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My Hall of Fame Ballot

WBC 2006 Japan Beat us in Baseball; That's the Good News

Ladies Leagues

Pepper and Salt, Pepper Paire, an appreciation
The Slugger Wore Skirts
Interview with Lavone "Pepper" Paire Davis
More Salty Tales of Pepper Paire, AAGBPL
Bare Legs and Bare Knuckles Baseball
The Further Adventures of Pepper Paire: Romeos and Juliette
More Pepper Tales: Beer and Champagne with Jimmie Foxx
My old pal, Ziggy
True Story

Negro Leagues

For what is history but a myth agreed upon (Jackie Robinson, Rickey, Wilkinson)?
Black Ball Numbers
Lloyd or Johnson?
Greatest Pitcher? More Numbers
Was Satchel the Best?
Gibson's Stadium Blasts
Kuhn and Civil Rights
Three More for Valhalla
What if Effa Manley Had Been an Ugly Man?
The Lucky 39:Hall of Fame Picks: Some Great Ones And Some QuestionsMark your own Negro Leagues Hall of Fame ballot
Sex, Gambling, and Cooperstown
How Many Games Did Satchel Win?
Million Dollar Infield
The Other Half of Baseball History
Harry Salmon
.400 and the Negro Leagues
When Ted and Satch Hooked Up
What is Shaw?
Josh the Basher
Great Moments in Blackball History
Hats off to Bill James' Negro League100-Best
Negro League Thumbnail Bios
Josh Gibson's Famous Yankee Stadium Home Run
Death of Smoky Joe
New Light on Bullet Joe Rogan

Pro Yakyu

Japanese in Cooperstown?
U.S. Vs. Japan Series: - 1953 History is made
- 1990 Japan Prevails
Oh Vs. Aaron Home Run Duel (Yoichi Nagata)
Oh Vs. U.S. Big Leaguers
676 Called Shots
Lefty O'Doul
Lefty and the Geisha


Is this what Abner Doubleday had in mind?
A Lesson from Nuf Ced
The Cards and Sox. Again (1946).
The Cards and Sox. Again (1967).
The Greatest Game Ever Lost
October Mendozas
The Dino in The Bronx
Dear Bryce (Harper from Ted Williams)
Moose Hit
233 under .200
The Hall and the Vets
Beer and Chicken? Don't Make Me Laugh
Joe Girardi and Baseball's Unbreakable Code
Letter to Bill James
Salute to a Hero
'Tis the Season
Does Size Matter?
Murphy Dropped the Kick
Wartime Service Adjustments
Strasburg - The Next Feller?
WBC: Land of the Rising fastball
Another Unbreakable Record: Keeler's 45-Game Hitting Streak
Was A-Rod Bambooled?
The Games’ Funniest Characters
Papi, Thome, and Gwynn - Are They the Next A-Rods?
The Splendid Splinter
ARod and Manny and Ted
Curmudgeon at the Ball Park
Rocket's Amazing Recovery
After the NBA scandal -Could Baseball Be Next?
Giambi - Slap on the Wrist or Pat on the Fanny?
Holy Cow!! Phil in Valhalla
From the Shores of Old Lake Glimmerglass
Pesky Got a Bump Rap
The Rickey Myth
Men Willingly Believe What They Want to Believe
The Game Is Not Diluted; It's the Best Baseball Ever Played
The Myth of Babe Ruth / Riding the Wave With the Babe
The Babe Ruth Myth
The Wizdom of Diz
Who Is So Taguchi?
No Free Pass for Tony
Double XX
Barry and the Babe and Einstein's Theory of Baseball Relativity
What if Ted and Mickey Had Been on the Juice?
Alfonso, Mac, Mick, and Ted
The Ghosts of April Past
A Mummy in the Record Book
Linda Cropp Makes Sense; So Does Baseball in Washington
JASON (Giambi) and PETE (Rose)
Come Back Tessie, We Still Love You
How Grandpa Went to the 1946 World Series
Listen, My Children, and You Shall Hear (about the Red Sox)
Baseball's Drugstore
Don't Blame the Babe
Cooperstown: Who's In? Who's Out? And why?
The Angels' Witch
Slaughter, Pesky, and the Power of Myth
Ted Williams
Steriod Cheaters
Come Back, Tessie, We Still Love You
Home Runs Vs. Sosa
The Real HR Rankings - Includes Japanese & Negro Leagues
Bert Shepard and the Missing Foot
Teddy Ballgame's Called Shots
Barry and the Babe
Give Ichiro and Biggio The MVP (2001)
Baseball and the Stars (material banned from SABR-L)
The Stars and the Spirit of SABR (response to critics regarding banned material) Home Page

