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Braintrust & Mailing Lists  Craig Tomarkin's Braintrust Newsletter, November 2002

Friends and Braintrust Subscribers,

Game players: The 2002 Season Card Set for the Guru's Famous Baseball Board Game is now ready! Here's the link:


We have a winner! The Angels are 2002 champs for the first time in their franchise history, dating back to 1965. The SF Giants drought is actually longer, since 1954, when they were in New York. The longest draught belongs to the Chicago Cubs. They've been waiting since 1908 to win the big one.

Minor Leagues

Mike McCann continued his quest to see all of the minor league parks and saw a game at one of them just in the nick of time! With the lowest average fan attendance in the South Atlantic League, its no wonder they are moving. Here's the link:

Pro Yakyu

The link for TODAY'S NEWS has moved to:

The style has changed to the friendlier web log format. You now have direct access to each article, rather than having to scroll patiently through other articles to find the one you want.

For example, "Godzilla Crosses the Pacific!" is one of the many recent headlines you'll find in the re-vamped daily archive without having to read other stuff first.

Don't miss coverage of the 2002 Japan Series. The perpetually dominant and now 20 time winner, Yomiuri Giants swept in four. Remarkably, it was the first time in their franchise history.

Remember, you can always email Gary Garland for more details or any questions about Japanese baseball.

Becoming reflective after this year's Japan Series, Jim Albright asks, "What Were the Greatest Pennant Races In Japan?" Here is the link to the answer:

Baseball Analysis - Some Highlights

Did Halloween pass you by without a proper baseball haunting? John Holway presented "The Angels' Witch" for those interested in a true story. Here's the link:

Forty Thousand Pitches. Max Blue endures another non-playoff season for his Phillies. Here's the link to Max's revelation:

"Some seasons are so fantastic that you have to come up with unorthodox... maybe even zany comparisons to see them beyond the math." This was John Korsgaard's description of Barry Bond's Incomparable 2002. Here's the link to a description of a better than Ruthian feat:

New Guru!

Please welcome Mike Attiyeh, our new "Trivia" guru. Mike is author of "Who Was Traded for Lefty Grove?" and semi finalist in the prestigious National Trivia Contest, hosted by SABR. Here's the link to Mike's web page:

He is available for your questions, so you can pick his brain directly: email Mike. Please do not inundate him with questions you already know the answers too.

Mike's first test of your trivia knowledge came as the season climaxed with the World Series Trivia Challenge 2002 found on his web page.

The Guru's Clubhouse Gets Face Lift

The renovation is complete. The clubhouse was divided into two main sections: "Community" and "Fun and Games."

· The Community section is designed to facilitate communication with us and between each of you. It features revamped message boards, gurus web pages, Fans Speak (a.k.a. Gurus Mailbag), celebrity guest panel, spotlight and fan vote about Pete Rose, newsgroups and chat, the Braintrust archive.

· The Fun and Games section is designed to highlight original baseball games and tools for analysis including the board game, computer game, fantasy game, online historic baseball database and t-test stat tool.

You will also continue to find a live news feed in the left column, which during the off-season has a tendency to show non-baseball sports news. A better live news feed for the baseball minded is in the left column of the fantasy insider section of the site, a link to which is in the clubhouse.

So, check out the new paint job and the exciting original content. Enter here:

The Guru's Famous Game

The 2002 Season Set is now ready! Here's the link:

It took great pains to get the cards out this early. There are some truly spectacular cards this year including:

· Bonds with his .581 on base average, the highest ever

· A-Rod's 57 HRs, the most powerful season ever by a shortstop

· Johnson's and Schilling's record breaking strike out combo, each with over 300 K's

· The Yankee's young second baseman Alfonso Soriano surprises everyone with 41 SB's and 209 hits, including 51 doubles, 39 HRs

· And Rookie Chris Hammond makes the Braves bullpen an "A+"

Two of the team sets are now on sale too. Save $2 on:

· The Greatest Upsets Set - based on the best eight teams to lose a World Series and the teams that beat them. The teams in this set rival the more popular Best Teams Ever set in the quality of teams and players.

          o Here's the link:

· The Great World Series Matchups Set - based on eight World Series' that went to 7 games and featured powerful and charismatic teams

          o Here's the link:

If you've never played the game before, you can print out the instructions from the Free Cards Archive. If you want to learn more about the game, here's the link to the main page:

You can support with very little effort…

The Baseball Guru offers loads of original content and does not charge any subscription or membership fees. Do your part to help keep the site up and running by buying all of your books and CD's through The Guru's Amazon Affiliate Store instead of directly through Amazon. You get the same prices and service but also help keep up and running. Please use the search box on any page. It's much appreciated.

Here's the link:

Keep on visiting and tell your friends about the most interesting baseball site on the web!

Sincerely Yours,

Craig Tomarkin (the Guru, webmaster and editor)

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