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Japanese Baseball 2016 Season Previews:
Central League  and  Pacific League 

Japanese Baseball Playoff Preview - October, 8 2015

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Japanese Baseball: Central League Updates:   September, 2015  /  August, 2015 / July, 2015 / June, 2015 / May, 2015 / April, 2015

Japanese Baseball News - May, 2015

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Glenn DaviesAbout the Author
Born in New Zealand, baseball was about as unlikely a sport for me to become hooked on as you could find. That all changed in 1986 when I played a game called Pure-Stat Baseball on my commodore 64. I quickly became addicted to the teams and the stats, making managerial trades and building a club that could beat the '27 Yankees or the '55 Dodgers. My passion for baseball grew and grew, and due to this being the pre-internet age, I spent rather a lot of time pouring over the latest copy of the USA today in my local library each week to catch up on the latest in MLB.  An interest in all things Japanese led me to a trip to Japan in 1993, and I quickly found myself combinging my two loves at the Tokyo dome to watch the Giants and Swallows. I was hooked on Japanese baseball ever since, and quickly found ways to edit various computer baseball games to create Japanese baseball league versions, while keeping up with all the news from Japanese baseball via old newspapers at the local Japanese consular house. The spread of the web made things far easier to research, although I still enjoyed manually  translating the latest Japanese season guides each year to see which foreign players had moved to Japan. A job opportunity led me to make the move to Japan somewhat permanently in 1997 and I have had the pleasure of watching and writing about baseball games over here ever since.

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