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Description of Player Cards for Teams of the 1800's

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Teams of the 1800's; Price: $12.95

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Description of Teams of the 1800's

They pitched overhand and played by modern rules. This set includes all fifteen National League franchises from 1893-1899, each taken in their best season. To round out the field for tournament style play, one bonus championship team was added. This card set is loaded with hall of famers and forgotten stars in seasons only possible during the late 1800's. These teams generally had only five pitchers and three backups, making the rosters much smaller than modern teams. How would these 16 teams stack up against the other Great Teams of the Past?

1899 Brooklyn Superbas, 101-47, 1st place

Led by three hall of famers; "Wee Willie" Keeler (.379 avg),  Joe Kelley (.325 avg) and slick fielding SS "Hustling Hughie" Jennings.

1894 Baltimore Orioles, 89-39, 1st place

This was the first year of a three year dynasty and the most talented team ever assembled. Loaded with six hall of fame batters, they were: Dan Brouthers, "Hustling Hughie" Jennings, "Little John" McGraw, "Wee Willie" Keeler, Joe Kelley and "Uncle Robbie" Robinson. All eight starting batters hit over .300.

1898 Boston Beaneaters, 102-47, 1st place

This team dethroned the mighty Orioles, winning in back to back seasons, forcing Baltimore into second place both years. Led by four hall of famers; Jimmy Collins (led league in HR's with 15), "Sliding Billy" Hamilton (second in avg with .369 and first in SB's with 54), High Duffy (.298 avg) and pitcher Kid Nichols (31-12, 2.13 era)

1893 Pittsburgh Pirates, 81-48, 2nd place

A bunch of players that no one today has likely heard of, but they had a great season.

1899 Louisville Colonels, 75-77, 9th place

Led by three young players who would all mature into hall of famers; Honus Wagner (.336 avg), "Cap" Clarke (.342 avg) and Rookie pitcher Rube Waddell with the most wicked fastball of his time and would go on to lead the league in strike outs in seven of the next eight seasons.

1898 Chicago Orphans, 85-65, 4th place

Led by hall of fame pitcher Clarke "General" Griffith (24-10, 1.88 era)

1897 New York Giants , 83-48, 3rd place

Led by five .300 hitters and hall of pitcher Amos Rusie, who was 28-10 with a league leading 2.54 era.

1895 Cleveland Spiders, 84-46, 2nd place

Led by Cy Young himself! He would have won his own award that year if it were available, with his league leading 35-10 record and only 1.83 walks allowed per 9 innings. Hall of famer Jesse "The Crab" Burkett batted .409 to lead the league.

1894 Philadelphia Phillies, 71-57, 4th place

Maybe the best hitting team of all time. Six starting hitters had over a .350 batting average. Hall of famer "Sliding Billy" Hamilton hit .399 with 99 SB's and a still standing MLB record 196 runs scored! He was accompanied by hofers "Big Ed" Delahanty and "Big Sam" Thompson who hit .400 and .404 respectively. Don't expect any pitching support!

1894 St. Louis Browns, 56-76, 9th place

Led by hall of famer Roger Conner at first base, who batted .321

1897 Washington Senators, 61-71, 7th place

Well, someone has to lose and this team did often. This was the best season for a mediocre franchise.

1896 Cincinnati Reds, 77-50, 3rd place

Billy Rhines led the league with a 2.45 era, but was the least used pitcher on the staff. Seven batters hit over .290 to provide run support.

1895 Brooklyn Bridegrooms, 71-60, 5th place

This was the best season in the Bridegrooms brief existence.

1896 Chicago Colts, 71-57, 5th place

Led by hall of fame player/manager Cap Anson (.331 avg)."Bad Bill" Dahlen played SS and batted .352. And, hall of fame pitcher Clarke "General" Griffith had another 20+ win season.

1899 St. Louis Perfectos, 84-67, 5th place

This was the one and only season for the Perfectos. They aquired Cleveland's best two pitchers Cy Young and Jack Powell and half of the batters, including hall of famer Jesse "The Crab" Burkett who batted .396.

*Bonus - 1896 Baltimore Orioles, 90-39, 1st place

This was the third year of a three year dynasty. Four hall of fame batters were still on the team and had peak seasons! "Hustling Hughie" Jennings batted .401 and played SS (take that Jeter!), "Wee Willie" Keeler batted .386, Joe Kelley batted .364 and catcher "Uncle Robbie" Robinson batted .347. The lowest batting avg on the team was .287

Teams of the 1800's; Price: $12.95

Lifetime Access:  Replace your cards anytime you want, free of charge for as long as you can remember your username and password.

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