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Some well-known Managers & Coaches Born Born-Died Died Age Start Retire Born Died Main cities worked in;  Description of career highlights;   Chronology of newspaper work; 
William Henry (Harry) Wright Jan.10 1835-1895 Oct.3 60 1871 1893 Sheffield, England Atlantic City, NJ ML OF, 1871-77;   Managed Boston in the National Association from 1871-75, and Boston in the NL from 1876-81, Providence 1882-83, Philadelphia, 1884-93.
Cap(tain) Adrian Constantine Anson Apr.11 1852-1922 Apr.14 70 1871 1897 Marshalltown, IA Chicago, IL ML 1B, 1871-1897,  also played 118 games at 3B, assorted other positions occasionally.  1876-97 were spent with the Chicago White Stockings.   Cap managed the White Stockings from 1879-97, and the NY Giants for 1898.   He was known for his personal leadership qualities, and prowess as a hitter.
Edward Hugh (Ned) Hanlon Aug.22 1857-1937 Apr.14 79 1880 1907 Montville,CT Richmond,VA Cleveland OF(1880), Detroit(1881-88), Pittsburgh(1889-91), Baltimore(1892); Pittsburgh manager(1889-91), Baltimore manager(1892-98), Brooklyn manager(1899-1906), Reds manager('06-07). Buried:  New Cathedral cemetery, Baltimore,MO  Why not in Hall of Fame?
(Hanlon) Hanlon, not McGraw developed inside tactics; hit & run, the squeeze, hit behind the runner, double steal, which singularly raised the level of play.  He developed McGraw,Robinson,Jennings,Gleason,Kelley,Bowerman. Won 4 pennants in row,1894-97.
Charles Albert Comiskey Aug.15 1859-1931 Oct.26 72 1910 1931 Chicago,IL Eagle River,WI ML 1B  (1882-94),  ML manager ( 1883- 94),  Chicago White Sox owner(1901-31).   Charles managed the St. Louis Browns (1883-89), jumped to the Chicago team in the Player's L.  In 1890, went back to the St. Louis Browns for 1891, and finished up his managing career for Cincinnati from 1892-1894.  He joined Ban Johnson in launching the AL in 1901.  
Frank Gibson Selee Oct.26 1859-1909 Jul.5 49 1890 1905 Amherst,NY Denver,CO Boston Beaneaters  manager(1890-1901), Cubs manager('02-05);  d.  consumption, tuberculosis
William (Buck) Ewing Oct.27 1859-1906 Oct.20 46 1880 1897 Hoaglands, OH Cincinnati, OH ML player (1880-97);  Widely agreed that Buck was the greatest all-around player of the 1800's, and one of the very greatest catchers who ever lived, until he hurt his throwing arm in sping of 1892.  Buck took over managing the NY Giants from Monte Ward for the 1890 season, and returned to them to manage in 1900.  He also managed Cinc. club 1895-99.  
(Ewing, continued)  Buck joined the Player's League for 1890 season, managing a NY team to a 3rd pl. finish.  The Giants sued him over it's reserve clause.  Buck won in court.  Monte Ward also was sued over the reserve clause, represented himself & won. 
(Ewing, continued)  Buck returned to the NL NY Giants in '91.  Injured his throwing arm in 1892, finished out his playing career as an OF/ 1B.  Could always hit & run the bases.
John Montgomery (Monte) Ward Mar.3 1860-1925 Mar.4 65 1878 1894 Bellefonte, PA Augusta, GA ML P, IF (1878-94).  Started off as a great pitcher, compiled 164-103, 118 ERA+; Hurt his arm in late 1883, converted to SS, but also a lot of 2B, OF, "Monte" managed Providence 1880, NY Giants, 1884, Brooklyn, 1890-92, and the NY Giants once more from 1893-94. 
(Ward, continued)  Monte Ward was one of the most amazing ballplayers ever to play the game.  Everyone says Babe Ruth was the only man ever to excel on the mound and then star as a player.  Sadly they forget Monte. 
