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New York Yankees Quiz

New York Yankees: (Sort Of) Ultimate Quiz for Diehard Fans  II


Some complained the Quiz I was too easy. Others said it was too difficult. Hopefully, Quiz II is just right. For all of you out there who think you know your baseball—especially New York Yankees baseball—this is the quiz for you.

Eighteen questions. Answers follow the questions, so no peeking. A score of nine or more correct makes you a major leaguer. Below that you are in the minors but on your way up.

Have fun.


 1. What uniform number was retired by the Yankees to honor a player who never was on the team?

A. Jackie Robinson  B. Bob Feller  C. Dom DiMaggio D. Pee Wee Reese

2.  Who remains the only Yankee to hit four home runs in one game?

A. Lou Gehrig  B. Reggie Jackson  C. Babe Ruth   D.Yogi Berra

3. When Babe Ruth retired in 1935 with 714 home runs, only two other players had hit 300 home runs. Who were they? Hint: One played for the Yankees, the other mostly for the St. Louis Cardinals.

4.  Who was the last batter Don Larsen faced in the Perfect Game he pitched for the Yankees?

5.  Who played the most games for the New York Yankees?

A .Wee Willie Keeler  B. Mickey Mantle. C. Joe DiMaggio D. Lou Gehrig

6. Name the four managers who have piloted both the Yankees and the New York Mets 

7. In 1977, who nick-named Reggie Jackson "Mr. October"?

 A. Willie Randolph B. Thurman  Munson  C. Goose Gossage  D. Mickey Rivers

8.  What major league team did Joe Girardi manage before the Yankees?

9.   Who was nick-named "Chairman of the Board"?         

A. Whitey Ford  B. Reggie Jackson  C. Yogi Berra   D. Frank Howard

10. Where do the Yankees train in the spring?

11. Who is the current Yankee Captain?

12. Who did George Steinbrenner purchase the Yankees from?

13. Who is Mr. Sandman?

14. Who made up the "Core Four"?

16  Who said "Yankee Stadium was a mistake, not mine, but the Giants.” 

A. Yogi Berra  B. Harry Frazee  C. Jake Ruppert  D. Babe Ruth

17. When was Yankee Stadium's first World Series game played?

A.  1927   B. 1924   C. 1923   D. 1922

18.  What Yankee became the first idol of Japanese fans?

A. Babe Ruth  B. Lou Gehrig   C. Earl Coombs  D. Jake Ruppert    


1.   (A) Jackie Robinson, #42,  the number was retired on April 15, 1997 on the 50th anniversary of the breaking of baseball's color line. Mariano Rivera is the last Yankee to wear the number.

2.   (A) Lou Gehrig

3.   Lou Gehrig, 378; Rogers Hornsby, 300.

4.  Dale Mitchell

5.  Mickey Mantle played more games for the Yankees than any other player, with 2401.

6.   Yogi Berra, Casey Stengel, Joe Torre, Dallas Green.  

7.    B. Thurman Munson

8.    Chicago Cubs

9.   A. Whitey Ford

10. Tampa, Florida

11. Derek Jeter

12.  CBS

13.  Mariano Rivera

14.  Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte

15. When did the Yankee play at Shea Stadium while Yankee Stadium was being refurbished?

16.  C. Jake Ruppert

17   C. 1923

18. A. Babe Ruth

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