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What was the correct 1969 A's cap logo?

Dear Guru,

I have recently acquired what the seller claimed was a 1969 Oakland Athletics Cap. The cap has a yellow/gold crown, green bill, and a lone "A" embroidered. I thought 1969 was the year the hat logo changed to "A's". I've seen pictures of Reggie in '69 but he is never wearing a cap... the jersey logo was "A's". Can you help me as to which was the correct cap logo?

- Don

Guru's Response

The cap had a lone "A" when they were the Philadelphia A's through 1954. When they moved to KC in 1955 it had a "K" with a "C" over it. They moved to Oaklad in 1968. From 1972 forward it had "A's" but I don't know what they had from 1968-1971.

Here's a link to someone selling an autographed Rollie Fingers "A's" cap. Ask if this cap was from may have been!

Here's a link to someone who sells historic caps:

Here is a link to someone who sells A's caps.

You should ask these guys.

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