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Who standardized the baseball field?

I want to know who was credited with standardizing the features and dimensionsof the baseball field? When? What club was he with?.... I need this answer for a contest please. Thank you

Jack Nieto jr.

Joe Mock's Response


I certainly want you to win the contest! The correct answer is Alexander Cartwright.

According to the book "Baseball - More Than 150 Years" by David Nemec and Saul Wisnia, Cartwright and a group of friends formed the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club in New York City in 1845. On Sept. 23 of that year, the club adopted a set of 20 rules written by Cartwright. These rules included that the game be played on a diamond-shaped field with 90 feet between the bases, and nine players on each team. Three strikes made an out, and each side got three outs before the other team batted.

It's generally believed that the first formal game of baseball between two different teams (in this case, the teams were actually "clubs" that men belonged to) was held across the river from NYC in Hoboken, NJ in a park called Elysian Fields - which was usually used for cricket matches. The date was June 19, 1846, and the New York Nine defeated Cartwright's Knickerbockers 23-1. Cartwright himself, interestingly, served as the umpire in that game.

Let me know what you win in that contest!!

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