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Eric Gartman's Page (baseball business). He is available for your questions and posted articles not available anywhere else!

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MLB Transactions
MLB Transactions - posts all current transactions.
Transactions Primer - by ESPN's Rob Neyer.

Salary Data
Baseball Guru - Data Archive - Spreadsheets with salary data and other data. 
USA Today - Baseball salaries database
Baseball-Reference - Complete historical salary data by player and year.
CBS Sportsline Salary Analyser 2000 - Compare the batters to the pitchers and see who reached the finish line in his dash for cash and who just stumbled out of the starting blocks in 2000.
MLB Contracts - Cot, Site tracks MLB contracts, signing bonuses, service time and franchise values.

Baseball Business News and Info
Doug Pappas's Business of Baseball Pages - Doug passed away in 2004, but his work on the business of baseball was so important that his web page is continuously updated. More about Doug.
SBN - Sports business news.

Baseball Business Simulations
Sports Business Simulations - Zennie Abraham,  Trade players, negotiate contracts, build a new stadium and see the impact on the bottom line using an up-to-date system, complete with a representation of the recently passed rules that make up the MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Inside Feature
The following list shows the average baseball salary on opening day by year. Salaries include prorated shares of signing bonuses. In some cases, parts of salaries deferred without interest were discounted to reflect values through 2002. Player salaries in 2002 were double what they were in 1994, the year of the strike. Source: NY Times reporting of Associated Press.











































* Notice that salaries were lower in 1995 as the result of the 1994 player strike.

Avg Salaries by Position in 2002- C $3,645,329; 1B $5,701,654; 2B $3,189,423; 3B $3,339,078; SS $4,182,703; OF $3,992,607; SP $3,315,341; RP $1,516,079; DH $6,186,224

The following list shows each MLB team with it's player salaries and winning percentage. Teams making the playoffs are in bold. It's no coincidence that all eight 1998 playoff teams had  an above average team salary ($39,699,981).
For Historic Salary List:  Alphabetically by Player, Team and League from 1985 through 1998. Download spreadsheet from the Guru's Data Archive.
And, for complete team business data (click here) or scroll down.
TEAM LG 1998 Salaries PCT
BAL A 68,988,134 0.488
CLE A 59,408,500 0.549
ATL N 59,026,000 0.654
NY A 58,010,568 0.704
TEX A 55,304,595 0.543
SEA A 51,857,136 0.472
BOS A 51,477,000 0.568
CHI N 49,433,000 0.552
NY N 49,147,999 0.543
STL N 49,060,000 0.512
TOR A 48,171,000 0.543
LA N 47,800,000 0.512
COL N 45,764,648 0.475
SD N 45,378,000 0.605
HOU N 40,459,000 0.630
SF N 40,400,833 0.546
ANA A 38,302,000 0.525
CHI A 36,500,000 0.494
PHI N 34,370,000 0.463
KC A 32,962,500 0.447
FLA N 32,244,000 0.333
MIL N 32,053,012 0.457
ARI N 29,850,500 0.401
MIN A 26,182,500 0.432
TB A 24,727,500 0.389
CIN N 21,825,000 0.475
DET A 21,747,500 0.401
OAK A 19,723,000 0.457
PIT N 12,836,000 0.426
MON N 7,989,500 0.401

MLB Cash Flows
See if the players have reason to strike. The following table shows the revenue and expenses in millions of dollars for each MLB team from 1990 through 1996. View on screen
Download an enhanced version of the table in spreadsheet form from the Guru's Data Archive.

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