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Sox Stuff: Get Ready for 2019 Stuff: Get Ready for 2019 (Part II) Yankees and Spring Training Rivera: Almost Perfect! Boss: George Steinbrenner Could Look It Up Joe Remains a Scapegoat Rivalry Continues: Red Sox Fans Mockingly Sing Yankee Theme Song Sox Flashback: The First World Championship Joe and Ragtime Baseball Far the Game Has Come, Sox, October Not So Amazin' Mets Greatest Team Ever Fenway Flashback - Red Sox vs. Yankees You Probably Never Knew about the Yankees  /  Part II Things You Probably Didn't Know about Jackie Robinson by the Numbers Park Flashback Yankee Nicknames Opening Day at Fenway Could Look It Up How You Start - Yankee Beginnings How Professional Baseball Began BoSox Sidebars: Spring Training, "The Kid," Tom Yawkey & more Yankees: Spring Training: Mini-Timeline Yankee Quiz, Part III More Yankee Quiz More Yankee Quiz 2 Talking Yankee Factoids, Trivia, Oddities Giancarlo Stanton Meet George Herman Ruth Boone Town October 16,17, 2003 from Ultimate Yankees Book Ultimate Yankees Quiz Girardi Part 2 Yankees Quiz Gehrig
Here Come the Yankees Shot Heard 'Round the World
Yankee Monikers & Nicknames of '41: Joe DiMaggio's Epic 56-Game Hitting Streak Rivalry: Yanks vs. Red Sox Days at Fenway Park Murderers' Row Shaped Baseball Jeter by the Numbers Spreading the News
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Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball
All-American Out and other Nicknames the 1939 ALL-STAR Game at Yankee Stadium
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Remembering the 1999 All-Star Game at Fenway from "Five O'Clock Lightning" from "Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball" Yankee Stadium Twenties Fabulous Facts About the Old Yankee Stadium Stove Reading, Remembering Yankee Stadium: Fifties the First World Series: Pittsburgh Pirates versus Boston Americans Called Shot York Yankees September Song ‘Til Next Year, BoSox Time Baseball: Part One: Ball Parks Time Baseball: Part Two: Umpires Joe All Star Moment at Fenway Days in Beantown  About “A” in Baseball Names  About “B” in Baseball Names SOX vs. YANKEES: The Great Rivalry It Ain't So Joe!’s In a Baseball Name? Dream Red Sox:1967 (Part I & Part II) First World Series Sox vs Yankees:The Great Rivalry Real Jake: Colonel Jacob Ruppert: the Man Who Built the Yankee Empire / Part 2 / The Real Jake 3: Colonel Ruppert’s End Game Wild, Wacky and Sometimes Wondrous World of Baseball Trades Baseball Lingo the Sometimes Untold, Fairly Fascinating, Oddly Amazing, Stories of How They Came to Be That Way / PART 2 / PART 6 First World Series Day” Bobby Thomson's Famous Homer Lives On Days at Fenway Park in the 1960's Fire Sale at Fenway:  Sixties Swamp Time Looming vs. Red Sox: Baseball's Absolutely Amazing and Greatest Rivalry Storied and Sensational Subway Series: Battle of New York City Baseball' YANKEES: Quips, Quotes, Asides, Philosophy and More (Part I) 1927 New York Yankees,Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and Company: How Murderers' Row Shaped Baseball's Greatest Rivalry: Red Sox vs. Yankees (Part I) Sox Quiz Sox Quiz 2 York Yankees Quiz York Yankees Quiz II Baseball Team Ever: 1927 New York Yankees by the Nick Names (I) About Baseball's Greatest team - - the New York Yankees Joe Jackson Belongs in the Hall of Fame!“Sandman” Mariano Rivera & the “Save Rule” York Yankee September Pasts (From Vault) Tar Game July 24, August 18, 1983 (From Vault) World Series 2001 Armando Galarraga Imperfect Perfect Game Yankees '27 World Champions Course: Red Sox versus Yankees New York Yankee September Pasts York Yankees Quiz (Part 1) Harmonica Incident - Red Sox Vs Yankees: the Great Rivalry / Encore Names and How They Got That Way! (Parts I - V) / Part III / Part IV  / Part V / Part VI (A&B) / Part VII (C) / Part VIII (W&Y) / Part IX (D) / Part X  (M)/ Part XI (more, C) / Part XII (E) / Part XIII (F) / Part XV (H) / Part  XVI / Part XVII (J&K) / Part XVIII (I) / Part XIX (M) / Part XX (N) / Part XXI (O) / Part XXII (P) / Part XXIII (R) / Part XXIV (S, part 1) / Part XXV (S, part 2) / Part XXVI (S, final part) Brothers Richman, Arthur & Milt Day at Yankee Stadium: 1927 York Yankees By The Numbers III Stuff (Through 2007 Mid-Season)

