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This material is adapted from the book, BASEBALL’S BEST: The TRUE Hall of Famers by Michael Hoban, Ph.D. (, June 2007).

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About the Author
Michael Hoban, Ph.D. retired in 2005 after a 48-year career in education. The last 35 years were spent teaching at the university level (after obtaining his doctorate in mathematics from Columbia University in 1970). Mike is Professor Emeritus of mathematics at the City University of N.Y.

Professor Hoban has been an avid baseball fan for over 60 years. Among his best baseball memories is when, at the age of 15, he saw Willie Mays play his first game in the Polo Grounds in 1951. He has been a serious baseball analyst for the past 10 years (and a member of SABR since 1998).

Mike is the author of four baseball books:

BASEBALL’S BEST: The TRUE Hall of Famers (, 2007)

A GOOD CAWS: A Hall of Fame Handbook

A GOOD CAWS: A Hall of Fame Handbook
(published 2011)

Baseball's Complete Players


(McFarland: 2000)

Baseball's Best Shortstops


(Booklocker: 2003).

Michael Hoban, PhD

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