving Canada's baseball heritage.
TruNorth Baseball - Canadian connections in baseball, Major and Minor.
Baseball Canada - Canadian baseball news.
SLAM! Sports (Canoe) - General Mailbox, This page has personal contact information for writers and reporters at several major Canadian newspapers.s

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