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MAY 2015

Glenn Davies, Tokyo, Japan.



The final week of May in Japan signals the beginning of the inter-league games. NPB teams will play a reduced schedule of 18 inter-league games this season, down from 24 in previous seasons.  The pacific league (PL) has traditionally dominated the central league (CL) over the inter-league schedule, with many CL teams suffering from a lack of anything resembling a DH on their benches (generally filled with a collection of veteran has-beens or rookie speedsters).  This year however, as a result of the reduction in games, teams will not face each other in even numbers of home and away legs as they have previously. As a result some teams may find themselves with a bit of scheduling luck that they will be hoping to turn into a few extra wins over the 18 game run.  An example of this would be the PL leading Nippon Ham Fighters, facing the bottom three CL teams (Hiroshima, Yakult, and Hansin) in all three series they play away and without their DH (as do 4th placed Chiba Lotte).


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