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6th and 7th Graders learn about ballparks

E.T. writes:


I am a retired computer teacher (before the Internet!), and have spent this month helping 6th & 7th graders learn to search the Internet, while substituting for their teacher, on temporary leave. A "Batter up" search project was given to us by the computer dept. chmn. The students have had great fun searching, through "google", for baseball sites. The main "Jump off" site was, and, where they found your chart. And so did I! Wow! What a lot of research you've done! You go to the head of the class!

Just want to say "thanks" for helping the students find what they needed, all in one spot, and for making it fun for them to search. Keep up the great work.

Joe Mock's Response


Thanks so much for taking the time to write! It was a lot of work, but I thoroughly enjoyed putting that chart together.

And even more importantly, thanks for spending your time helping those 6th and 7th graders. Gee, is there a more difficult age to teach than that?????

-- Joe Mock, Webmaster of BASEBALLPARKS.COM and  The Grand Slam Mall

Also author of   Joe Mock's Ballpark Guide

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