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Baseball: 100 Classic Moments in the History of the Game

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Inside Feature
Max Blue's Page (historic baseball teams) posted articles not available anywhere else right here on!
John Holway's Page (author of 10 baseball books). He is available for your questions. Find out about Holway's new works in progress... Get autographed copies of his books.
Craig Tomarkin's Page (the Guru). He posted a series of articles attempting to rank order the greatest teams of all time.He is available for your questions.

Historic Teams Data
Historic MLB Teams (1871-present):  Listed alphabetically by City and Franchise. Complete for 1999 back through 1871 when Major League Baseball began.
Historic ballparks and stadiums are included in the ballparks page

Fans Speak!
Read letters to the editor and other email sent to our Gurus.

Articles by Max Blue
The Streak
Jaybird and Me
A Squint for All Seasons
Babe Ruth - The Baltimore Slab Artist: Game Two of the 1916 World Series

Articles by John B. Holway
Rocket's Amazing Recovery
After the NBA scandal -Could Baseball Be Next?
Giambi - Slap on the Wrist or Pat on the Fanny?
Holy Cow!! Phil in Valhalla
From the Shores of Old Lake Glimmerglass
Pesky Got a Bump Rap
The Rickey Myth
Men Willingly Believe What They Want to Believe
The Game Is Not Diluted; It's the Best Baseball Ever Played
The Myth of Babe Ruth / Riding the Wave With the Babe
The Babe Ruth Myth
The Wizdom of Diz
Who Is So Taguchi?
No Free Pass for Tony
Double XX
Barry and the Babe and Einstein's Theory of Baseball Relativity
What if Ted and Mickey Had Been on the Juice?
Alfonso, Mac, Mick, and Ted
The Ghosts of April Past
A Mummy in the Record Book
Linda Cropp Makes Sense; So Does Baseball in Washington
A Rose by Any Other Name (Giambi) Would Still Be Thorny
Come Back Tessie, We Still Love You
Baseball's DrugstoreDon't Blame the Babe
Cooperstown: Who's In? Who's Out? And why?
The Angels' Witch
Slaughter, Pesky, and the Power of Myth
Ted Williams
Steriod Cheaters
Come Back, Tessie, We Still Love You
Home Runs Vs. Sosa
The Real HR Rankings - Includes Japanese & Negro Leagues
Bert Shepard and the Missing Foot
Teddy Ballgame's Called Shots
Barry and the Babe
Give Ichiro and Biggio The MVP

Articles by the Craig Tomarkin (Guru)
MLB Foreign Expansion
Greatest Teams Ever:
Part I  Part II Part III Part IV
Greatest Non-Champion Teams Ever
Era Analysis:  I propose 10 eras of baseball history...
Pete Rose was not in the top three players on his team...

More Articles
Baseball Stuff - Tom Ruane, Hot and Cold Teams

Baseball Calenders & Time Capsules - Shows events that happened on each day in baseball history in calendar form.
The Library of Congress - "Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights" is a collection of baseball manuscripts, books and photographs from the 1860's to the 1960's.   It has a special section in timeline form describing the color line and Jackie Robinson . It also has a searchable database.

Wikipedia - Baseball from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
PBS - Ken Burns presents: The story of baseball is the story of America. It is an epic overflowing with hereoes and hopefulls, scoundrels and screwballs. VHS: Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns - Nine Inning Set
19c Baseball - Excellent history of nineteenth century games that evolved into baseball and desciptions of early baseball.
A Structure to Last Forever - Master's thesis by SABR member Ethan Lewis. Titled, "History of the Players' League and the Brotherhood War of 1890." He argues that the Players' League was the best chance baseball had at adopting a different structure.
The Evolution of the Baseball Bat  - Nicely written article detailing the evolution of the baseball bat.

Baseball and the US Government
An Annual Outing: The Congressional Baseball Game - it's true, each summer members of congress get dressed in baseball uniforms and play for charity.

Rules about MLB Transactions
MLB Transactions Primer - All of the ins and outs regarding how transactions are formed from wikipedia.

More Stuff
Web Tour Research and Analysis - Some links were appropriate for both sections of the Guru's Web Tour so don't miss it.

Books on Baseball History   Baseball History's Baseball Book Store - Read the most popular books on baseball history.

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