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Ty Cobb [From Bill Burgess' Ty Cobb Memorial Collection]
Dates Ty Cobb's Supporters Died
Ty Cobb As A Manager
Was Cobb the greatest all-around baseball player who ever lived?  PART I


By Bill Burgess III

When Cobb retired following the '28 season, he held the ML records for:
G, AB, BA, Hits, Runs, RBIs, TB, SB, steals of Home, EBHs, singles, runs produced.
He was second in: doubles, triples, extra bases on hits.   A collection truly Cobbian.
Overall, Ty set more records than the Babe, or anyone else, 90. His records lasted the longest. 30 still stand.
Using traditional stats, Ty led his league more often than anyone else, I think around 60.
Today 75 yrs later, he is STILL:
1st: BA, Relative BA, Runs Produced
2nd: hits, runs, triples, OF assists, OF DPs,
3rd: Relative OBA  for this century
4th: SB, G, AB, doubles, triples, OF putouts
8th: OBA unadjusted, extra bases
But there's more. Mr. Cobb hung up these impressive achievemets.
HRs - top 3 in the league - 5 times, won 1
RBIs - top 3 in the league - 7 times, won 4
TBs - top 3 in the league - 10 times, won 6
SLG. - top 3 in the league - 14 times, won 8
Looked at from another angle, Mr. Cobb led his league in the following years, in the following categories.
1907---BA, SLG, TB, RBI, H, OPS, OPS+, BR+,
1908---BA, SLG, TB, RBI, H, D, T, OPS, OPS+, BR+,
1909---BA, OBP, SLG, TB, RBI, R, H, HR, OPS, OPS+, BR+, SB,
1910---BA, OBP, SLG, R, OPS, OPS+,
1911---BA, SLG, R, H, D, T, RBI, SB, OPS, TB, OPS+, EBH,
1912---BA, SLG, H, OPS, OPS+, BR+, SB,
1915---BA, OBP, TB, R, H, OPS, OPS+, BR+, SB, SBR,
1917---BA, OBP, H, D, T, SLG, SB, OPS, TB, EBH, OPS+,
1918---BA, OBP, T, OPS, OPS+, BR+,
Power?  Let's talk about it.  From the 1893-1919 era, here is the Career HR list:
1. Zack Wheat ------132
2. Gavvy Cravath---119
3. Jimmy Ryan------118
4. Tilly Walker------118
5. Ty Cobb--------117
6. Tris Speaker-----117
9. Ed Delahanty----101
9. Honus Wagner---101
11. Sam Crawford---97
12. Frank Baker-----96
14. Herman Long----91
Ty Cobb / Willie Mays: Power
My most impressive stat is that Ty came in the top 3 in SLG. ave. 14 times!  He won 8. 
That is a record that I don't think Willie can compete with.  Willie's power case cannot withstand that level of firepower!
Willie came in the top 3 in SLG. 8 times, and won 5. 
Willie's peers tougher in power?  Oh really.
Ty's peers: Ruth, Lajoie, Joe Jackson, Crawford, Speaker, Frank Baker, Sisler, Harry Heilmann,
Bobby Veach, Bob Meusel, Ken Williams, Bob Fothergill, Leon "Goose" Goslin, Tillie Walker.
Willie's peers: Aaron, Clemente, Musial, Frank Robinson, Banks, Snider, Ralph Kiner,
Big Klu, Eddie Mathews, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey, J. Robinson, Campanella.
Willie's Home Run Record
Ty's Home Run Record:
Willie 14 times came in the top 10 in HRs.  Ty did that 11 times.  Obviously, Ty hurt himself in the 20's,
when he chose not to go for HRs, when others did.  Still, Willie came in his top 3, 8 times,
Ty 6 times, when he was not even trying for homers.
Inside the park homeruns
Twenty Career Inside the Park Home Runs
1 Sam Crawford 51
2 Tommy Leach 49
3 Ty Cobb 46
4 Honus Wagner 41
5 Tris Speaker 37
6 Jake Daubert 33
7 Chief Wilson 31
8 Rogers Hornsby 30
Willie Keeler 30
Edd Roush 30
11 Max Carey 28
Ed Konetchy 28
13 Jesse Burkett 27
14 Zack Wheat 25
15 Hal Chase 24
16 Fred Clarke 23
Earle Combs 23
18 Rabbit Maranville 22
19 Ginger Beaumont 21
Sherry Magee 21
Sam Rice 21
Cy Seymour 21
23 George Sisler 20

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