(Ward, continued)  A star ballplayer in college, he hired on as a pitcher, and had 7 great yrs. on the mound before he hurt his arm in late '83, and converted to the IF.  He also ran well, leading his league in SB 3 times, once with 111.  He studied law at night, graduated with honors in 1885. 
(Ward, continued)  When the Player's Brotherhood announced itself in 1885, John Ward was elected it's President, BB's 1st labor union.  On Nov. 4, 1889, John met with around 40 players and discussed forming a Player's L.  Around 100 NL players jumped to the new league.  Although it lasted only for 1890 season.  He returned to NL & finished out his career.
Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy(Connie Mack) Dec.22 1862-1956 Feb.6 93 1886 1950 E. Brookfield,MA Germantown,Phil.,PA NL catcher (1886-96), Phil Athletics' manager (1901-50);  Philadelphia Athletics owner, from around the 1940's - early 1950's.
Wilbert Robinson (Uncle Robby) Jun.29 1863-1934 Aug.8 71 1886 1931 Bolton,MA Atlanta,GA Philadelphia catcher(1886-90), Baltimore Orioles catcher(1890-1902), Baltimore Oriole manager('02), Brooklyn Robins/Dodgers manager('14-31). Colorful, delightfully comical character. Much loved by fans & sportswriters dream. Similar to Casey Stengel.
James Robert (Jimmy) McAleer Jul.10 1864-1931 Apr.29 61 1889 1913 Youngsville,OH Youngsville,OH ML outfielder(1889-98); AL man.('01-11),Red Sox Pres.('13)
William J. (Kid) Gleason Oct.26 1866-1933 Jan.2 66 1888 1932 Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia pitcher(1888-91), Cardinals(1892-94), Baltimore(1894-95), Phillies coach('08-11), White Sox coach('12-14,16-17), White Sox manager('19-23), Philadelphia Athletics coach('26-32).  d.  heart ailment 
George Tweedy  Stallings Nov.17 1867-1929 My.13 61 1890 1920 Augusta,GA Haddock,GA Brooklyn catcher(1890), Phil.(1897-98), Philadelphia Phillies manager(1897-98), Tigers manager('01), New York Highlanders manager('09-10), Boston Braves('13-20).  Led his 1914 Boston Braves team, which was last mid-summer to World Champ.(Miracle Braves).
Edward Grant Barrow My.10 1868-1953 Dec.15 85 1903 1947 Springfield,IL Port Chester,NY Detroit man.('03-04,Aug.),Red Sox manager(Dec.13,'17-Oct.'20),At Harry Hooper's pressure,converted star pitcher Babe Ruth to OF('18-19).As GM of Yankees(Oct.29,'20-39),Pres.(Jan.17,'39-45,Feb.),14 pennants,10 World Series wins,had decisive influence over…
(Barrow,continued) owner Jake Ruppert. In his autobiography('51), stressed he'd never even considered offering Babe Ruth a job with the Yankees after his playing days ended due to Babe's past misbehavior towards Huggins & McCarthy, whose job Babe coveted.
(Barrow, continued)  Barrow is buried at Kensico Cemetery, Vallalla,NY
Clark Calvin Griffith Nov.20 1869-1955 Oct.27 85 1891 1955 Clear Creek,MO Wash.,DC Washington Senators owner('20-55); ML pitcher(1891-1914), Senators manager('01-20),
Frederick Tenney Nov.26 1871-1952 Jul.3 80 1894 1911 Georgetown,MA Boston,MA Boston Nationals 1B(1894-1907); Giants('08-09), Boston Braves('11), Braves manager('05-07,11),   Boston office equitable Life Insurance of NY.  Retired '49.  Bur.: Harmony Cemetery, Georgetown, MA
Fred Clifford Clarke Oct.3 1872-1960 Aug.14 87 1897 1925 Winterset, IA Winfield, KS Louville manager, 1897-99, NL OF, 1894-1915;  Pittsburgh manager, 1900-15,  Pittsburgh coach, 1925
John Joseph McGraw Apr.7 1873-1934 Feb.25 60 1891 1932 Truxton,NY New Rochelle,NY ML 3B(1891-06);Balt.Oriole man.(1899,01-02), NY Giants man.('02-32);W/ Connie Mack, greatest manager all time.For 31 yrs.('03-31)came in lower than 3rd 5 times.Came1st 12 times, 2nd 10 times.Abrasive,colorful,dictatorial.New Cathedral Cem.,Baltimore,MD.
