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Computer Simulation Fantasy Insider Guru's Board Game

Please Donate Play the Guru's FREE Online Baseball Game!  How cool is that?  (Requires Microsoft Excel ). This is the foundation for the full computer game, but it does not keep track of game situations. If you want to play a whole game, you could keep track on the side.

       Dream Matchups & HR Derby- Best Seasons through 1997 Edition (5,000+ players)
      Dream Matchups & HR Derby - Hall of Fame Edition (151 players)
      Dream Matchups & HR Derby - 1997 Season Edition (400+ players)
      Dream Matchups & HR Derby - 2002 Season Edition (600+ players)
      Dream Matchups & HR Derby - 2003 Season Edition (600+ players)

The Dream Matchups Game:  Choose a pitcher and a batter to face each other.  You can click on "Show Batting Record" if you'd like to see all of the batter's data to help you make your choices.  Then, you can pick where you'd like to see the matchup take place such as Ebbets Field (default because Ebbets Field makes no impact on batters), The Astrodome (pitcher friendly), Coors Field (batter friendly) or even one of the imaginary parks in either Death Vallley, CA or Tibet, S. Asia.. You can also decide whether or not you'd like to consider lefty/righty adjustments in the matchups.  Click on the picture of the pitcher to begin the simulation.

The Home Run Derby Game:  It's like the Dream Matchups Game except that the batter can only get home runs or outs.  You select "Home Run Derby" as your pitcher and instead of a major league pitcher throwing the pitches it's a batting practice pitcher or coach.

Batters Encyclopedia:  By clicking on "Show Batting Record" you can view the stats for any batter. Click on "Reset" to clear.

How It Works:  All of the pitchers were scored by their likelihood to allow a HR, 3B, 2B, 1B, BB, K, or other OUT relative to the league and era in which the season occured.  Then, these weights were applied to a batter's likelihood to do the same.  Weights for park factor and optional lefty/righty adjustments were applied as well.  And, viola!  An exiciting interaction becomes a live reality.  More Detail and Analysis.

So, what are you waiting for....Pick from over 1,500 batters and over 3,500 pitchers in their best seasons, including Babe Ruth as a pitcher.  Enjoy!

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