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What is the origin and value of this autographed baseball?

Amy Estrada wrote:

I am trying to find out the origin and value of an autographed baseball a friend has came upon. It is autographed by quite a few people, but the clearly identifiable ones are...Ernie Banks, Bob Feller, Whitey Ford and Billy Martin. I have done a little research but cannot determine when/where this would be from.

Any ideas or info you may have would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you for your time!

Amy Estrada

Charlie's Response

The only possiblity that occurs to me is that the ball might have come from the 1956 All-Star Game in Washington, D.C.

Banks was on the NL squad, and Ford and Martin were on the American. Feller was several years past his All-Star days, but since that was his final season, I'm guessing he might have been present in an honorary capacity or as a special guest.

As for value, that would depend on condition, on who else might have signed, on whether the origin could be pinned down to that game or some other, and on whether it was an official league ball.

If it was that game, the ball was official and the condition was decent, it would be worth several hundred dollars. How many hundred hinges on the other names, I suspect. Guys named Mantle, Williams, Kaline, Aaron, Mays and Campanella were also playing in that game.

I hope this helps.

Charlie Haeffner

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