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Web Tour: Ballparks - List of MLB Ballparks and Stadiums: Alphabetically by Team, League and Year of first season. Seating capacities and field dimensions represent a typical season. Complete for 1998, some data as far back as 1884, including disbanded teams.

Life-or-death baseball question!


I found your site using the search engine I have a very important question for you.Which MLB team's current stadium has the longest distance from home plate to the center field wall? This question is of crucial importance to me so I would greatly appreciate a response ASAP. Thank you for your time.

- Barbie

Joe Mock's Response


First, before I answer your question, I need to know why this is of "crucial importance" to you. Gee, and I thought ballparks were important to ME!

Anyway, you could have saved yourself some time if you had gone to the Frequently Asked Questions page on my BASEBALLPARKS.COM site. It would have told you that Enron Field in Houston has the deepest dimension of any current park: 436' to dead center (and up a hill no less), one foot more than center field at Pro Player Stadium in Miami.

-- Joe Mock, Webmaster of BASEBALLPARKS.COM and the Grand Slam Mall
Ballpark guru at Baseball Guru

Barbie's Explanation


My story is this..... I am a senior at The University of Florida. My professor happens to be a huge sports buff and offered three extra-credit points (added on to our final class average) if any student could research and find the correct answer to his sports stadium question. It was so crucial to me because in my case it made the difference between me graduating or not. Most of the students in the class turned in Tiger Stadium as the longest. I am one of the only ones who got the question correct and the points. I can't thank you enough! :)

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