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How can I see a game without going to Japan?

Chris wrote:

"I have been a fan of Japanese Baseball for a wile and I was wondering how can I see a game without going to Japan. Do you know if any sites show games live? or what satellite service carries Japanese Baseball games? Thanks."



Gary Garland's Response

Hiya Chris!

Well, there aren't any Japanese games broadcast on the "normal" domestic cable carriers. However, you can contact the folks at TV Japan, who might be able to hook you up if they service your area. That info in english is at:

Please note that I've never dealt with them myself, so I don' t know how good the service is. But give them a ring and check it out. Also, they seem to have a deal with the DISH network, so you might explore that option, too. If you do subscribe, could you please let me know how good or bad the service is? I've never heard any complaints personally. Note that the programming, as you've no doubt already realized, is all in Japanese.


Gary Garland

Japanese baseball writer,

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