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AL Umpires Born Born-Died Died Age Born Died Yrs. of Service Description of Career Highlights
John F. Sheridan 1862-1914 Nov.2 52 Ireland? San Jose,CA AL  1901-14 NL 1892,96-97 d.  heart attack after 3 weeks illness, after suffering sunstroke during course of a game in August.   His yr. of birth is often erroneously listed as 1852, when it actually was 1862, as listed in the Cal. death index.  Began promising BB career as 2B for the Renos in 1884, at age 22.  Umped in the Cal. L. in 1886, the Players L. in 1890.
Robert Lee (Bob) Carruthers Jan.5 1864-1911 Aug.5 47 Memphis,TN Peoria,IL AL  1903-03
Timothy Carroll Hurst Jun. 30 1865-1915 Jun. 4 49 Ashland,PA Pottsville,PA Al   1905-09 NL 1991-97,00,03 d.  acute indigestion,  uraemic poisoning
Montford Montgomery (Monte) Cross Aug.31 1869-1934 Jun.21 64 1892 1907, '14 Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia,PA FL 1914 ML SS, 1892, '93-07
Thomas Henry Connolly Dec. 31 1870-1961 Ap.28 90 Manchester,Eng. Natick,MASS AL 1901-31 NL 1898-00, Supervisor of Umps, 1931-54
John Joseph (Jack) (Rip) Egan Jul.9 1871-1950 Dec.22 79 Philadelphia,PA Cranston, RI AL 1907-14 NL 1878,86 NL pitcher for Washington in 1894;  Pitched only 5 innings in 1 game.  President / manager of the Scranton team in the NY / PA league (1926).  Pitched for Providence L. in 90's.  Umped in Eastern L., AA L., worked the '13 WS, managed Milwaukee in AA, Oklahoma City in TX, L., Providence in Eastern L., Scranton in NY/PA L., Newark in Intern. L.
(Egan, continued)  Scouted for Red Sox & Pittsburgh.  Coached Providence College in the 1930's,
Harley Park Parker Jun.14 1872-1941 Mar.3 68 Teresa, NY Chicago, IL AL 1911-12 ML pitcher 1893, 1895-96,1901
Francis H. (Silk) O'Loughlin Aug. 15 1872-1918 Dec. 20 46 Rochester,NY Boston,MA AL 1902-18 d.  influenza
Rhoderick John (Bobby ) Wallace Nov. 4 1873-1960 Nov. 3 87 Pittsburgh,PA Torrance,CA AL 1915
Dominic J. Mullaney Nov.9 1873-1964 Aug. 21 90 Jacksonville,FL AL 1915
William Edward Friel Apr. 1 1876-1959 Dec.24 83 Renovo,PA St. Louis, MO AL 1920
William Henry Dinneen Apr. 26 1876-1955 Jan. 13 78 Syracuse,NY Syracuse,NY AL 1909-37 ML pitching star 1898-1909, AL umpire 1909-37, D. Syracuse Memorial Hosp.  Buried:  Utica, NY St. Agnes Cemetery
Frederick E. Westervelt 1876-1955 My.4 79 Paterson, NJ Drexel Hills,PA AL 1911-12
Fred (Bull) Perrine (77)-1915 Jun. 4 38 Napa,CA AL 1909-12 d.  at State Hospital for the insane
Richard Francis (Dick) Nallin Feb. 26 1878-1956 Sept.7 78 Scranton,PA Frederick,MD AL 1915-32 Buried:  Mt. Olive Cemetery, Frederick,MD
George Albert Hildebrand Sept. 6 1878-1960 My. 30 81 San Francisco,CA Woodland Hills,CA AL 1913-34
Clarence Henry (Pants) Rowland Feb. 12 1879-1969 Mar. 17 90 Platteville,WI Chicago,IL AL 1923-27
John E. (Jack) Stafford (80)-1946 My.19 66 Cambridge, MA Worchester, MA AL 1907-14 Began umpiring when 20, and still playing ball in the New England league.  Worked the '08 WS.  Later, became umpire-in-chief of England, New England, and International League.  Retired  '36, he worked Harvard, Yale, Holy Cross games. Owned Bowling alleys.