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/ Stengel Part 2 Stengel Part 3 Yaz / Yaz Part 2 Johnny Pesky Jake Ruppert Carl Beane: "The Voice" of the Boston Red Sox Will Be Missed of '41: Joe DiMaggio's Epic 56-Game Hitting Streak Remembered Bucky Dent Home Run Bobby Thompson DiMaggio Joe Remains a Scapegoat Willie Keeler About Jackie Robinson: An Experience at Once Moving, Poignant, Inspirational / Jackie Robinson / Jackie Robinson Remembered 2009 / Remembering Jackie Robinson
  / Remembering Jackie Robinson 2016
Hank Greenberg Gehrig "Big Train" Walter Johnson Yankee Clipper: Joe DiMaggio Wee Reese was no Pee Wee Nolan Ryan Express Mays is 70 / Willie Mays Is 80 Ruth Koufax Mattingly Mantle McCarthy Ruffing Pennock Bobby Murcer COW! Remembering Phil Rizzuto Ruth & Lou Gehrig: "Great American Home Run Derby" Ruth Passes Yankee Stadium"Lucky Lindy" and the '27 Yankees's in a Yankee Nickname? Bob Sheppard Tommy Henrich Ryan - -The Way to Go! Home Page 

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Two Great Books: Fenway Park (2011) / Radio Podcast1 Podcast2 / Podcast3 (NH, "Into the Morning - WZID" Dec 2011) / Podcast4 (Morning Show, Dec 2011) / Harvey Frommer in person at his book signing June 20, 2012 in Connecticut
Excerpts: Remembering Fenway Park: Twenties / Thirties / Forties / Fifties / Sixties / Sixties FlashbackSeventies / Eighties / First Match Up At Fenway: April 20, 1912 (From the Vault) / Fenway Park Flashback: All Star Game 1999 / Nun's Day / Sad Days at Fenway Park Yankee Stadium (published September 1, 2008) Images and Learn More the book's Podcast on CBS Radio 

Extra content: Yankee Stadium: Opening Day 1923 Stadium Firsts Around America with the 1927 New York Yankees Yankee Stadium: All-Star Games out the Barrel: The 1927 Yankees Oral and Narrative History of The House That Ruth Built Stadium Prisms and Sidebars (A Very Partial List) Stadium By The Numbers Yankee Stadium: Twenties / Thirties / Forties / Fifties / Sixties / Seventies / Eighties / Nineties / 21st Century the Author

Harvey Frommer is a noted oral historian and sports journalist and the author of 41 sports books including the classics: "New York City Baseball,1947-1957" and "Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball," his acclaimed REMEMBERING YANKEE STADIUM was published in 2008 and his REMEMBERING FENWAY PARK: AN ORAL AND NARRATIVE HISTORY OF THE HOME OF RED SOX NATION was published to acclaim in 2011.

His work has appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, Newsday, USA Today, Men's Heath, The Sporting News, among other publications.

FROMMER SPORTSNET (syndicated) reaches a readership in the millions and is housed on Internet search engines for extended periods of time.

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Harvey Frommer along with his wife, Myrna Katz Frommer are the authors of five critically acclaimed oral/cultural histories, professors at Dartmouth College, and travel writers who specialize in cultural history, food, wine, and Jewish history and heritage in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Harvey Frommer

Backlisted Frommer Baseball Books New York Yankee Encyclopedia (1997) Apple Baseball: An Illustrated History from the Boroughs to the Ballparks (1993) Up at Bat: 50 Years of Little League Baseball (1989) Anniversary Baseball Picture Albums (1988) Baseball: The First Quarter Century of the National Pastime (1988)'s Greatest Managers (1985)'s Hall of Fame (A First Book) (1984) Greatest Rivalry Yankees-Boston (1984) Robinson Impact Biography (1984) Greatest Records Streaks Feats (1983) Lingo: A Dictionary of the Language of Sports (1983) Heat Autobiography Nolan Ryan