James Timothy (Jimmy) Burke Oct.12 1874-1942 Mar.26 67 1898 1933 St. Louis,MO St. Louis,MO ML infielder(1898-1905);Cardinals manager('05),Kansas City manager('06-07), Louisville manager, Indianapolis manager, Fort Wayne('10), Indianapolis('11-12), Fort Wayne('13-14), Tigers coach('14-17), St. Louis Browns manager('18-20),
(Burke,continued), Red Sox coach('21-23), Toledo manager('24-25), Cubs coach('26-30), Yanks coach('31-33).
Patrick Joseph Moran Feb.7 1876-1924 Mar.7 48 1901 1923 Fitchburg, MA Fitchburg, MA NL catcher, IF 1901-14;   Phillies manager, 1915-18,  Reds manager, 1919-23
Nicholas (Nick) Altrock Sept.15 1876-1965 Jan.20 89 1898 1953 Cincinnati,OH Washington,DC ML pitcher & coach; Louisville Colonels pitcher(1898), Red Sox('02-03), White Sox('03-09), Senators('09,12-15,18-19,24,29,31-33), Senators coach('12-53).
Leo Alexander (Lee) Fohl Nov.28 1876-1965 Oct.30 88 1902 1926 Marietta,OH Ashtabula,OH Pirates catcher(1g,'02), Reds catcher(4g,'03), Cleveland manager('15-19), St. Louis Browns coach('20),  St. Louis Browns manager('21-23), Red Sox manager('24-26),
William Edward (Bill) Friel Apr.1 1876-1959 Dec.24 83 JL1923 Ja 31 Renovo,PA Richmond Heights,MO ML player 1901-03, St. Louis Browns' coach('20),  AL umpire('20), St. Louis Browns business manager( July, 1923- Jan., 1931)      Buried:  Catholic Resurrection Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Frank Leroy Chance Sept.9 1877-1924 Sept.15 47 Fresno, CA Los Angeles,CA NL 1B,  1898-12, AL 1B,  1913-14;  Cubs manager, 1905-12, Yankee manager, 1913-14, Red Sox manager, 1923
Miller James Huggins Mar.27 1879-1929 Sept.25 50 1904 1929 Cincinnati,OH NYC NL 2nd baseman & Yankee manager; Reds 2B('04-09), Cardinals('10-16), Cardinals manager('13-17), Yankees manager('18-29).
William Francis (Bill) Carrigan Oct. 22 1883-1969 Jul. 8 1906 1929 Lewiston, ME Lewiston, ME AL catcher, 1906-16,  Red Sox manager, 1913-16,  '27-29
John Albert (Bert) Niehoff My.13 1884-1974 Dec.8 90 1913 1985 Louisville,CO Studio City,CA 91604 Reds 3B('13-14), Phillies('15-17),Cardinals('18),Giants('18);Giants coach('29),Yankees scout('48-49), Angels scout('61-69). Also managed extensively in minors:Jersey City, Mobile,Atlanta,Chattanooga,Knoxvill,Little Rock,Selma,Oak Ridge,Saginaw,Louisville
Burton Edwin (Burt) Shotten Oct.18 1884-1962 Jul.29 77 1909 1950 Browhelm,OH Lake Whales,FL St. Louis Browns OF('09,11-17), Senators('18), Cardinals('19-23), Cardinals coach('23-25), Phillies manager('28-33), Reds coach,'34 & manager,'34), Indians coach('42-45), Brooklyn Dodgers manager('47-50),
Arthur (Art) Fletcher Jan.5 1885-1950 Feb.6 65 1909 1945 Collinsville,IL Los Angeles,CA Giants shortstop('09-20), Phillies('20,22), Phillies manager('23-26), Yankees manager(11g,'29), Yankees coach('27-45). Like Frankie Crosetti, got lots of WS rings(9), thanks to Yankees reign at the top.  Buried: Glenwood Cemetery, Collinsville, IL
Bernhard (Benny) Meyer                       ? Jan.21 1885-1974 Feb.6 89 1913 1930 Hematite,MO Festus,Mo 63028 Major League player briefly; OF-IF Brooklyn('13), Phillies('25), Federal League(Baltimore,Buffalo),  also manager,coach,scout;  Coached Phillies('24-26), Tigers('28-30).