Howard Elbert (Ducky) Holmes Jul. 8 1883-1945 Sept.18 62 Dayton,OH Dayton,OH AL 1923-24  NL 1921 colorful ML league player, with Chicago White Ox ,manager, umpire & club Pres.  Owned Western L. clubs, in Siox City and Lincoln, NE.   Umpired in Western L., and scouted for some teams including Des Moines, IA
William George (Billy)  Evans Feb. 10 1884-1956 Jan. 23 71 Chicago,IL Miami,FL AL 1906-27 Buried: Knollwood Cemetery, Cleveland,OH
George Joseph Moriarty Jul. 7 1884-1964 Apr. 8 80 Chicago,IL Miami,FL AL 1917-40
Clarence B. (Brick) Owens Mar. 31 1885-1949 Nov. 11 64 Milwaukee,WI Chicago,IL AL 1916-37 Buried:  Chicago Fairmont Cemetery
William James Guthrie Aug.4 1886-1950 Mar. 6 64 Chicago,IL Chicago,IL AL 1922,28-32 Pacific Coast League,  was steam fitter around 1917.
Harry Christian Geisal Jul. 10 1888-1966 Feb.19 75 Indianapolis,IN Indianapolis,IN AL 1925-42
Clarence E. Eldridge (89)-1981 Feb. 7 92 Seminole, FL AL 1914-15 Grad. U, of Michigan & its law school, AL umpire while in college, Detroit Times sp. ed.;   Joined General Foods in 1937, and became a VP, and Campbell Soup Co. in 1953, and became an executive VP. 
Frank Wilson (90)-1928 Jun. 12 38 Richmond Hills,NY AL 1921-22 NL 1922-28 Died in Victory Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, following an operatin for an appendicitis.  In 1911, he played in the South Atlantic League as catcher.  Had to quit due to bad arm.  Umpired in Western League before Johnson appointed him to work in '21.
William M. (Bick) Campbell, Jr. 1892-SA48 AL 1928-31 NL 1939-40 Attended U. of Tennesse and Mississippi;  Athletic director and coach of Memphis Univ. School,  Southern League ump, started in '23.
Louis Charles Kolls Dec. 15 1892-1941 Feb.23 48 Rock Island,IL Hoople,IL AL 1933-40 Was to work the '41 season in the Amer. Ass.,was killed with 4 others in a head-on collision near Hooppole,Il the night of Feb.23.
Emmet T. (Red) Ormsby Apr. 3 1895-1962 Oct. 11 67 Chicago,IL Chicago,IL AL 1923-41
William Reed Summers Sept.12 1895-1966 Sept.12 71 Harrison,NY Upton,MA AL 1933-59
William Aloysus (Bill) McGowan Jan. 18 1896-1954 Dec. 9 58 Wilmington,DE Silver Springs, MD AL 1925-54     d.  heart attack, Cathedral Cemetery, Wilmington, DE
Edwin Americus Rommel Sept.13 1897-1970 Aug.26 72 Baltimore,MD Baltimore,MD AL 1938-59
Roy R. (Cotton) Van Graflin Feb. 14 1899-1953 Sept. 4 59 Rochester,NY Rochester,NY AL 1927-33 d.  of injuries suffered in an auto accident on July 19.
