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The Guru's Chat Room - Join us in chats about your favorite MLB or NPB team! See the Chat scehdule. Also find out how you can use the Guru's chat room to draft your league and hold weekly meetings.

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Baseball AnalysisGurus Web Pages Home - Real baseball experts (gurus) on virtually every baseball topic are available for your questions. Each guru has a personal web page worth visiting. There is really no other resource like this.

Jim Albright (Japanese baseball) Max Blue (historic teams, Phillies)Bruce Baskin (Latin Baseball) Bill Burgess (research)Glenn Davies (Japanese baseball)Peter Dreier (politics, Negro Leagues, baseball research)Clay DuVall (baseball crossword puzzles) Bart Ewing (fantasy baseball) Carlos Fragoso (Latin baseball) Harvey Frommer (Players, Yankees) Gary Garland (Japanese baseball) Eric Gartman (baseball business) A. C. Haeffner (former sports card and memorabilia dealer) Leslie Heaphy (Women's Baseball, Negro Leagues and Latin Leagues) Michael Hoban (Great player analysis) John B. Holway (esteemed and widely published Negro Leagues expert) John Korsgaard (franchise and player specialist) Bruce Markusen (National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum)Mike McCann (Minor Leagues) Lenny Melnick (Fantasy Baseball) Joe Mock (ballparks) Jeff Mordock (Hall of Fame analyst)
Gene Newman (Foreign Leagues)Kevin Saldana (spring training and minor leagues)Dan Schlossberg (history, trivia)Craig Tomarkin (the Guru)Andrew Wong (Korean/Taiwanese baseball)

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CELEBRITY GUEST PANEL While our Baseball Gurus don't know everything, we can lead you to the EXPERTS who do!  You'll find a roster of celebrity authors, columnists, sports writers, ballplayers and insiders. Email any MLB player!

Go to SpotlightSPOTLIGHT and FanVote  Find out why Pete Rose wasn't even the 3rd best hitter on his own team!  Respond to the controversial PLAYER SPOTLIGHT and FanVote if you think your stomach can digest the incriminating evidence. CAST YOUR VOTE!

Fun and Games!

The Guru's FAMOUS Baseball Board Game

The Guru's FAMOUS Baseball Boardgame
You are the manager. Real players & stats. Easy to Play. Try it!

Complete game playing directions Strategy and base running charts Player Cards: 1996 World Series - Yankees & Braves

FAQ / Getting Started

Unique player salary on each card lets you know what the player was really worth. Ideal for drafting teams using salary caps.
Clutch and Choke ratings for performance in pressure situations.
More accurate simulation, using the player's real stats, realistic pitcher/batter interaction and three dice instead of two.
More strategy options than with other games. It's all in there.
Use players from different eras at the same time.
Special events such as corked bats and bench clearing brawls.

Go to The Game Try this sample of the future computer version of the board game Play the Dream Matchups Game or the Home Run Derby.  Three different player sets are available for each: You can also use it to view batting records of your favorite players.  Not only can you run the simulations in old ballparks, but you can pretend to play in Death Valley or the mountains of Tibet. WILD! Find out the secrets behind the online simulations!

The Guru 's FANTASY INSIDER - Get the latest on key player promotions, injuries, trades and they're likely replacements (and other vital secrets).  Read the helpful fantasy draft tips, CHEAT SHEETS, and MOCK DRAFTS!!
MLB Player Forecasts
Draft Help
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Baseball Data ArchiveBASEBALL DATA
If you like spreadsheet data, sample the Guru's Private Stock.

TOOLS for Baseball Analysis
Download the Guru's T-Test Gadget - The ultimate argument settler! Compare a player's stats to another player or to his team or to his league to find out if the amount that he is better (or worse) is statistically significant.

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DID YOU KNOW:  Levi "Long Levi" Meyerle batted .492 for the Philadelphia A's in 1871? That's the highest batting average EVER in a single season.  The bat that he used that season he made himself and carved an intricate engraving into it.  It also had a thin leather strap in the base of the bat for him to put his hand through, much like a racquetball racket.  The bat is on display in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

QUOTE:  "Baseball is ninety percent mental.  The other half is physical."  - Yogi Berra

The Baseball Guru Achievement Award

The Baseball Guru wishes to recognize the untiring efforts of individuals committed to providing quality baseball web sites.  To qualify, the web site must demonstrate this achievement in excellence.  Award winners may display this animation on their site.

If you think your site qualifies for this award or if you know a deserving site, please submit your contact information and the URL to:

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