Daniel Philip (Dan) Howley Oct.16 1885-1944 Mar.10 58 1913 1929 Weymouth,MA Weymouth,MA NL player('13), Detroit coach('19,21-22), St. Louis Browns manager('27-29)
William Boyd (Deacon) (Bill) McKechnie Aug.7 1886-1965 Oct.29 79 1907 1953 Wilkinsburg,PA Bradenton,FL ML infielder('07,10-18,20); Federal League manager,Newark('15), Pirates' manager('22-26),Cardinals coach('27), Cardinals manager('28-29), Boston Braves manager('30-37), Reds manager('38-46), Cleveland Indians coach('47-49), Red Sox coach('52-53).
Joseph Vincent  McCarthy Apr.21 1887-1978 Jan.13 90 1926 1950 Philadelphia,PA Buffalo,NY Chicago Cubs manager('26-30), Yankee manager('31-46), Red Sox manager('48-50). In the subjective opinion of the writer, Stengel & McCarthy were the 3rd & 4th best managers after Mack & McGraw, 2 genius'. Mack was superior handler of players.
(McCarthy, continued)  In his 24 big-league seasons, Joe won 9 pennants and 7 World Championships, compiled a ML best .615 Won-Lost record, and best career world series W-L %, .698.   From 1907-25, had a very active minor league career as player, manager.
Jewel Winklemeyer Ens                      ? Aug. 24 1889-1950 Jan. 17 60 1922 1941 St. Louis,MO Syracuse,NY Pirate infielder('22-25), Pirates coach('26-29) & manager('29-31), Tigers coach('32),Reds coach('33,41),Braves coach('34), Pirates coach('35-39). Reds scout('40), Managed Indianapolis('40),Reds coach('41), Managed Syracuse Chiefs('42-50).
Charles Dillion (Casey) Stengel Jul.30 1890-1975 Sept.29 85 1912 1965 Kansas City,MO Glendale,CA NL OF('12-25),Dodgers' coach('32-33) & manager(34-36),Boston Braves manager('38-43),Yankee manager('49-60),Mets('62-65).Casey(& Mack)proved that a manager needs the team to win.With good teams,he won,without them he couldn't.Delightfully colorful.
William Harrison (Billy) Southworth Mar.9 1893-1969 Nov.15 76 1913 1951 Harvard,NE Columbus,OH ML OF; played for Indians('13,15),Pirates('18-20), Red Sox('21-23), Giants('24-25), Cardinals('26-27,29); Giants coach('33), Cardinals manager('29,40-45), Boston Braves manager('46-51),
Stanley Raymond (Bucky) Harris Nov.8 1896-1977 Nov. 8 81 1919 1956 Port Jarvis,NY Bethesda,MD Senator's 2nd baseman('19-28),Tigers('29,31); Senators manager('24-28,35-42,50-54), Tigers manager('29-33,55-56),Red Sox manager('34), Phillies manager('43),Yankees manager('47-48),
James Joseph (Jimmy) Dykes Nov.10 1896-1976 Jun.15 79 1919 1964 Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia Athletics 2nd baseman('18-32), White Sox 3rd baseman('33-39); White Sox manager('34-46), Philadelphia Athletics coach('49-50) & manager('52-53), Baltimore Orioles manager('54), Reds coach('55-58),
(Dykes,continued)Reds manager('58), Pirates coach('59),Tigers manager('59-60), Indians manager('60-61), Braves coach('62), Kansas City Athletics('63-64).  Ty Cobb once tried to buy him from Mack for his Tigers, showing his value. Quite an endorsement!!
