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Complete game playing directions Strategy and base running charts Player Cards: 1996 World Series - Yankees & Braves Home Page  

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Guru's Japanese Team Pages:

Giants Info...
Searchable Players Database - Updated all season and includes forecasts to end of year! In the Team field type "YOM" to see Giants.
Today's News, Box Scores and Game SummariesTokyo Dome Photo
The Baseball Guru's Giants Awards Page - MVP, Rookie of the Year, Sawamura, Gold Glove and Best Nine Awards Rosters, Stats, Salaries and Team Schedule -  Fan Forum
Wikipedia: Yomiuri Giants
the japanese insider - Japanese data archive. Original analysis. Links to the Japanese sites in English. Questions? Ask one of the Japanese baseball Gurus!

Gurus at your service - Connect with baseball experts on subjects such as team history, players, trivia, memorabilia, business and ballparks.
The Guru's Chat Room - Yomiuri Giants chat is on Mondays from 7-8 am EST (9-10 pm in Japan). See the complete chat scehdule.
The Guru's Message Boards - Make trade suggestions, talk about the players and limited trash talk is welcome. This is your chance to introduce yourself to other fans on the Baseball Guru. 
Newsgroups -
EBay - links to dragons memorablilia auction.

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Yomiuri Giants, 3-3 Kanda-Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054 / Phone: 03-3295-7711

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