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 Book Reviews images from Harvey's book being released in early 2011. PDF's from book: Interior / Cover Patriots New York Yankees Home Run Almanac and the Fifth Street Gym Greenberg 1938
Dinner with DiMaggio
Success is the Only Option
Fields of Battle
Jackie Robinson in Quotes and Other Worthies
Super Bowl Gold 50 Ground
Baseball Immortal Derek Jeter
Basketball My Way - Nancy Lieberman
A Triple Play of Top Baseball Reads
Billy Martin
Cooperstown Chronicles & Others Step Up to the Plate Jeter #2 Sport Wait Is Over Tayor Field Year by Year American Nation Cracker Jack Collection Baseball’s Prized Players and Willie The Red Sox Years Win Baby (and other non baseball tomes) Book Reviews: Jan 1, 2013 Book Reviews From Random House, Canada Last Strike Sporting Reads Sporting Reads Weather is Heating Up and so is the Baseball Reading about "Ozzie's School of Management," John Smoltz and more . . ."Bill Veeck," "Pinstripe Empire," and "Driving Mr. Yogi" vs. Kentucky, Hack Wilson, Summer of '68 & More NBA: Caveat Emptor, Got Game? Or Gotcha? Cosell"West by West," "100 Yards of Glory" and more . . . Game Ever Pitched Guys Have All the Fun"The House That Ruth Built," "An Accidental Sportswriter" and other Summer 2011 Reads Spring Roundup - Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 How to Play the Game Player James Handbook in the Fall Classics Mudville Heritage Open Golf's Oldest Major"The Amazing Tale of Mr. Herbert and His Fabulous Cowboys Baseball Club""Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert" & "Blows To The Head" 300 Club T206 Collection"Terrific Tomes from Triumph""The Eastern Stars""Bums" and "Dynasty" Open Baseball Icons and Not Without Hope and Me Mays: The Life, The Legend Men Win Glory Americana"The First Fall Classic," Heroes & Ballyhoo," Ron Darling's "The Complete Game" and more . . . Wizard of Waxahachie Field - The Machine - Satchel Confidential - ARod - Yogi - Munson Review - "Bases Loaded” by Kirk Radomski Review - "Yankee Colors” by Al Silverman Review - "Bottom of the Ninth” by Michael Shapiro Review - "George" by Peter Golenbock Spring Baseball Books / Part II / Part III / Children's Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2009 for Life, SAIN and TEDDY BALLGAME Ruth: Remembering the Bambino in Stories, Photos and Memorabilia Sox Threads & Other August Reads Bits 2008 Book Reviews Reads for Sports Fans, Last Licks and Final Outs (Canseco) Live for This!: Baseball's Last True Believer Reads 2007: Part 1 / Part 2 Year Pride and the Pressure a Blue Lens from Bison Books Joy of Keeping Score Eig's "Opening Day" STARS of the American League BOOK TREATS FOR ALL: The 2006 ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia and More

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Baseball Records & Feats Thomson's Famous Homer Gehrig: The Streak / 4 HR Game's Catch Designated Hitter to Bat: April 6, 1973 Copa Incident: May 16, 1957 Dimaggio's 56 Game Hitting Streak Began May 15, 1941 Dimaggio Show at Fenway Park: June 28-30, 1949 Blanchard, Four Straight Hommers - July 21- 22, 1961 Eleven Walk Inning: September 11, 1949 The Called Shot - October 1, 1932 Ruth: First HR, May 6, 1915 / Ruth's MLB Debut / Final Appearance Leyritz and the Great World Series Comeback: OCTOBER 23, 1996 Tar Game July 24, August 18, 1983 Mantle, Tape Measure Shot, April 17, 1953 Mazeroski's World Series Homer, October 13, 1960

No Hitters Righetti: The No Hitter July 4, 1983
Vandy's Masterpiece: The Double No-Hitter Wells' Perfect Game Reynolds - The Two No Hitters, 1951 Cone, The Perfect Game, July 19, 1999 Gooden No Hitter, May 14, 1996 Bevens' No-Hitter Lost: October 3, 1947

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