(Dykes, continued) Buried at St. Dennis Cemetery, Havaertown, PA
John Mahlon Ogden Nov.5 1897-1977 Nov.9 80 1918 Ogden, PA Philadelphia,PA ML pitcher, club executive, scout; Pitched for Giants('18), Browns('28-29), Reds(31-32), pitched for Baltimore of International League fr. '20-27.  VP & General Manager of Baltimore of Int'na'tional L. fr. '33-39.Owned Elmira club of Eastern L.('41-42). 
(Ogden, continued)  Scouted for the Reds, Braves and Phillies.  He signed 45 players who made it to the majors, including Richie Allen.  John retired as a Phillies' scout  in 1971.
Charles John (Jolly Cholly) Grimm Aug. 28 1898-1983 Nov. 15 85 1916 1981 St. Louis,MO Scottsdale,AZ 85257 Phil. A's 1st baseman('16), Cardinals('18), Pirates('19-24), Cubs('25-36), Cubs manager('32-49,60), Cubs coach('41,61-63), Braves manager('52-56),  Buried: Cremated, ashes spread by wife over Wrigley Field.
Charles Walter (Chuck) Dressen Sept.20 1898-1966 Aug. 10 67 1925 1966 Decatur,IL Detroit,MI Reds 3B('25-31), Giants('33); Reds manager('34-37), Dodgers coach('39-42,43-46,58-59), & manager('51-53), Yankees coach('47-48), Senators manager('55-57), Braves manager('60-61), Tigers manager('63-66),
John Walter Cooney Mar. 18 1901-1986 Jul. 8 85 1921 1965 Cranston,RI Sarasota,FL 33580 Boston Braves(pitcher,OF, '22-44),Yankees('40), Braves coach('40-42,46-55), White Sox pitching coach('57-64).
Arthur Grant Mills Mar.2 1903-1975 Jul.23 72 1927 1949 Utica,NY Utica,NY 13502 Tigers coach('44-49)1st base coach; Was 0-1 in 19 games with Braves('27-28); Also pitched at Rochester,Buffalo,Toronto,Binghamton,Pittsfield,Williamsport. For several yrs. after Tigers he coached at Portland.
James Riley Turner Aug. 6 1903-1998 Nov. 29 95 1949 1973 Antioch,TN Nashville,TN Boston Bees(Braves) pitcher('37-39), Reds pitcher('40-42), Yankees pitcher('42-45), Yankees pitching coach('49-59,66-73, minor league manager('60), Reds61-65).         d.   died in nursing home
Leo Ernest Durocher Jul.27 1905-1991 Oct.7 86 1925 1973 West Springfield,MA Palm Springs,CA Yankees shortstop('25-29), Reds('30-33), Cardinals('33-37), Dodgers('38-41,43,45); Dodgers manager('39-48), Giants manager('48-55), Dodgers coach('61-64), Cubs manager('66-72), Astros manager('72-73). Slick glove, no hit. Sharpest, dapper dresser.
During last 2 wks of '26,'27 seasons, can't tell from record books,but brought up by Yankees to sit on their bench but didn't get into any games. Ruth named him "the All-American out",accused him of stealing a watch. Bur: Forrest Lawns, Hollywood Hills,CA
Irving John (Jack) Burns Aug.31 1907-1975 Apr.18 67 1930 1973 Cambridge,MA Allston,MA 02134 St. Louis Browns 1B('30-36) & coach,Tigers 1B(May,'36-Sept.,'36);Minor league manager for Toronto,Bradford,Fall River,Scranton & Albany.  Red Sox coach('53-60, & scout,'61-73)
Anthony Franacis (Cooch) (Tony) Cuccinello Nov. 8 1907-1995 Sept.21 87 1930 1969 Long Island City,NY Tampa,FL 33629 2nd & 3rd baseman; Reds('30-31),Dodgers('32-35),Boston Braves('36-40,42-43),Giants('40),White Sox('43-45), Reds coach('49-51), Indians coach('52-56), White Sox coach('57-66,69), Tigers coach('67-68),     d.  congestive heart failure
Alfonso Ramon (Al) Lopez Aug. 20 1908-SA01 1928 1969 Tampa,FL Dodger catcher('28,30-35), Braves catcher('36-40), Pirates catcher('40-46), Indians catcher('47); Cleveland Indians manager('51-56), White Sox manager('57-69); Won AL pennants in '54(Indians), & '59(White Sox) to break up Stengel's 10 pennants in 12 yrs.!