Cal Robert Hubbard               6'4,250 Oct.31 1901-1977 Oct.17 76 Keytesville,MO St. Petersburg, FL AL 1935-51 Supervisor of AL umpires, '51-69             d.  cancer
Charles Francis Berry Oct. 18 1902-1972 Sept. 6 69 Phillipburg,NJ Evanston,IL AL 1942-62
Edwin H. Hurley Sept.20 1908-1969 Nov.12 61 1947 1965 Holyoke,MA Boston,MA AL 1947-65
John W. Stevens My.14 1912-1981 Sept. 69 1946 1971 Philadelphia,PA AL 1946-71
John F. (Red) Flaherty Apr.25 1917-1999 Apr.1 81 Falmouth,MA 02540 AL 1953-73   Worked 4 WS in career   d.  after a lengthy illnes
Joseph O'Brien (75)-1925 Nov. 5 50 North Troy,NY AL 1912,14 AA - 5 yrs.,  International L. -  4 yrs. ,  Started season with Western L.  but had to quit on Sept. 20, due to bad health
Jack Pollock (78)-1930 Nov.14 52 Kewanee, IL AL Managed Beaumont club in Texas L.    d.  Pneumonia
Gerald Hayes -1929 Dec.22 Kansas City, AL 1925-26 d.  heart attack had worked as umpire for last 25 yrs. in mior leagues.  Pacific Coast L., AA, Texas, International
James E. Hassett (71)-1934 Mar.4 63 Portland, ME AL 1903 Deputy Sheriff and Republican political worker.    d.  ill for several days with bronchial pnuemonia, at home
John Mullin AL 1911-12;  Federal League 1915
Oliver P. (Ollie) Chil Dec. 15 1895- IL AL 1914-22, (exc.17,18)
NL Umpires
William Harrison (Harry) Wright Jan.10 1835-1895 Oct.3 60 Sheffield, England Atlantic City, NJ NL 1885 ML OF 1871-77, Boston AA 1884? Umpired, while active player
Alfred L. Barker Jan.18 1839-1912 Sept.12 73 Rockford, IL Rockford, IL NL 1881 ML OF/1B & NL umpire.  d.  at his home
Robert Vavasour (Bob) Ferguson Jan.31 1845-1894 My.2 49 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY NL 1879, 1884-85 prior to becoming a ML umpire, he had had a full ML career as a ballplayer.   He had been a 3B & 2B from 1871-84.     d.  died of apoplexy on Thursday evening
Charles F. Daniels (49)-1932 Mar.23 83 Norwich, CT NL  1876,78-80,87-88, Nat. Ass.1874-75 Umpired for 25 yrs.  for the AA, NL, Eastern Association, & the college association.  Received $5-$10. for each of his earlier games.  d.  from injuries & exposure, when he fell on a country rd. during a snowstorm days before. 
Phillip J. (Phil) Powers Jul.26 1854-1914 Dec.23 62 NYC NYC NL1879,81,86-91 ML catcher, 1878, 1880-85;
Charles Nicholas (Pop) Snyder Oct. 6 1854-1924 Oct. 29 70 Wash. D.C. Wash. D.C. NL 1892-93,98-01 ML player Washington Nationals catcher(1873), Lord Baltimores catcher(1874), Philadelphia's catcher(1875), Managed Cincinnati(AA,1882-84) & Washington Nationals(AA,1891).
John H. Gaffney Jun.29 1855-1913 Aug.8 58 Roxbury,MA NYC NL 1884-86,91-94,99-00 (Sp. N. Jan.1,1914,death roll of 1913  They called him The King of Umpires;  He also managed the Washington Nationals 1886-87.
Robert Daniel Emslie Jan. 21 1859-1943 Apr. 26 84 Guelph,Ontario St. Thomas,Ontario NL 1891-1924
George Edward Andrews Apr.5 1859-1934 Aug.12 75 Painsville, OH W. Palm Beach,FL NL 1895-98,99 former Phil. OF
Hiram G. (Buck) Ebright Jun. 12 1859-1916 Oct. 20 57 Lancaster Co.,PA Milwaukee,WI minors? Sp.N. Jan.4,1917
Thomas J. Lynch (59)-1924 Feb. 27 65 New Britain,Conn. New Britain,Conn. NL1889-99,02,NL Pres.1910-14 They called him "The King of Umpires", NL Pres.('09-13).  He was a prominent Elk.  D.  Hartford Hospital after illness of 6 wks.  Very interested in New Britain, CT Lyceum Theatre.  Umped in Eastern L. before he joined Nat. L. staff.
F. J. Hawkins (60)-1914 My.13 54 Beloit, WI 1880's d.  pneumonia
Wesley (Wes) Curry Apr.1 1860-1933 My.19 73 Wilmington, DE Philadelphia,PA NL 1885-86, 89, 98 Playeed OF for ML team Ric in a league, in 1884.
