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Complete game playing directions Strategy and base running charts Player Cards: 1996 World Series - Yankees & Braves

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Craig Tomarkin (the Guru)
How was the World Series named?
Can you advise where I might find the top ten players for "consecutive games played?"
Ever Hear of Joe Hauser, Possibly the Greatest Home Run Hitter Ever?
Who was Ralph Branca?
Some Players Love Their Bats
What's the value of this ring?
Why do the manager and coaches wear the same uniform as the players?
What was the correct 1969 A's cap logo?

Joe Mock (ballparks)
6th and 7th Graders learn about ballparks
What was the first baseball stadium to charge money for admission?
Can you play on an all turf infield?
Who standardized the baseball field?
Ballpark Fenway Dimesions Old and New
Ballpark Dimensions
Ballpark Orientations
Life or Death Baseball Question!
Baseball Stadium Effects on Hitters

John B. Holway (esteemed and widely published Negro Leagues expert)
The Million Dollar Infield
Question on Glove Use in 1901
Yankee Stadium in 1923

John Korsgaard (franchise and player specialist)
Would Alan Trammell look more impressive if Cal Ripken had never been born?

Jeff Mordock (Hall of Fame analyst)
Phorgotton Phillies for the HOF
No Way, Jose
Ted Simmons

A. C. Haeffner (former sports card and memorabilia dealer)
I have three cards that are not in the price guide and I wondered if you can help me appraise them. They are tobacco cards.
Are there many of these Lefty O'Doul cards around?
How much would a carl yastrzemski card be worth its a all star card from the red sox and its a 1980 topps card?
What is my autograghed 1989 National League All-star team ball worth?
I've got an autographed ball with signatures: Jackie Robison, Roy Campanella, Don Thompson, Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, Cal Abrams, Carl Erskine, Duke Snider and more. Can you give me any information about this ball?
What is my baseball signed by the 1961 S. F. Giants worth?
What is my Angels uniform from 1963 worth?
What is the value of a 1992 baseball collector set for coca-cola?
What are these cards worth?
Is it worth it to have the few old baseball cards I have graded?
What is baseball from the 1952 oldtimers game worth?
What is the origin and value of this autographed baseball?
Keep those questions coming - A collection of questions for the collector :)
Odd set of signatures

Gary Garland (Japanese baseball)
What is the difference between Japanese and American Baseball Arbitration?
Do you know if the Hawks games can be heard on the Internet?
What is the latest you are hearing about Hideki Matsui and of course Kaz Matsui?
Do Japanese teams make salaries for American Players public knowledge?
Where do I  get Japanese box scores?
How do I contact my friend, who is playing Korean baseball?
Are the Yankees really trying to get Hideki Matsui?
How can I see a game without going to Japan?
Japanese Baseball Cards
Who was the first Venezuelan born player who played on the Japanese Baseball League?
What was Alfonso Soriano's correct number when he played with Hiroshima?
How often have Japanese-born pitchers received a win AND a save in the same game?
What number did Wells of the Daiei Hawks wear?
Have you ever heard of a player named Koichi Taniguchi who had a stint with the NY Mets?

Jim Albright (Japanese baseball history)
Japanese league salaries
Japanese Baseball - Fielding Data
Japanese vs MLB
Sadaharu Oh, Rhodes & Bass, and the HOF

Mike Attiyeh (Trivia)
What were the details surrounding Tony Gwynn's 2,000 hit?
When was the tagging up rule implemented into official major league baseball rules?
Was the fastest pitch ever, 101 MPH?
Three questions. What two teammates finished 1-2 in the 1907 batting race? What three pitchers saved 40 games in a year and threw a no hitter in another year? Who hit a home run in his first AB in college, the olympics and MLB?
Name 3 players who have hit 3 homeruns in a single game in both leagues.
How many baseballs are needed in order to start a major league game?
Has any player ever been thrown out trying to steal a base in the 9th inning of a World Series game the would have been the 3rd out?
Has anyone ever hit a home run cycle?
Is there any player who pitched two perfect games?
Was there a game canceled due to a power outage?
How many World Series did the Boston Red Sox win?
What are the 7 ways a batter can get to first?
What are the roster rules for the MLB All Star Game?
Who hit a 587 foot home run in a baseball game between Giants and Red Sox?
Does the League Flag (national/american) need to be present in all ballparks...
What the record is for the most pitches ever delivered to a single batter at bat?
Who was the first player to get a hit in Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia?
Who was the first player to earn $100,000 a year?
Who is the only player that played in all 162 games in the 1990 major league...
Has anyone ever hit for the cycle in a World Series game?
In what month of what year was the only major league game ever played in which there was only one base runner? Who was the winning pitcher in that game?
Head to head for 14 innings

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