(Lopez, continued)  From 1951-65, a period of 15 yrs., El Senor came in 1st or 2nd every year except 3, '60-62. 
Melvin Leroy (Chief) (Mel) Harder Oct. 15 1909-2002 Oct.20 93 1928 1969 Beemer,NE Chardon,OH 44024 Indians' pitcher('28-47), Indians' manager(2g,'61, 4g,'62 Indians coach('47-63), Mets coach('64), Cubs coach('65), Reds coach('66-68), Kansas City Athletics coach('69).   
Frank Peter Joseph (Frankie) Crosetti Oct.4 1910-2002 Feb.11 91 1932 1971 San Francisco,CA Stockton,CA Yankee shortstop('32-48),Yankee coach('47-68),Seattle Mariners coach('69),Twins coach('70-71), played in 7 World Series,coached in 15 more(earned 17 WS rings),both with Yankees; good glove,no hit; retired to Oakland,CA
Walter Emmons Alston Dec. 1 1911-1984 Oct. 1 72 1954 1976 Venice,OH Darrtown,OH Cardinals 1B for 1 game('36);  Dodgers manager('54-76); Inducted into BB Hall of Fame('83), Won 7 NL pennants & 4 World Series as manager of first Brooklyn and then LA Dodgers. Managed 13 yrs. in minors before called up to Dodgers for '54 season.
Calvin Robertson Griffith Dec. 1 1911-1999 Oct. 15 87 Oc  65 1984 Montreal,Quebec Minneapolis,MN 55435 Washington Senators owner(' 55-
Chalmer Luman Harris Jan.17 1915-1996 Nov.11 81 1941 1972 Birmingham,AL Vincent, AL 35178 ML pitcher, 1941-47,   Managed Baltimore, '61,   Houston, '64-65,    Atlanta, '68-72.
Daniel Edward (Danny) Murtaugh Oct.8 1917-1976 Jan.13 59 My.,'05 1976 Chester,PA 19094 Chester,PA 19094 Pirates manager('57-64,67,70-71,73-76),  Won World Series in '60 & '71. Preceded by coaching Bucs in '56-57.   d.  heart attack, buried at St. Peter's & Paul's Cemetery, Springfield,PA
James Edward (Jim) Hegan Aug. 31 1920-1984 Jun. 17 63 1941 1980 Lynn,MA Swampscott,MA Indians catcher('41-42,46-57), Det. catcher('58), Philly catcher('58-59), Giants catcher('59), Cubs catcher('60); Yankee coach('60-73,79-80), Tigers coach('74-78),
Thomas Charles (Tommy) Lasorda Sept.22 1922-SA01 1976 1996 Norristown,PA Las Angeles Dodgers coach (1973-76),  manager('76-96), also coached US mens baseball team at 2000 Sydney,Australia Olympics, won Gold Medal
Alfred Fred (Red) Schoendienst Feb.2 1923- 1945 1989 Germantown,IL   Cardinals 2B('45-56,61-63), Giants('56-57), Braves('57-60), Cardinals coach('61-64,79-89), Cardinals manager('65), Oakland Athletics coach('77-78),
Solomon Joseph (Solly) Hemus        ? Apr. 17 1924-SA01 1949 1965 Phoenix,AZ Cardinals infielder(49-56,59), Phillies('56-58), Cardinals  manager('59-61), Mets coach('62-63), Indians coach('64-65).
Gene William Mauch Nov.18 1925- 1944 1987 Salina,KS Manager Philadelphia Phillies (1960-1968),  Montreal (1969-1975),  Minnesota Twins ( 1976-80),  California Angels (1981-82, 85-87). Kansas City coach (1995)
Edward Frederick Joseph (Eddie) Yost Oct.13 1926-SA01 1944 1984 Brooklyn,NY Senators' 3B('44,46-58), Tigers 3B('59-60), Dodgers 3B('61-62); Angels coach('62), Senators manager('63), Senators coach('63-67), Giants coach('68-76), Red Sox coach('77-84).
