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Are the Yankees really trying to get Hideki Matsui?

Are the yankees really trying to get him or there just trying to get his games on there yes network and if it's a strike will he come over and secound how can the yankees get him if there going to be a worldwide draft

Gary Garland's Response

Well, as it turned out, there is no worldwide draft. Moreover, MLB has told NPB that there will not be any draft of its players who are eligible to come to the U.S. The working agreement between the Yankees, which is going to reportedly include merchandising issues, is still being hammered out, though both sides hope to get everything done before the end of the year. The deal will include broadcast rights to Yomiuri games in the U.S.. Also, Yomiuri is pushing for head to head games against the Yankees, which should be fun to watch. The Japanese press (and many foreign observers such as myself) are treating Hideki Matsui's signing with the Yanks as a fait accompli.

Take care,

Gary Garland

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