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Women in Baseball

Committee Newsletter

June 2002                                                                                                                             Vol. XXVII

@Society for American Baseball Research

Send info., questions, submissions, etc to Leslie Heaphy, 2214 31st str, NW Canton, OH 44709, or e-mail;


The Annual SABR Meeting is nearly here and there are lots of exciting things planned for those who make it to Boston.  Watch for the announcement of our committee meeting and attend to hear more from our members about the various projects that are being worked on.  There is a lot of exciting stuff happening.


I just received the brochure announcing this year’s Women’s World Series scheduled for September 2-8th.  The series will take place in Tampa Bay.  For more information contact Jim Glennie at or check out the website at 


Cooperstown hosted “A Forum on Women’s Baseball” on April 20th, 2002.  In addition to a number of speakers from the WBL the movie “A League of Their Own” was also shown.  If anyone attended and can send me a report of what happened that would be great.


A number of former players from the AAGPBL were in Cooperstown on Mother’s Day for a celebration marking the 10th Anniversary of the release of the movie that brought so much attention to the league and women in baseball.  If anyone attended and would be willing to send in a report of what they saw it will be published in the next newsletter.


Please send me any and all articles, programs, citations etc that you find.  It will be better for me to receive the information four times than not at all.  You can either mail the materials to me or attach them as e-mails or even fax an article to me at 330-494-6121.  Thanks in advance for your continued help in preserving the history of women in baseball.


Committee Project Update:  Letters have gone out to those who have expressed an interest in writing or researching for this book project.  If you are interested and have not let me know in the past please send me a note with your expertise and I will be in touch.  This is an exciting project and opportunity for our committee to help spread the word about the history of women and baseball.  There are lots of pieces to the project so please e-mail or drop me a quick note with your interest.


Recent books, articles, websites and other projects.  Thanks to the following people for sending material.

Jim Glennie, Andy McCue, Priscilla Astifan, Justine Warren, Tim Wiles

(**Denotes item available for a SASE, 1 stamp per 4 pages).

** “Women Having a Ball.”  A review of “Baseball Girls.”

** “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

** “Amateurs in skirts on Baseball Field” NYT 10/2/04


Research Requests


Sue Daggett is looking for any information out there on a Helen Landry who played in the 1930s for the “Chicago Girls Club” and the “Athletic Girls.”  Anyone with any information can send it directly to Sue at or to Leslie Heaphy and I will pass it on.


Frank Fitzpatrick is looking for information about the Dolly Vardens who played in the 1860s.  Any help you can offer him please send directly to Leslie Heaphy or to Frank at


What are you looking for?  What are you currently working on?  Let us know and we can help one another as we are doing our research.


                Trivia Questions

Who was Edna Bolden Shorter?


Last Newsletter:

What was Alice Hohlmeyer’s nickname when she played?


Can you name the teams that played in the 2001 Women’s World Series in Toronto?

Team USA, Japan, Team Canada and Australia


Have a good question to ask our members?  Please send it in before the next newsletter for inclusion.



Cleveland/Akron has a new team this year.  Their first practice was April 7th at Summit Park in Akron.  For more information about this team e-mail            


Interested in writing a review for our newsletter?  How about writing up your thoughts on books about the AAGPBL?  Or a review of the movie Baseball Girls.”  Send your reviews to Leslie Heaphy for inclusion in the next newsletter.  If you have another book you'd like to review write up your comments and send them in.


Member News

The new website put together by Dorothy Mills is now up and running at  Lots of interesting materials can be found on this new site.

Reunion 2002

South Bend, Indiana, September 26-29th.  The focus will be on women’s baseball in the past, present and future.


Please send correspondence, questions, suggestions, ideas to Leslie Heaphy for future newsletters.  Also, I heard from a number of you and am grateful for the responses. Those who did not respond please try to let me know whether you still wish to receive our newsletter.  Please write or e-mail me as to whether you wish to continue to be on the mailing list.  If I do not hear from you I will not be sending future issues of the newsletter.  Our committee is only as active as you the members help to make it.  Thanks for your help in keeping our list updated.  Just a reminder that some of you have not paid your dues to SABR yet this year and should send that in if you also want to continue receiving other SABR publications.



Leslie and Claudia






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