Alfred Manuel (Billy) Martin My. 16 1928-1989 Dec.25 61 1950 1988 Berkeley,CA Johnson City,NY Yankee 2B('50-53,55-57),Kansas City Athletics('57),Tigers('58),Indians('59),Reds('60,Braves('61),Twins('61); Twins coach('65-68, & manager,'69),Tigers man.('71-73),Texas Rangers manager('73-75),Yankees manager('75-79,83,85,88),Oakland A's manager('80-82).
Vernon Thomas (Vern) Morgan Aug. 7 1928-1975 Nov.8 47 1954 1975 Emporia,VA Minneapolis,MN 55437 Cubs 2nd baseman('54-55), Minn. Twins coach('69-75)
Earl Sidney Weaver Aug. 14 1930-SA01 1968 1986 St. Louis,MO Baltimore Oriole  manager('68-82,85-86)
Donald William (Don) Zimmer Jan.1 1931- 1954 current Cincinnati,OH Dodgers infielder('54-59), Cubs('60-61,63), Giants('62), Reds('62), Senators('63-65), Expos coach('71), San Diego Padres manager('72-73), Red Sox (coach,74-76, &  manager,'76-80), Texas Rangers manager('81-82), Cubs (coach,84-86, & manager'88-91),
William Charles (Bill) Virdon                           Jun. 9 1931-SA00 Hazel Park,MI Pirates OF, 1955-65, 68;  Pirates' manager, '72-73;  Yankees' manager, '74-75;  Houston Astros' manager, '75- 82;  Montreal manager, '83-84.  Pirates' coach, '68-71, 86;  Houston Astros' coach, 1997
Dorrel Norman Elvert (Whitey) Herzog                                     Nov. 9 1931-SA00 New Athens,IL AL OF, 1956-63;  Texas Ranger's manager, 1973;  California Angels' manager, 1974;  Kansas City Royals' manager, 1975-79;  St. Louis Cardinals' manager, 1980-90;  Kansas City Royals' coach, 1965;  Mets' coach, 1966; California Angels' coach, 1974-75.
George Lee (Sparky) Anderson Feb. 22 1934-SA01 1959 1995 Bridgewater,SD Phillies 2nd baseman; San Diego coach('69), Reds manager('70-78), Tigers manager('79-95).
Calvin Edwin (Cal) Ripken, Sr. Dec.17 1935-1999 Mar.25 63 1976 1992 Aberdeen,MD Baltimore,MD Baltimore Orioles coach('76-86,89-92), Balt. Orioles manager('85,87-88);         d.  cancer
Joseph Paul (Joe) Torre Jul.18 1940-SA 1960 Brooklyn,NY Mets manager ( '77-81),  Atlanta manager ('82-84),  Cardinals manager ('90-95),  Yankees manager ('96-present (04);   Braves catcher (1960-68), Cardinals/ Mets IF ('69-77)
Robert Joseph (Bobby) Cox My.21 1941-SA 1978 Tulsa, OK Atlanta Braves manager, (1978-85, 90-present(04).   NY Mets coach, 1978;  Had been NY Yankee 3B 1968-69
Anthony "Tony" Larussa, Jr. Oct.4 1944- 1978 current Tampa,FL Manager Chicago White Sox (1979-1986),  White Sox coach (1978),  Oakland Athletics (1986-1995),  St. Louis Cardinals (1998-2003) and still with Cards.
Charles Oliver (Charlie) Hough Jan.5 1948- 1970 1994 Honolulu,HI Dodgers pitcher('70-80), Texas Rangers('80-90), White Sox('91-92),Florida Marlins('93-94); Dodgers coach('98)
Jonhnnie B. (Dusty) Baker, Jr. Jun.15 1949-SA Riverside, CA ML OF (1968-85);   Giants coach (1988-92), Giants manager (1993-02),  Chicago Cubs manager (1903-present(04).

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