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Greatest Teams Ever
Part I  Part II
Part III Part IV

Greatest Non-Champion Teams Ever

Player forecasts and original stats

The Case for Sadaharu Oh and the Hall of Fame

Baseball's Thrity Greatest Foreign Players (who never played in the MLB)

MLB Foreign Expansion

Era Analysis:  I propose 10 eras of baseball history...

Pete Rose was not in the top three players on his team...

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Craig Tomarkin About the Author
The "Baseball Guru" himself.  Never played Major League ball, but has been simulating it statistically since he was old enough to hold a pencil.  In high school he co-authored a computer program (in BASIC) which produced a statistical analysis and simulation card for any player for whom you cared to enter data.  The paper, detailing the program's mechanics and the fundamentals of the statistical components, won an award at the science fair. With encouragement during his formative years, a voracious appetite for anything involving baseball, continuous access to new computers and improving database and programming software, who could blame him for becoming a baseball junky as an adult?

Craig Tomarkin Personal Endorsements
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 I love inventing baseball games and gadgets. Check out the Online games and wild simulations.  Also see the Guru's Famous Baseball Board Game. Next, I'll be posting the "Stat Gadget",  which will calculate stats from data you enter in to it. Also coming along will be the computer version of the Guru's Board Game.

Here's the first stat gadget: Download the Guru's T-Test Gadget - The ultimate arguement settler! Compare a player's stats to another player or to his team or to his league to find out if the amount that he is better (or worse) is statistically significant. How it works:  Enter the "Base" (such as AB or IP) and the "Result" (such as hits or earned runs) for "Player 1" and "Player 2."  Player 2 can represent another player, a whole team or league totals depending on what you want to compare. The gadget will instantly tell you if the difference is statistically significant.

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