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Baseball Analysis  John Holway / Negro Leagues & the japanese insider

John B. HolwayAbout the Author

Has been researching baseball since 1944.

Holway saw his first Negro League game -- Satchel Paige's Monarchs against Josh Gibson's Grays -- in Washington in 1945.

After a stint as a parachute lieutenant in Korea, he wrote his first book in Tokyo in 1954, "Japan Is Big League in Thrills," the first book ever done in English on Japanese baseball. This was followed in 1955 by "Sumo," the first English book on that subject.

His next book, "Voices From the Great Black Baseball Leagues," appeared in 1976, a collection of interviews with the then virtually unknown Cool Papa Bell, Buck Leonard, Bill Foster, Willie Wells, and others. That was followed by "Blackball Stars," "Black Diamonds," "Josh Gibson," and "Josh and Satch."

John B Holway With Dick Clark he edited the Macmillan Encyclopedia's Negro League section, based on research into many hundreds of box scores from papers across America.

With Yoichi Nagata he has been a contributor to the "Total Sports Baseball Encyclopedia" Japanese baseball section.

Other books include "The Last 400 Hitter" (1991) and "The Baseball Astrologer and Other Weird Tales" (1999), the first comprehensive study of the unseen half of baseball, the psychic side of the game.

Holway also did a major oral history of the Tuskegee Airmen -- "Red Tails, Black Wings."

In 2001 his monumental "The Complete Book of the Negro Leagues, the Other Half of Baseball History" came out, the most ambitious project ever undertaken on the Negro Leagues. The data base had been more than doubled since the Macmillan Encyclopedia. Using the Total Sports format, the book goes into detail year by year, with statistics on every player by team, plus text and stats on the Cuban Leagues, Puerto Rico, and the great post-season games, plus matchups against the best white stars -- Ruth, Cobb, Mathewson, Johnson, Feller etc etc.

Holway is now working on two more spinoffs: The first is "More Blackball Tales," the third in a trilogy of interviews with old-time black vets, most of whom are deceased. The second, "Super Stars of Black Baseball," a Register of the 100 best blacks before Jackie Robinson. It will pull together the lifetime stats for Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, and all the greatest stars of the blackball days.

The data correct many myths, and reveal a lot of new surprises.

Paige did not pitch in 3,000 games and win 1,000 of them. In fact, he won only one game more than Bullet Joe Rogan and the still unknown Ray Brown, both of whom lost a lot less.

Cool Papa Bell did not lead the Negro Leagues in steals, Oscar Charleston did.

Gibson, surprisingly, turns out to be the lifetime leader in batting average as well as home runs. He did not hit 962 homers or 69 in one year, as the myths say. But the data suggest that, had he played in the integrated majors, he would almost surely have broken Babe Ruth's record within a decade after the Babe set it.

His newest book baseball is, "TED, the Kid", published in 2006 by Scorpio Books. More recently, 2012 he published, "Bessie Coleman Pioneering Black Aviator

A former economics analyst for the Voice of America, Holway has covered international conferences around the world. He has written for The New York Times, the Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, Baseball Weekly, The Sporting News, American Heritage, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and other major newspapers from Miami to Seattle, from Boston to San Diego, plus international papers from Tokyo to Johannesburg and from Melbourne to Warsaw. He has covered Olympic Games in Mexico City and Los Angeles and World Series from 1948 to 1986.

His interviews with some of the top players of the All-American Girls League have also appeared in various publications.

He has appeared on CNN, ABC-TV, and the History Channel.

A former chairman of SABR's Negro Leagues committee, Holway has received the Bob Davids Award and the Casey Award for "Blackball Stars," voted the best baseball book of 1988.

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