John A. (Jack) Holland (61)-1915 Nov.10 54 Reading,PA NL 1887  Had been ML catcher 30 yrs. before.   d.  paralysis
Charles Bentley Power (61)-1913 Feb.5 52 Pittsburgh, PA NL 1902 also Pitts. sp. wr. for many years,(Sp.N. Jan.1,1914,death roll of 1913;  d.  at home of nervous breakdown.
Joseph D. (Pongo Joe) Cantillion Aug.19 1861-1930 Dec.31 69 Janesville, WI Hickman, KY NL 1902;  AL 1901 Managed Washington Senators AL team for 1907-09,  Served as umpire, player & scout in various leagues.  First sent Walter Johnson his fare for tryout with Senators, after many other teams passed on offering him tryout.
Henry Francis (Hank) O'Day Jul. 8 1862-1935 Jul. 2 72 Chicago,IL Chicago,IL NL 1895-1927,(exc.96,12,14) d.  bronchial pneumonia
August (Augie) Moran Dec. 22 1868-1964 Mar. 6 96 New York,NY Savannah,GA NL 1903-04,10,18 Horse Cave Cemetery, Louisville, KY
George W. Bausewine Mar.22 1869-1947 Jul.29 81 Houston,TX Norristown,PA NL 1905 Phil. pitcher, chief of police of Norristown,PA from 1930-44.  d.  at home in his sleep
Montford Montgomery (Monte) Cross Aug.31 1869-1934 Jun.21 64 1914 1915 Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia,PA FL 1914 ML(1892-1907) & minor league shortstop, was rated by some as greatest fielding shortstop, later was clothing salesmen for Gimbels Brothers dept. store, managed Kansas City minor league team. 
Stephen J. Kane (70)-1915 Oct.30 45 Louisville,KY NL 1909-10 Later umpired in the American Association and Federal League.   d.  heart disease
William J. (Lord) Byron Sept. 8 1872-1955 Dec. 27 83 Ypsilanti,MI NL 1913-19
William J. Klem Feb.22 1874-1951 Sept.1 77 Rochester,NY Miami,FL NL 1905-40
Malcolm W. Eason Mar. 13 1879-1970 Apr. 16 91 Brookville,PA Douglas,AZ NL 1902,10-16 Buried:  Black Oak Cemetery, Canelo, AZ
Charles Barthell Moran Feb.22 1879-1949 Jun.14 70 Nashville,TN Horse Cave,KY NL 1917-39 also was grid coach, also a NL player as a St. Louis Cardinal
Ernest C. (Ernie) Quigley Mar. 22 1880-1960 Dec.10 80 New Castle,NB,CAN St. Mary's,KS NL 1913-37
Eugene Fenley (Bob) Hart Aug.29 1880-1937 My.10 57 Lowell, MA NL 1920-29,  AL 1912-13 Maine State L., International L., AA.
Ed Walsh My.14 1881-1959 My.26 88 Plains, PA Pompano Beach, FL NL 1922
George Cockill, Sr. (81)-1937 Nov.2 56 Pottsville, PA Harrisburg,PA NL 1915 Grad. Bucknell U. and coached their FB team.
Charles (Cy) Rigler My. 16 1882-1935 Dec.21 53 Massillon,OH Northeast,PA NL 1906-35, (exc.23) d.  brain tumor
Sherwood Robert Magee Aug.6 1884-1929 Mar.13 44 Clarendon,PA Philadelphia,PA NL 1928 NL OF('04-19),Phillies('04-14), Braves('15-17), Reds('17-19),
Henry Hancock (Ted) McGrew Jun.24 1885-1969 Jun. 29 89 Cook County,IL Bedford,VA NL 1930-34, (exc. 32)
James E. (Jim) Johnstone -1927 Jun. 15 Cork, Ireland NL 1903-12 AL 1902 Invented catcher's mask.  Pitched in North Eastern & Atlantic Leagues.  Also umpired in Federal League & AA.  Shortly after his wife died, he left for 3 wk. vacation to Europe.  Reported to have died of infection of neck, contracted from onboard ship.
