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You are the manager. Real players & stats. Easy to Play. Try it!

Complete game playing directions Strategy and base running charts Player Cards: 1996 World Series - Yankees & Braves

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Reds Info... News - Stats - Schedule - Injuries - Stadium  - Timeline
Social Media: Facebook Reds - Twitter @Reds - Google+Reds
CBS Sportsline: Roster - Depth ChartHistory
ESPN: TransactionsMedia
Cots baseball contracts: Reds Salaries
Fun Trivia: Trivia games
Guru's Fantasy Insider - Find cheat sheets, mock drafts, free draft day materials, Guru's own fantasy baseball game, more original content and links to live scoreboards, standings, news and fantasy baseball leagues.Questions? Ask the Guru.

Reds Trivia Crossword
Reds Trivia Crossword (2006) by Clay Duvall. Get print copy of these puzzles.

Inside Features
Searchable Players Database - Updated all season and includes forecasts to end of year! In the Team field type "CIN" to see Reds.
Gurus at your service - Connect with baseball experts on subjects such as team history, players, trivia, memorabilia, business and ballparks.

The Guru's Chat Room - Reds chat is on Fridays from 8-9 pm EST. See the complete chat scehdule.
The Guru's Forum - Make trade suggestions, talk about the players and limited trash talk is welcome. This is your chance to introduce yourself to other fans on the Baseball Guru. 
Newsgroups - or try AOL Reds.
EBay - links to Reds memorablilia auction.
Yahoo Reds Groups - Join groups that love 'em or hate 'em.

Reds History, Facts and Figures
Wikipedia - Cincinnati Reds
Baseball-Almanac presents Reds facts at a glance

Fan Sites
Cincinnati.comJohn Fay, Reds blog
Red Reporter -Blog

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Minor League Affiliates
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Great American Ballpark / Great American Ball Park / 100 Joe Nuxhall Way / Cincinnati, OH 45202 / 513-381-REDS or 877-647-REDS
Reds Directions and Parking

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