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Best Teams Ever; Price: $14.95

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Descripion of Best Teams Ever

Find out which was the best team of all time, tournament style! This set includes the best 16 teams ever, based on winning record, average margin of victory and winning the World Series (except the 1902 Pirates; there was no WS that year). These were charmed teams of destiny, loaded with Hall of Famers and great stars in peak seasons!

* Expand the tournament to 32 teams by adding the Greatest Upsets set. They were the best 8 teams to have ever LOST the World Series and the 8 teams that beat them.

Dead ball era (1901-1919)

1902 Pittsburgh Pirates (103-36) - Baseball's first dynasty led by hall of famers Honus Wagner, Fred "Cap" Clarke and "Happy Jack" Chesbro. Can any of the best teams in baseball's future beat the originals?

1905 New York Giants (105-48) - Winners of the first officially recognized World Series. Christy "Big Six" Mathewson was unhittable. Can anyone stop him and this team of the league's best?

1911 Philadelphia A's (101-50) - A dominating team, which won the league by 13.5 games and led the league in virtually every hitting category, charged by great performances by Eddie Collins and "Home Run" Baker. But this team had two hall of fame pitchers in great seasons too, Eddie Plank and Chief Bender.

1912 Boston Red Sox (105-47) - Without the curse of the Bambino to stop them, this team means business! Hall of famer Tris Speaker led the hitting with one of his best seasons. And, hall of fame pitcher "Smokey Joe" Wood had one of the best single seasons by any pitcher ever.

Live ball era (1920-1947)

1927 New York Yankees (110-44) - How do you beat Murderer's Row in it's best season? Ruth had 60 HR's, Gehrig had his best season, and with support from hall of famers Lazzeri, Combs and Hoyte this team can't lose.

1929 Philadelphia A's (104-46) - It took the A's dynasty to finally unseat the Yankees. Loaded bats included hall of famers Cochrane, Foxx and Simmons and support from others having career years, formed a murder's row of their own! Plus, hall of famer Lefty Grove anchored their pitching.

1939 New York Yankees (106-45) - Talk about a team of destiny, Lou Gehrig benched himself for the good of the team and announced that he was the luckiest man on the face of the earth. The team rallied together without Gehrig. Joe Dimaggio had his best season and won the AL MVP award.

1942 St. Louis Cardinals (106-48) - A dynasty in it's peak year. Hall of famer Stan Musial said it was the best team he ever played on. He had help from HOFer Enos Slaughter and SP Mort Cooper's incredible performance. Team led the league in runs scored and era.

Post war era (1948-1972)

1948 Cleveland Indians (97-58) - How do you beat a team of all stars who all have their best season in the same year?   Indians had an astounding six hall of famers: Boudreau, Doby, Feller, Lemon,Wynn and Satchel Paige. Al Rosen and Joe Gordon had great seasons too!

1955 Brooklyn Dodger (98-55) - 'dose bums finally do it! Dodger highlights include six hall of famers: Roy Campanella (C), Jackie Robinson (3B), Pee Wee Reese (SS), Duke "The Silver Fox" Snider (OF), Don Newcombe (SP), Sandy Koufax (SR) and all time great Gil Hodges (1B).

1961 New York Yankees (109-53) - Can Maris and Mantle out slug Ruth and Gehrig? Yogi Berra, Elston Howard and Whitey Ford helped round out this dominating team.

1970 Baltimore Orioles (108-54) - The Oriole dynasty in it's peak year. Known for their incredible pitching and fielding,  Hall of famers Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson and Jim Palmer want their chance to beat the history's best.

Modern era (1973-present)

1975 Cincinnati Reds (108-54) - Put the Red Machine to the test. Hall of famers Bench, Perez, Morgan, Rose stand with arms folded and ask that you bring it on!

1984 Detroit Tigers (104-58) - Part of an exclusive club, they join the 1927 Yankees, 1923 Giants and the 1955 Dodgers as the only teams to be in first place every day of the season. lance Parrish, Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammel, Kirk Gibson, Jack Morris and MVP winning relief pitcher Willie Hernandez demand respect!

1989 Oakland A's (99-63) - The year of the A's dynasty won it all. Can the bash brothers of McGwire and Canseco out muscle the Yankees famous duos? Maybe the return of Rickey Henderson put them over the top. They were helped by Dennis Eckersley's greatest single season performance ever by a closer.

1998 New York Yankees (114-48) - Was this the best team of all time? Put them to the ultimate test!

Bonus teams
These two teams were probably better on paper than their counterparts chosen above. The 1988 Oakland A's were disqualified because they lost their World Series. The 1944 St. Louis Cardinals were disqualified because they played during WWII, when competition was decreased due to the war.  Play them head to head against their counterparts and find out which team was really better!

Best Teams Ever; Price: $14.95

Lifetime Access:  Replace your cards anytime you want, free of charge for as long as you can remember your username and password.

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