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Where do I  get Japanese box scores?


My husband plays baseball in Japan for the Fighters. I am home in America right now and would like to watch a game or get the box scores live and in English. Do you know where I can do this??

Thanks for your help

Anne Marie Mirabal

Gary Garland's Response

Hi Anne Marie:

It's always nice to hear from players' families since Japanese can seem kind of impenetrable to many.

To answer your question, there isn't any site that I know about that will do live updates in english. The only site that really provides box scores and what could approach detailed game info in english is right here at Baseball Guru, though that is often a couple of days or more late due to the time it takes for me to reconstruct games while living here on the west coast of the USA.

In Japanese, Yahoo Japan has graphic representations of what is going on in the games as they happen, but that is it, I'm afraid.

As for watching games from Japan here in the U.S., I don't know if they broadcast Nippon Ham games since they are a lower tier team in terms of popularity, but TV Japan does at least occasionally broadcast Japanese pro baseball games. You can view the english portion of their site at:

So you might contact them and see what they broadcast in terms of baseball there. Keep in mind, again, that all the programming is in Japanese. So you might see if they have english closed captioning or something along those lines.

By the way, as you know, Nippon Ham is going to move to Sapporo in 2004 and they will be getting a new manager since Yasunori Oshima's contract isn't going to be renewed. Hopefully, they will choose wisely so that Carlos can come back from the injuries that afflicted his season and pitch with a relaxed state of mind and continue to put up the kind of numbers he did before he got injured.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Take care,

Gary Garland

Japanese Baseball Writer

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