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Info Links- Listing of everything Jim's provided this site on Japanese baseball, including information about specific managers and players.

New2009 Review of NPB Free Agents, Posted Players, and Players to Watch

Japan's Top Players - Analysis of the best Japanese baseball players ever with annotated rankings.
The Rating System - Description of the systems used to rate Japan's top players.
All Decade Teams
Modern Pitchers and the Japanese Hall of Fame
New Pitcher Projection Method
The List - Rank ordered list of the greatest Japanese players by position.
Japan's Most Successful Managers
All-Time Foreign Born Team
Japan's Franchise All-Star Teams
Japanese Baseball Dynasties
Most Dominant/Most Dominated Teams in Japanese Baseball History Japan's Greatest Teams - the sequel.
Manager's All-Stars
Franchise Sustained Success and Futility Snapshots (updated thru 2003)
Why Haven’t We Had More Japanese Players in the Majors?
What were the great pennant races in Japan?

2008 Review of NPB Free Agents, Posted Players, and Players to Watch 2007 Review of NPB Free Agents, Posted Players, and Players to Watch
2006 Review of NPB Free Agents, Posted Players, and Players to Watch
2005 Review of NPB Free Agents, Posted Players, and Players to Watch
Japanese Possibilities for the MLB in 2004
Japanese Possibilities for the MLB in 2003
Japanese Career of Masanori Murakami
Miscellaneous Player Comments
Japanese Baseball before 1945
How Close is Ichiro to Cooperstown?
Japanese Players: What's Best for Cooperstown?
Comparing Negro League All-Timers to Japanese All-timers

Sawamura trivia

~ Sadaharu Oh//Japanese Players and Cooperstown ~

Sadaharu Oh and Cooperstown: Part I (revised, 2017)
Sadaharu Oh and Cooperstown: Part II (revied 2017)
Jim Albright on Updates to the NPB Player Projectoins to MLB

Fun with Projections
Comparing Oh to HOFers
Comparing Oh to Top HOF Candidates
How Many Homers Would Oh Have Hit In the Majors?HR Break Down
Was Oh Better than Projection?
Who Else from the NPB Might be Worthy of Cooperstown? Further Examination of Qualifications of NPB Stars for CooperstownSummarized Cases for Cooperstown of Five Great NPB Position PlayersSummarized Cases for Cooperstown of Five Great NPB PitchersReexamination of Cases for Cooperstown of pre-1945 NPB Pitchers


Who Have Been the Top Players in Cuba in the Castro Era?

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I am a 40-something year old who has always been a sports fan who had a way with numbers. When Bill James published his books in the 1980's, I found a way to combine those aspects of my life. It was difficult to make progress until I got a computer, but once APBA released its electronic encyclopedia, I was off and running. The internet has provided a means to share the findings I have made to others who share my interests. My interests in this area grew to the "forgotten" (at least by modern American fans) players and teams-the Negro Leagues, the 19th century, and Japan. I obtained Dan Johnson's book, and while it had a wealth of information, it didn't have walk data or career listings. I chased down a copy of the 1998 Japanese encyclopedia and, with the help of Johnson's book, unlocked much of the information it has to offer. I live on the East Coast, have never been to Japan, and read only the limited amount of Japanese I have learned from my work with the encyclopedia. In one way, it limits my perspective, to be sure, but in another, I am rather free of any hype or badmouthing that may be done about Japan's players. I am free to look at the record with an unbiased eye, and see what I can there.

Jim Albright

I have done all-star teams for each franchise for APBA, which can be found at APBA Japanese Baseball site.

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