Harry S. (Steamboat) Johnson 1885-1951 Feb. 20 66 Pottsville, PA Memphis,TN NL 1914 long-time minors ump
George Levi Magerkurth        6'3,225 Dec. 30 1888-1966 Oct. 7 77 McPherson,KS Rock Island,IL NL 1929-47
Frank Wilson (90)-1928 Jun. 12 38 Richmond Hills,NY AL 1921-22 NL 1922-28 Died in Victory Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, following an operatin for an appendicitis.  In 1911, he played in the South Atlantic League as catcher.  Had to quit due to bad arm.  Umpired in Western League before Johnson appointed him to work in '21.
Charles H. (Cy) Pfirman Feb. 27 1891-1937 My. 16 46 Cincinnati,OH New Orleans,LA NL 1922-36 Umped in Kitty L. (1910), Missouri-Illinois, Central, Central Ass., Ohio St., NY St., International L., Texas L., Southern L.; Umped 26 yrs., over 4,000 g. Once held AL record for working 1710 consecutive games.  d.  Baptist Hosp. long-term kidney illness
George McKinley Barr Jul. 19 1892-1974 Jul. 26 82 Scammon,KS Tulsa,OK 74114 NL 1931-49
Albert D. (Dolly) Stark Nov. 4 1897-1968 Aug. 24 70 New York New York,NY NL 1928-35,37-40,42 d.  heart attack
John Edward (Beans) Reardon Nov. 23 1897-1984 Jul. 31 86 Taunton,MA Long Beach,CA NL 1926-49 called "Beans" because he hailed from Boston; friend of Mae West, appeared in many of her movies
John Bertrand (Jocko) Conlon Dec. 6 1899-1989 Mar. 16 89 Chicago,IL Scottsdale,AZ NL 1941-64
Edward Lee Ballanfant Dec. 27 1899-1987 Jul. 15 91 Waco, TX Dallas,TX 75214 NL 1936-57
Thomas David Gorman Mar. 16 1916-1986 Aug. 11 66 NYC Closter,NJ 07624 NL 1951-76
Michael J. Charles (Sandy) McDermott (62)-1922 Nov.23 60 Mansfield, OH NL 1886-88 d.  after illness of several months Total BB (1890, 1897)
Willard A. Hoagland (62)-1936 Oct.11 74 NL 1894 Umpired South Atlantic L, in 1910,   had been a race walker, and set a record for the 100 miles in 18 hrs. & 4 minutes.
John H. Conway (69)-1932 Feb.27 63 Webster, MA NL 1906 d.  at home
Edward J. (Ed) Conahan (77)-1929 Jul.13 52 Chester, PA NL 1896 Umpired with South Jersey L., NL, AA, International L., Western L., Souther L., Tri-State, NY L.    d.  At hosp. in Ridley Park, near Philadelphia, PA, after operation.
Leopold T. (Paul) Sentelle (78)-1923 Apr.27 45 Cincinnati, OH NL 1922-23 Had lived in New Orleans,    d.  Had had a ruptured appendix, had operation, then relapsed.  Had come from the Texas League.
William T. (Bill) Brennan (85)-1933 Sept.13 47 TN Knoxville,TN NL 1909-13,21 Southern Ass. League (20 yrs.), National, Federal ,Iowa State, Western Ass., Western League, Wisconsin State umpire.  Coached FB at Tennesse U. Medical College at Memphis, TN.   d.  underwent emergency operation for ruptured ulcer.
David F. (Dave) Sullivan -1890 Jan. 3 Chicago, IL NL 1882, 1885 d.  heart disease
Michael J. Mahoney -1916 Sept. 5 Aurora,IL NL 1892 d.  train
Bud Lally -1932 Jan.4 NL 1891-94
Alfred S. (Al) Manassau -1933 Oct.13 Detroit,MI NL 1899 AL 1901, Fed. League 1914 Detroit OF
John H. (Jack) McQuaid -1895 Apr.16 Chicago, IL NL 1889-94 AA umpire d.  inflamtion of the stomache
Peter A. (Pete) Harrison -1921 My.10 England Saranac Lake, NY NL 1916-20 His parents settled in Youngstown when he was a young child.   d.  tuberculosis
Garnet C. Bush -1920 Jan. 13? St. Louis, MO NL 1911-12,  FL 1914 d.  at his home

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